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10 Best Hair Clippers in 2022

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

A hair clipper with dual-cut technology that can operate for 90 minutes uninterrupted.

KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair Clippers

KEMEI Men’s Cordless Hair Clippers

A budget-friendly hair clipper with stainless steel blades that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

This fantastic hair clipper has 60-minutes run time and can be operated with or without a charging cable.

Published 09:38pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 09:38pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair ClippersIt is a stainless steel pocket-friendly hair clipper with high carbon steel toughened blades.£
ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair TrimmerIt is a cordless hair clipper with 300 minutes of full-charge use and ceramic blades.£
Ceenwes Professional Cordless Hair ClippersThis hair clipper is excellent for kids thanks to its low humming sound and R-shaped obtuse angle blade.£
ELEHOT Hair ClippersThe ceramic blades come in various lengths and can be used for kids, adults, pets, and senior citizens.££
Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair ClipperIt is a powerful clipper with high carbon steel blades and eight attachment combs££
Kebor Hair ClipperThis hair clipper has a Turbo mode for super-fast clipping and comes with titanium and ceramic blades for added efficiency.££
Liberex Cordless Hair ClipperThis is a good quality hair clipper with 90 minutes of cordless run time and low noise motor.£££
Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair ClipperIt has various attachments that help achieve different hairstyles with its precise self-sharpening high carbon steel blades.£££
Philips Series 5000 Hair ClipperIt has dual cut technology, various cutting lengths from grades 0 to 7, and 3 beard comb attachments.£££
Remington Quick Cut Hair ClipperIt has a curve cut blade technology for a clean and even cut.£££

Best Hair Clipper UK

Are you fed up getting a haircut with scissors and comb, and still not getting satisfactory results? Now is time to enjoy the advantage of technology and grab a hair clipper. Hair clippers work on the same principle as scissors but impart a better finish than traditional grooming methods. These devices work as a whole and are cordless and portable. On the whole, a handy product for a fantastic performance. For more shaving guides check out our picks on head shavers and beard trimmers.

Hair clipper showed as an extra thing during your home self-isolation in nowdays. Maybe you can think about some hairstyling for yourself? With a hair clipper, you can easily remove split hair ends. Your hair will look definitely healthier. To give your hair extra shine, nourish it with a quality hair mask, but also think about inner nourish. A good detox tea could help in that. 


Things to Consider Before Buying a Hair Clipper

One must look for the following features before buying a hair clipper

Material – Check that the plastic used is sturdy and long-lasting. You might hurt and injure yourself with a faulty or low-quality body. 

Motor – Check the power of the motor. More the power, better is the performance.

Charging time – A short charging time is beneficial. Longer charging times equal longer wait times between usage.

Accessories – Check the quality of blades, blade guards, combs, and so on before making your final purchase.

KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair Clippers

Kemei’s Cordless Hair Clipper is a budget-friendly device excellent for a quick touch up. It comes with three cutting guards. It consists of a complete set of guide combs with stainless steel attachment clips that can give you an even and smooth haircutting experience. It has a powerful battery for a cordless operation that gives you the freedom of movement. The cordless feature of this device also ensures that you can carry it comfortably while travelling or while on holiday. 

This pocket-friendly clipper has precision-ground, high carbon steel blades that are specially toughened for longer cutting life. It can be used exceptionally well for all-round outlining and fading with a high-speed motor. The powerful magnetic motor in the clipper is practically noiseless. It also stays cool and does not heat up. This product is best for trimming beards, moustaches and edging around ears, stubble, facial hair, neckline and sideburns. The hair clipper cannot be washed with water. Instead, it can be cleaned with a wipe or a cleaning brush. If you want a more portable way of cutting your hair, check out our guide on electric shavers.

Key features:
  • Noiseless motor
  • Cordless operation
  • One year free warranty
ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

Etereauty Cordless Hair Trimmer has self-sharpening ceramic blades that help it to stay sharp for a more extended period. It is heat resistant and skin-friendly as the ceramic blade offers fast, safe, and precise cutting. It has a professional 5-degree rotatable blade that ensures effective shaving. It has four secure-fit guide combs for trimming at 3, 6, 9 and 12-millimetre length (about 1/8″ to 1/2″). The different lengths work on different parts of the face. 

It has a LED screen that shows the running time, gives cleaning reminders, and also alerts users about the oil change. With the help of just one button, the speed of the blades can change by three modes. It has a built-in premium, safe, and 2200mAh Li-ion battery that can provide 300 minutes of full-charge use.

Key features:
  • Low noise hair trimmer
  • Maintenance and lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
Ceenwes Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

Ceenwes Cordless Hair Clipper is an easy-to-use hair cutter and consists of 6 combs varying from 3 mm to 18 mm. These combs can trim hair evenly and adequately. It has a green lithium-ion battery for an extended run-time per charge. It has an anti-corrosion blade for effective and long term cutting that will not get rusty and stays sharp. The body is sturdy enough to ensure high durability with a low risk of accidents and injuries. 

It has a high precision motor with low vibration. This low humming sound is near-silent and ideal for kids and babies to feel comfortable during their haircut. This device can also be used for wet hairstyles and is safe to use with a spray. The R-shaped obtuse angle blade protects from accidental injury while trimming or during haircuts. This variant also comes with a one year warranty. For health products see our guide on probiotics and home lasers for hair removal.

Key features:
  • One year warranty with replacement or refund
  • Anti-corrosion blade
  • Six comb set
ELEHOT Hair Clippers

ELEHOT Hair Clipper has adjustable ceramic blades of various lengths such as 0.8 mm – 2.8 mm along with seven combs of 4.6 mm, 7.9 mm, 10-12 mm, 16-18 mm, 20-24 mm, 28-30 mm, thinning guard, and a hair comb. The display screen on the device shows the battery percentage. It can be used with or without the cord according to personal preference. It is suitable for kids, adults, men, professional salon, pets, etc. This hair clipper fits not only 110V outlets but also 240V outlets and can be freely used everywhere. Thus, making it travel-friendly. 

It has a very comfortable skid-proof ergonomic handle that can be moved easily around the hard-to-reach areas like the neckline, ears, and back of the head. There is no need for a complicated operation. All you need to do is push the up/down button to turn it on/off. This variant also comes with overcharge protection. It also comes with a black hair salon cape.

Key features:
  • Low noise device
  • Skid free handle
  • Overcharge protection
Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

Wahl Cordless Hair Clipper operates with an impressive 60 minute usage time. When the battery is low, it can be used with a cord. It consists of 10 guide combs to create a full range of styles. These combs come in various colours to make it easy to remember different lengths. They also have detachable and washable blades with a snap on and off for easy cleaning. These blades are suitable for buzz cuts, crop cuts, and traditional haircuts. 

This model from Wahl has precision-ground high carbon steel blades, that stay sharp for a longer time, ensuring a high-quality haircut. It requires approximately 110V-240V power for usage, and it comes with a blade oil and cleaning brush. It needs a charging time of 12 hours. It comes with eight attachment combs (3,6,10,13,16,19,22, and 25 mm), left and right ear taper, scissors, barber comb, and maintenance materials. All these attachments and accessories come in a stylish storage pouch.

Key features:
  • Detachable and washable blades
  • Ten guide combs
  • Cordless operation
Kebor Hair Clipper

Kebor Hair Clipper facilitates smooth, quick, and precise clipping of all body and facial hair. It has good quality, long-lasting self-sharpening titanium and ceramic blades. It works with the stroke of a button. If you want to boost the efficiency and speed of the cutting experience, hit the power button one more time and this hair clipper will go into Turbo mode. You can also adjust the cutting length by simply twisting the body of the clipper gently. 

This hair clipper comes with four extra length combs for better performance. It comes with a 1-year warranty for the product. Like the earlier Wahl product, this variant can also be used with or without a charger making it completely portable. There is a built-in premium lithium-ion battery, supported with corded mode for continuous hair cutting operation irrespective of the power level of the battery. It also has a safe travel lock that you can activate by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. This motor can easily cut through thick and dense hair. For health products check out our guides on detox tea and nail clippers.

Key features:
  • Noiseless blades
  • Big clear LED screen display
  • Four extra-length combs
Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

Liberex Hair Clipper helps to trim around the face, ears, and neckline with ease with the T-shaped blade. Its self-sharpening blades and fine-cutting teeth allow for extremely close cutting, eliminating pulling and snagging of facial hair. It comes with 3 attachments combs (2mm/0.08”, 3mm/0.12”, 4mm/0.16”) and users can also use it comb-less for a close 0.1mm(0.0039”) trim. The hair clipper provides 90 minutes of cordless haircutting experience due to the Lithium-ion power after just 1 hour of charging. 

The LED slot makes it easy for you to read the battery status and add oil indicator. This clipper has a powerful and low noise motor. The compact and lightweight design help this clipper move smoothly over the head, providing the ultimate haircut experience. It can only be used on dry hair. It also comes with a 60-day return policy in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Key features:
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Status indicator for oiling and charging
  • 90-minute run time
Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper has three different attachments. These can work as a hair clipper, beard trimmer, and detail trimmer for moustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble and other facial and body hair. It consists of self-sharpening high carbon steel blades so that it can stay sharper for longer. This hair clipper provides high-performance precision to achieve any style and prevents skin irritation due to shaving.


The superb battery provides long-lasting durability. It even has a precision dial from 3mm to 8mm, 5-degree blade from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm, and six guide combs (3 mm, 4-6 mm, 7-9 mm, 10-12 mm, 16-18 mm, 22-24 mm) to achieve different hairstyles and lengths. It has two powerful, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, that can work continuously for 2.5 hours after just 90 minutes of charging. It is a quiet, low noise superior performance device that is cordless and waterproof.

Key features:
  • 1-year warranty
  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Self-sharpening steel blades
Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper

Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper has dual cut technology, that cuts hair two times faster with the turbo power button on. This clipper has self-sharpening titanium blades for durability and long-lasting performance. It consists of 24 secure locks, that vary in size from 0.5 mm to 23 mm (grades 0 to 7). The blades can also be used for styling beards as this clipper has three beard combs attachments (1.5, 3 and 5 mm). 

It can be used for 90 minutes continuously when it is fully charged for 1 hour, or it can also be used with a plug. The blades and combs in the clipper can be detached easily and cleaned under tap water. It has a zoom wheel that helps adjust 24 cutting lengths. This clipper also has rounded combs and blade tips that glide down the skin very smoothly.

Key features:
  • Multiple cutting lengths
  • Titanium blades
  • 90 minutes cordless run time
Remington Quick Cut Hair Clipper

Remington Hair Clipper is used for the sideburn and neck area for an easy and effective cut. It has a lithium battery with a run time of 40 minutes at a stretch. This clipper gets wholly charged within four hours. The ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable yet firm grasp of the clipper when in use. This clipper comes with nine fixed combs of 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 15 mm. It gives you precision, control and speed. 

Remington has the curvecut blade technology that delivers a clean, even cut in less time. It is a versatile clipper suitable for grading, tapering and trimming. It is cordless with a handy storage case and is ideal for travel.

Key features:
  • Lithium battery
  • Nine fixed combs from 1.5 to 15 mm
  • Fully washable and handy to use

Buying Guide for Hair Clippers UK

Most people love having great hair. They love looking good and flaunting stylish hair. Visiting a hair salon every week can sometimes become an expensive or bothersome trip. Buying a perfect hair clipper to take care of your tresses has become an unavoidable requirement. Hair clippers are also preferred by professionals to restyle long curls as well as frizzy hair. 

There are lots of available variants in the market, out of that you need to select the best hair clipper. Here are some crucial things to consider before finalizing the best hair clipper. 


What should you consider when you are buying Hair Clippers?

Some factors matter the most when you are buying hair clippers. Crucial things like quality, brand, price, product ratings, customer reviews, and so on need to be considered. Also, there are options like performance, features, design, weight, body, blades, comb, noise, and other factors that verify whether the hair clipper is efficient and suited to your needs. 

Sometimes customers get confused when there are lots of marketers who manufacture different models of hair clippers. Along with these, you need to choose from a list of several hair clippers types and models. In such a situation, you need a proper guide to assist you in making the ideal choice. 


Critical Features of Hair Clippers

Most people like to trim and cut their hair at home. Sometimes, parents also need to trim the hair of their children. Anyone buying a hair clipper for the time needs to understand some significant features. 

The following functions may help you in finding the perfect hair clipper.



Buying a product from a good brand signifies high standards in quality and hygiene. Most brands get their reputation of customer and service excellence only with consistently good products. Most brands also offer excellent guarantees and warranties on their products that help protect customers in the long term. If you are buying a hair clipper for the first time, you should opt for a branded choice to help ensure you get excellent quality for your money. While there are cheaper products, they may fall short of material, blades, or quality assurance and may end up harming your hair quality in the long term. Even after making a choice, if you are unsure, you could ask for the help of a professional, read reviews of the brands, and then make an informed choice. 


Guide combs

Almost every brand or company produces hair clippers with guide combs. There are many advantages of using a cordless hair clipper like it is portable and can be carried around easily. Guide combs help snip the exact length of hair needed to get the look you desire. While selecting an excellent cordless hair clipper, you should also look for battery performance, standard quality, speed of charging, and other factors.

Buying Guide for Hair Clippers UK 1


Most competent hair clippers have a wide array of accessories that are included with the product packaging. These accessories help make the cutting experience a superior one. You can find basic hair clippers or hair trimmers without attachments or accessories. However, accessories can vary from product to product or according to different forms and brands. Some useful accessories include barber comb, neck duster, scissors, left and right ear comb, cleaning brush, and so on. 



The product you select should be hassle-free and easy to use. Hair clippers that can be controlled easily are also great from a safety perspective. If you are unsure about the usability of the hair clipper, you should read reviews written by authentic customers on online portals. 



Blades are crucial when finalizing hair clippers. Most blades are stainless steel since they are more durable than ordinary steel. Due to this reason, most top companies prefer to make their hair clipper using stainless steel. However, some companies or brands have started to use blades of carbon steel for manufacturing hair clippers. You could also opt for these hair clipper blades since they last longer and are of hardened material. There are also other hair clippers made of ceramic blades that do not heat steel. 

Some companies also use titanium blades for their hair clippers. Titanium is not as hard as stainless steel or carbon steel. Due to this, it becomes difficult to get a sharp edge. If you prefer a soft edge, then you should definitely select titanium blades for your hair clippers. 



Many brands make ergonomic hair clippers with sturdy grips for additional comfort during operation. Having a firm grip on the clippers is necessary for ease of use and control. The body of the hair clipper should be lightweight and easy to hold and use.

Buying Guide for Hair Clippers UK 2


It is not possible to have a hair clipper that does not make any noise. You can opt for a variant with less noise as it will disturb and distract lesser than loud ones. Good quality hair clippers have minimal or near-silent noise and can even be used at night. Lower quality cheap models are known to be noisy and cannot guarantee a peaceful soundless clipping experience. If the sound is not a concern for you, you should opt for an inexpensive hair clipper with basic functionality. 


Internal motor 

The internal motor of the hair clipper is crucial to the efficiency and functionality of the device. There are generally three types of motors – pivot motor is excellent for thick hair, the magnetic motor is suitable for smooth hair, and the rotary motor is better for cutting wet and thick hair. Depending on your daily usage, you can decide the best motor for your needs.


The battery life of hair clippers

If you are going to buy a hair clipper, then you need to pay attention to the unit’s battery life. The battery life of hair clipper has a crucial impact on its overall performance. Short battery life will not help you in the long term and will increase frustration. The short battery life of ten to fifteen minutes will not help you complete your clipping job in time. You may need to use a backup battery or opt for a corded clipper. Generally, it is better to buy hair clippers with good battery life. 


How to Maintain Hair Clippers Effectively?

Maintenance of the hair clipper is essential in increasing the long life of the variant. Most people want value for money, and to get that, the product has to be cleaned regularly. 

  • Cleaning from time to time: Cleaning helps ensure you clipper is always running at optimum condition. It would help if you washed your hair clipper after using it and when you are going to store it. While cleaning, you need to take care to remove all the hair particles entirely. You could use a dry brush to ensure all the hair is out of the blades and the body. Cleaning also helps maintain proper hygiene
  • Clean attachment combs: Along with clippers, many people use other accessories as well. By using a tiny brush, you can remove any trapped hair within the add-on-comb. If you see any grime or dirt inside the comb, you should wash it clean with water and soap.
  • Sharpen your blades: If you have maintained your hair clipper properly, then you do not need to sharpen the blades regularly. Sharpening the blades helps get a clean and smooth cut. Trimming and clipping are possible with the help of sharp blades. Dull edges can snag the hair and cause knots. They can also clip the hair unevenly.

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