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8 Best Electric Foot Massagers in 2021

Published 10:44pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 10:44pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Beurer electric foot massager
Beurer electric foot massager
EMS therapy and 99 intensity levels£
OSITO electric foot massager
OSITO electric foot massager
Electrode gel pads and 2 stimulators£
INTEY electric foot massager
INTEY electric foot massager
Air compression and large foot box£
PureMate electric foot massager
PureMate electric foot massager
Treats back problems and has a remote control£
G.TZ-Foot spa electric foot massager
TZ-Foot spa electric foot massager
Medicine box and gives foot spa£
Shiatsu electric foot massager
Shiatsu electric foot massager
Bi-directional massage and pressure settings£
Koshsh electric foot massager
Koshsh electric foot massager
Massage nodes and touch display£
LIVIVO electric foot massager
LIVIVO electric foot massager
Temperature unit and kneading rollers£

Best Electric Foot Massager UK

It has been a long day and you feel tired to the core. We all know that coffee, a good book or a healthy meal can make you relax but they take their time. You need something that brings immediate relief and nothing does it better than the best electric foot massagers.

It has so many aspects that once we start this list may never end. Firstly if you are someone who lives alone, an electric foot massager is a must-have for you. You don’t need another pair of hands to massage your feet because you can do it yourself with an electric foot massager. When you are always on a budget, you don’t have to pay for the professional massages as it is just like having your masseuse at heels to serve you.

After a hectic day at the office, shopping with friends or a family gathering, a session with the electric foot massager rejuvenates your feet. You will feel more alive than before and your feet would thank you for this blessing. Most people feel that burning sensation at the heels in the morning when they wake up. It is because your muscles ache since they don’t get any care.

This is the time you pamper your feet and hunt for the best electric foot massager. We have made this easy for you by presenting all the top ones in one place. Keep reading to find your way towards the happy feet!

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It is probably the best electric foot massager because of its sleek and stylish silhouette. You have to give it only 30 minutes from your busy schedule and see the magic yourself. It is easy to store as they have designed it to be compact and resist the maximum damage.

Let us spill the beans, this electric foot massager has 99 levels of intensity. This lets you choose the working efficiency after your heart and relax for a good time. With the increase in intensity, the massage range approaches legs and the whole lower body. The 15 modes allow you to go with your kind of massage. It is inclusive of foot, leg and body comfort. The scientific innovation is EMS therapy. This mechanism generates electric impulses and sends them to your feet, resultantly you feel tingling vibes.

When these impulses move towards the legs, you feel relaxed instantly. The company provides you with extra accessories like TENS pads and wires. Using them you can get a whole-body massage with the same machine. This means you need not opt for a separate body massager, this one is an ultimate package fulfilling all your needs.

This foot massager is light-weight and highly portable. You can carry it to the outdoor trips and enjoy nature while the masseuse deals with the damaged muscles. You don’t even have to bend to change the settings as it comes with a remote so you can operate it right from your seat. And if you want to feel even more good about yourself and stay in shape leading a comfortable, peaceful lifestyle, check out our vibration plates.

Lastly, the two-year warranty is the cherry on top and makes it a mandatory option on your list.

Key features:
  • EMS therapy
  • 15 modes
  • 99 levels of intensity
  • Portable
ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

For health freaks, we have to include a medically approved electric foot massager as well. This one has dual benefits, primarily the EMS therapy makes sure that each muscle of your feet eases and reduces the stress to zero. The secondary benefit is that since it is medically approved, you need not fear the intensity level or the mode working contrary to the prescription.

On a lighter note, if you are a gamer it is just as advantageous for you. You can play throughout the day while placing your feet on the electric foot massager. For further comfort, check out our suggestions for gaming chairs. This luxury combined with a gaming chair is like a dream come true moment for every gamer.

If we discuss the options, this one has two options. The first one is the foot stimulator that massages, relaxes and soothes the tiring feet muscles and is best for regular use. The other one is the body stimulator that sends the impulses to your neck and shoulders as well. You can use it twice a week and relish the professional level massage session.

It also has electrode gel pads for each different part of the body. You can directly target calf, knee or shoulder muscle for a more enhanced acupressure feeling. The prime feature is that unlike other massagers, this one can operate both simulators at once within the same power.

It sends the microcurrent to the neuromuscular portion and you feel calm and serene immediately.

Key features:
  • Electrode gel pads
  • 2 stimulators
  • Medically approved
  • Best for gamers
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Let’s talk about something more traditional. INTEY electric foot massager works with heat and air compression. The kneading massage rollers feel heavenly and take away that pain which affects your overall output. They have added these rollers to give your more authentic massage vibes rather than following the dots and present the electric impulses.

For the people suffering from plantar fasciitis, they have an acute range of damaged feet muscles. This is the best electric foot massager for such conditions and a more natural response to the treatment. The company claims to follow the three aspects of rejuvenation, circulation, and relaxation. This has revolutionized the need for a foot spa and is pocket-friendly.

No need to wait for the week-long appointments, just turn it on and experience the professional foot massage right at your place.

 This massager is capable of promoting the apt blood circulation in your feet. The adults who suffer from foot swelling can also make the maximum out of it. Since we have mentioned adults, you may like our research about the recliner chairs to double the comfort level.

Let’s address the most common problem that we come across with electric foot massagers. It is that mostly we can’t adjust our feet wholly inside the compartment because of the small size. This one has eliminated such issues through the large foot box that can accommodate the entire feet. All you have to do is just to slide your feet in and let the massager prove itself.

Key features:
  • Air compression
  • Large foot box
  • Apt blood circulation
  • Treats plantar fasciitis
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This electric foot massager comes with a two-year warranty. This cancels out the risk factor and you can easily invest your bucks. It works with a remote control that has a set of buttons to control the time, intensity and mode. This remote is efficient at changing the settings from your seat rather than the chaos of first bending over and then finding the desired button.

The feature that makes it the best electric foot massager is the convenient mechanism. If you are a layman to all this discussion, they have also added a pamphlet to sort it out for you. This pamphlet has a pictorial description so that you know they have got your back, both metaphorically and figuratively.

Talking about back, let us tell you that the company has designed many innovations for the people suffering from back problems. The electric impulses target the sore area of your back and you feel the relief reaching from the toe to the back. You can pair it up with our top selections of the mattresses for back pain to escape the pills and get the natural treatment.

This looks chic and trendy and goes perfectly with your living room’s guest easy chair as well.

Key features:
  • Convenient
  • Treats back problems
  • Complements the furnishing
  • Remote control
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What’s a better way than a warm spa to cope with all day’s struggle and fatigue? That is why G. TZ-Foot spa has come up with a distinctive idea and applied the basic principle of foot spa to the electric foot massager. You can enjoy the massage and spa treatment all at once, and that too without any extra power expenditure.

To enable the spa option, you just have to pour some water in the container and wait for it till you see the bubbles. Then you can dip your feet while the kneading rollers cleanse and massage the toes and heels specifically. The amazing addition is you get the entire control regarding the water temperature.

We recommend you to pour some soothing salts to make your spa and massage time more pleasant. The role of the kneading rollers is undeniable and praiseworthy. They haven’t blindly followed the conventions and released the manual rollers.

If we talk about the difference, it is that motorized rollers don’t need you to move your feet and electric impulses control the whole mechanism. With manual rollers, it is unique since you have to move your feet in different directions. This awakens the muscles and strengthens them. For a beginner, such massagers are indeed the best electric foot massagers as you can learn all the primary features in one attempt.

Lastly, they have added a medicine box as a gift gesture in which you can pour foot scrub, salts or such entities. This increases the efficiency of the spa and smoothes your rough feet as well, after a hard session on a spin bike.

Key features:
  • Medicine box
  • Foot spa
  • 2 in 1-foot massager
  • Manual rollers
Kebor Hair Clipper

The Shiatsu electric foot massager has upgraded your massage game and presented the new definition of foot massage. Now with a conventional massage, you get to experience the infrared rays and their healing properties. Infrared rays are the best when it comes to tackling the muscle soreness, nerve pain, plantar fasciitis or hereditary pain as well.

You have the authority to choose which message you want to go with. The regular massage is preferable every night to wake up as fresh as daisy the next day. The second one is the kneading shiatsu massage for which it is famous. This lets you feel the genuine massage vibes and relax to get over all the negativity and muscle ache that you suffer from.

The three pressure levels are among the premium features. We often take it for granted but pressure does bring a huge change in the foot massagers. You have to exert less force, but if you go for higher pressure, this can bring the opposite results. So you have to handle it carefully, this feature alone can make or break the expectations you have with the best electric foot massager.

You can change the massage direction with a button. This is what they call a bi-directional massage and it distributes the blood evenly throughout the feet.

Key features:
  • Bi-directional massage
  • Pressure settings
  • Infrared rays
  • Control buttons
Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

We are being careful to add the foot massagers which have distinctive features so this makes the decision simpler for you. This foot massager has nodes that hit the right point to deal with the stressed and sore muscles. It is important as our feet have acupuncture points that are connected to the entire body. By targeting them, we can rejuvenate each part of our physique.

If there’s a reason people are going gaga over it, well it is worth all the praise. Forget remote control or the never-ending buttons. This time you have the touch buttons that you can operate through your feet. Gone are the days when you would have to bend or memorize the remote functions. You can just use your toe fingers to adjust the settings.

You can place it underneath your sofa and start the power button. The settings that you once choose go all the way till you make any change. In case you wonder which sofa would be best? You may check out the sofa beds that we have come up with to take your comfort game to the next level.

Key features:
  • Massage nodes
  • Hits acupuncture points
  • No bending over
  • Touch display
Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

LIVIVO electric foot massager has temperature and time units to keep a check on the heat and duration. This prevents you from overdoing the massage that can take away the essence of the therapeutic aspects. For the people who suffer from hypertension, this can be the best electric foot massager as it promotes blood circulation. This keeps the issues like swelling or burning sensations at bay.

This massager follows the deep tissue mechanism and ensures that the heat touches the undermost layer as well. It has an LCD so you can keep an eye on all the settings and warnings. The kneading rollers have a rubber coating to balance the pressure and press the right nodes during the rolling.

Key features:
  • LCD
  • Kneading rollers
  • Treats hypertension
  • Promotes circulation

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