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Best Compression Socks in 2021

Updated 13-02-2021 – Mia Cohen

If your ankles or feet are swollen after a long hectic day at work or you’re suffering from varicose veins, then compression socks are the right solution. Constant standing or sitting for a long period reduces the effectiveness of the natural calf muscle pump cycle causing fatigue, swelling, and blood pooling in your lower legs.

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No matter your activity level or age, wearing compression socks can have huge benefits on your overall health. Compression socks press on the muscle, tissue and vein walls that create a pressure gradient so blood vessels regain the right shape to function properly which results in more blood flow to the heart against gravity. A snug fit around your ankle tapers off the pressure to the sock’s top which in turn creates more venous pressure to prevent leg fatigue and swelling.

With so many types and pressure ratings, it can get difficult to find the right pair of compression socks for you. To help you select the best, we have listed the top compression socks on the market.


The Best Compression Sock UK

Premium Pick – Ailaka Zipper Compression Socks
Value Pick – Calves Kelson Compression Socks
Best Pick – Physix Gear Compression Socks

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
CopperFit Compression Ankle Socks
Copper-infused socks that eliminate odour and sweat, graduated and targeted compression£
Calves Kelson Compression Socks
The graduated compression of 20-30mmHg, cushioned heel and toe, ankle support£
Rymora Compression Socks
Optimal graduated compression with a seamless toe, Achilles support£
VeloChampion Recovery Compression Socks
Graduated, targeted and consistent compression, ventilated design££
TEKNISOX Compression Socks
7 compression zone technology with comfortable fabric££
Physix Gear Compression Socks
20-30 mmHg graduated compression, double-stitched with nylon and spandex££
arteesol Compression Socks
7 pair of nylon-blend breathable socks with 20-25mmg graduated compression££
CAMBIVO Compression Socks
2 pairs of 20-30mmHg compression socks made of flexible material££
Ailaka Zipper Compression Socks
Zipper and open-toe sock design with 20-30mmHg graduated compression£££

1   CopperFit Compression Ankle Socks


To help reduce swelling and relieve tired achy leg muscles, the CopperFit compression socks are created with a new improved fabric blend with graduated compression that ensures relief from leg soreness. The CopperFit socks fight odour-causing smells, thanks to the powerful copper blend woven in a fabric designed to resist against foot odour. Moreover, the moisture-wicking fabric reduces sweat for ultimate durability, comfort, and performance. It provides an easy put-on and off comfort for all day.

In addition, you also get targeted compression at the arch and superior footbed for maximum stability. The cushioning and impact-absorption ability make this pair of compression socks ideal for almost everyone with long hours of a work shift to get strong foot support.

Key features:
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Odour-free
  • Supports muscle and joints
  • Ventilated fabric

2   Calves Kelson Compression Socks


If you are exhausted from aching feet and legs, the Calves Kelson compression socks are the right solution to ease the pain. These compression socks soothe, revitalize and massage your legs so you feel energized even after sitting or standing for long hours. Since everyday work activity can cause swelling and leg fatigue, the Calves Kelson socks have graduated 20-30mmHg compression that boosts blood circulation, reduces swelling, and help relieve soreness. Moreover, these compression socks help alleviate symptoms of varicose veins and excess fluid retention. Featuring non-slip cuff and optimized twill design keeps the socks in place and absorbs vibration thus preventing cramps and shin splints. For maximum support and comfort, the socks have a well-cushioned reinforced heel that prevents foot irritation while cushioned toe alleviates pressure to avoid blister formation. The compression supports the ankle and stabilizes the Achilles tendon.

No more smelly feet with the socks on, thanks to the anti-microbial and moisture-wicking material that naturally eliminates odour and keeps legs dry. Plus, the high-grade textile fabric is not only breathable but also elastic and comfortable. So easy to put on and fits all types of shoes.

Key features:
  • 20-30mmHg graduated compression
  • Comfortable and breathable textile
  • Cushioned toe and heel
  • Promotes blood circulation

3   Rymora Compression Socks


No more tired, achy legs! The Rymore compression socks are perfect for all activities; work, long flights, sports, and pregnancy. Thanks to the optimal graduated compression, the flow of oxygen to your legs increases to reduce cramps, swelling, and fatigue. As the compression level decreases up the leg, the socks promote blood flow back to the heart effectively. For maximum comfort and safety, the socks feature a seamless toe design that ensures no irritation and blisters.

Moreover, the padded cushioning in all the right places (toes, heels, and sole) not only prevents blisters but also provides extreme comfort with every step. The increased compression and support at Achilles tendon offers added support to help avoid injury. If you’re struggling from foot pain, try using a therapeutic foot massager.

This versatile pair of compression socks feature non-slip cuff so they stay up even during intense exercise. Not just for running or walking, these socks are ideal for travellers as they keep blood flow strong even at high altitude and constant sitting to minimize swelling and blood clot formation. For breathability, they have ventilation strips at toe and sole. Besides, the socks are made from a blend of 15% lycra, 20% elastane, and 65% polyamide for elasticity and added breathability. This unisex product comes in pink, fluorescent, white, and black colour to choose from.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Optimal compression
  • Padded cushioning for support
  • Breathable fabric blend

4   VeloChampion Recovery Compression Socks


The VeloChampion compression socks feature 3 types of compression technology. First and foremost, the graduated compression that is tighter at the ankle with 20-30mmHg and reduces as it comes up the calf. This helps to increase the venous blood flow to get more oxygenated blood to the legs. Moreover, the consistent compression over the calf muscle with 18mmHg activates the arterial system to supply oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to leg muscles to them more energy.

The targeted compression 20-25mmHg in ankle and foot area relieve swelling, adds stability, and increases the ankle proprioception. VeloChampion socks are ideal for active use and recovery as increased venous return helps to move blood back through the body faster that in turn decreases muscle soreness.

To give you maximum comfort and support, the socks feature seamless construction that reduces pressure on your toes. Besides, the ankle protector, footbed, and weaving design not only reduce friction but also prevent sprains and discomfort. Keep your socks tip top with the best clothes airer.

Key features:
  • Seamless toe
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Ventilated design

5   TEKNISOX Compression Socks


Heel spurs, achy feet, and plantar fasciitis make it difficult to walk, so Teknisox has made advanced compression socks with 7 different target zones to provide instant relief to the foot and heel. As everyday activity can cause sore throbbing feet and swelling but the 7-zone design of compression socks offers targeted compression to the arch, ball, plantar fascia, heel, and angle.

Moreover, the lightweight comfortable design and ultra-thin profile allow you to wear these socks with all kinds of shoes. Flat knit cuff area is the zone-1 with very light compression to create no binding or pinching. Zone-2 is moderate graduated compression that simulates the venous system to start removing the excess fluid out of the foot.

Plus, it provides support to the foot structure. The 3rd-zone with firm compression keeps a gentle stretch on the plantar fascia at all times. Zone 4 and 5 supports the Achilles tendon with proper graduated compression. For added comfort, it is made from microfiber thin nylon that allows proper ventilation.

Also, these compression socks are ideal to provide warmth for swollen and sore arthritic joints. The shape-to-fit design easily contours to your foot and works best for general foot pain and plantar fasciitis.

Key features:
  • Y-gore heel pocket
  • Moisture-wicking
  • 7 compression zones
  • Reduces pain and swelling

6  Physix Gear Compression Socks


For all those suffering from swollen legs, Physix Gear compression socks provide you with true-graduated all-day compression of 20-30 mmHg at medical-grade class without cutting or restricting blood flow. Moreover, the socks are very easy to put on and offer instant shock absorption feeling after wearing. The compression socks are specially engineered with the advanced arch to calf compression technology that delivers increased blood flow and circulation to the legs for longer workouts and recovery. Unlike cheap compression socks, every Physix sock has double stitched seams and made of anti-bacterial fabric; nylon and spandex blend. Also, this makes them wrinkle and shrink-free in the wash. Thanks to the quick-dry ability of breathable fabric, the compression socks are usable in hot climates without any sweat build-up.

They not only improve performance and circulation, but the socks also reduce muscle soreness, swelling, relieve varicose vein symptoms, and soothe achy legs and feet for all-day stamina. Ideal for nurses, runners, teachers, travellers, and hikers!

Key features:
  • Comfortable and moisture-wicking material
  • 20-30 mmHg compression
  • Shock absorption
  • Durable double-stitched

7   arteesol Compression Socks


Sitting or being on your feet all day can cause pooling of blood in your lower legs and ankles that results in swelling and tired legs. The arteesol compression socks can help relieve these symptoms as they provide graduated 360 ̊surround compressions; 20-25mmHg at the ankle and lessens gradually up the leg to 10-15mmHg. This helps in maintain the leg blood flow that results in relief from swelling, tired legs, and spider varicose veins. Plus, the compression socks are made of soft elastic fabric that is a blend of nylon and spandex blend. This material with moisture-absorbing property offers comfort and breathability. For a more comfortable feel, the socks have reinforced heel with little cushioning for support. Moreover, the double knit top and durable stitching, they provide a snug fit and are machine-washable safe.

Offering 7 pairs together at such a budget-friendly price, the arteesol compression socks look like traditional socks so you can wear a pair every day to feel energized. For more foot care products, check out our review of the best nail clippers.

Key features:
  • Breathable nylon blend
  • 20-25mmHg compression
  • Unisex
  • Comfortable

8   CAMBIVO Compression Socks


If you suffer from spider veins, large varicose veins, leg cramps, swelling, stiffness, and fatigue, then what you need is CAMBIVO compression socks that keep blood from pooling in the lower leg veins. The socks are designed and engineered for everyday use with targeted compression at your arch, heel, Achilles, ankle, and graduated compression up through the calf. They provide relief from muscle stiffness and leg fatigue by increasing the blood circulation while offering premium comfort and support.

Plus, the 20-30mmHg compression level provides mild squeezing fullness and enhanced blood circulation through legs. These socks offer stability and sturdiness to the feet with a snug fit while allowing full range of motion with no skin chafing or irritation. The moisture-wicking and the anti-odour fabric is breathable to allow air ventilation that keeps feet dry and comfortable with sweat build-up. Bonus, there’s no need to wash them after every use.

The CAMBIVO compression socks are good for people who stand or sit for long periods to increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to the legs making them feel energized.

Key features:
  • Maximum stability
  • Muscle support
  • Improved leg circulation
  • Flexible and comfortable fabric

9   Ailaka Zipper Compression Socks


If stiff or swollen ankles are giving you a tough time, you need Ailaka compression socks that provide extra support. The socks reduce foot pain and fatigue that comes from standing all day. Unlike traditional compression socks that are difficult to wear, the Ailaka compression socks feature built-in smooth YKK zippers for easy pulling on and off. Best of all, these compression socks can be worn with athletic shoes, garden shoes, boots or slippers. The high-quality medical-grade construction massages your ankle and foot all day.

Moreover, with anti-bacterial and breathable fabric, the socks keep your foot dry and odour-free. With the open-toe and knee-high design, it is ideal for post-surgical recovery patients that need extra room for finger movements.

It provides the graduated compression of 20-30mmHg at an angle and reduces gradually at calf to reduce the inflammation that allows quick healing. It’s perfect support while travelling, work, and gym. The medical compression socks help you recover faster from varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, shin splints, and fatigued feet. No more poor circulation and fluid retention in legs!

Key features:
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • 20-30mmHg angle compression
  • Open-toe design
  • Zipper for easy wear

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