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8 Best Wall Mounted Clothes Airers in 2020

Published 04:54pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 04:54pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
HOMZ Hanging DryerA Hanging 3 step drying exterior that can hold up to 10 lbs.£
Leifheit 83250 Telegant 70 Mounted Clothes DryerWall-mounted clothes airer made with stainless steel and ABS plastic rods£
Polder Wall-Mount Clothes DryerA Folding wall mounted clothes airer with seven fixed rods for drying clothes£
Leifheit Telefix Wall Mount Drying RackA Convenient folding clothes dryer with an integrated towel bar£
IKEA Wall Mount Clothes Drying RackAdjustable clothes airer made with stainless steel and easy cleanability£
Gideon Indoor 4-Line Retractable ClotheslineAn Exclusive product that provides a convenient and non-sagging application£
Brabantia 4.5 m Radiator Hanging Clothes DryerIdeal product for minor drying jobs and easy to adjust£
foxydry Wall Mounted Clothes Drying RackSliding wall mounted clothes airer that offers 1.5 mt drying bars, and a whole of 12 mt of drying area££

Best Wall Mounted Cloth Airer UK

Wall-mounted clothes airers are an excellent alternative to driers. They let you put your wet laundry in the open air as they dry, which helps you in saving electricity and presents a more natural way of drying your clothes. Apart from saving power, this is a much more environmentally friendly and easy to use a method as you won’t need an expensive and complicated washing machine to help you get rid of the moisture from your wet laundry.

There is a wide range of wall-mounted clothes airers available in the market. They are available in different shapes and sizes. One of the main advantages of using it is that it saves a lot of space as the design is compact and portable, which can be installed anywhere.  You can use it to dry many clothes at once without consuming much space. The weight of wet clothes won’t be an issue as the screws that these walls mounted clothes airers come with are pretty strong and durable to deal with.

Our list contains the top 8 walls mounted clothes airers that you can use. The products are selected based on performance and durability while they also make sure that you get the best value for your money.

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The HOMZ hanging dryer is simple and easy to set up clothes airer. It is a pretty lightweight product that makes it amongst some of the most convenient and ergonomic products on the market currently. It offers an easy way to dry your clothes.

The drying rack contains a three-tiered surface that can be separately used for drying clothes. It can hold up to 10 lbs. Hence, it can be used to dry your sweaters or jackets. It is made with robust plastic pegs that work on stock shower bars.

Little S-shaped pegs are encompassed at the end of every tier to heap an extra Sagging Jersey Dryer. It is a suitable and fast technique to multiply your drying area that can go as high as three sweaters can be dried at once using this method.

It is pretty easy to set up, its foldable and can be stored in a weave lingerie bag for later use. The HOMZ hanging dryer comprises of double white hooks which makes it stress-free to suspend it everywhere and confiscate when it is not being used. These resourceful hooks can also be used to suspend these clothes airer on the rods of your closet, typical shower rods, stands, clothing frames, and other areas.

Once you get your clothes dried, you can use an ironing board and a steam iron to present them with a flawless look.

Key features:
  • Provides three drying surfaces
  • S-shaped pegs can be used to suspend it anywhere
  • Easy to setup
  • Made with durable plastic
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The Leifheit Telegant mounted clothes dryer is a unique design. It features a stainless steel bar for a towel that enhances its compliance. Instantaneously, it further advances from a radiant, shrivelling design that originates with folding wires for exceptional measures.

The Leifheit Telegant features is an elegant design that can mount many clothes at a time for drying. One thing that sets it apart from others is its design; it contains up to five rails, and fourteen feet of drying area when it is completely expended. It is quite useful because most of the customers are seen complaining about the lack of drying areas that these wall mounted clothes airers provide, but Leifheit Telegant seems to deal with it pretty well.

Another common cause of concern with these racks is durability, as there is a general perception that they are made of cheap plastic and are not very durable. However, The Leifheit Telegant mounted clothes dryer is made up of ABS plastic surface with stainless steel rods. It makes the rack long-lasting and ensuring that they stay in top condition for a long time.

Key features:
  • Contains a Stainless steel towel rod
  • Smooth, shrivelling design with folding wires
  • Made with ABS plastic with stainless steel rods
  • 2 Year warranty
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The Polder Wall-mount clothes dryer is an excellent option for a wall attached clothes drying stand, owing to its effortless practicality and significant capacity to hold clothes. It features up to six bars for drying clothes. It can hold up to twenty-two pounds, which is higher than most of the wall-mounted clothes dryers out there.

The Polder clothes dryer is two feet wide, and the stand can expand 18 inches from the wall. This characteristic makes it an outstanding alternate for drying clothes indoors, for instance, in a bathroom or a laundry room where you have limited floor area available.

The rack offers 12. 25 feet space for drying laundry. Seven fixed bars are reeled to permit air passage. It is adjustable so it can completely open to 18 inches and when it is closed it is just 5 inches

It is admitted to be strong enough to withstand over extended periods of service. If you have limited space available but need a flexible wall-mounted rack for drying your clothes, then this product is ideal for you.

Key features:
  • Retracts for storage
  • Multiple options for fitting
  • Expands for usage
  • Durable and strong product
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The Leifheit Telefix wall mount drying rack is a discreet telescopic wall mounted clothes dryer that offers an extensive drying space of up to 26 inches and additionally performs a double duty like a towel rod.  It is very portable and space-saving design.

The drying rack is popular among customers for providing an extensive drying area of twenty-six inches. It is delivered through 8 steel concentrate coated, extra durable ventilation rods that can be folded, which makes the design pretty space friendly. The drying rods fold hooked on the holder, and arms bend over for subtle space for drying that presents a towel rod-like appearance.

The Leifheit Telefix wall mount drying rack can hold up to 44 lbs when it is entirely extended. You can install it anywhere without worrying about anything.

It is prepared from metal and plastic material and has a dimension of 5 inches Height, 40inches Width, and 24.25 inches Depth. It also comes with a 3-year producer’s contract of services.

Key features:
  • Easy installation
  • Five pull-out bars
  • A Towel Bar
  • Space friendly
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The IKEA Wall mounted clothes drying rack might not have the most stylish design on the list; however, it is robust and durable. Its compact design does not breakdown against the wall as it is flexible, and additionally, it can serve other purposes as well.

You can alter the IKEA drying rack’s width depending on your requirements. It is appropriate for usage in humid spaces. The drying capacity for it is approximately 4-7 yards, which might not be best for a big laundry day; however, it is an ideal product for drying clothes in lesser quantity.

You can also be clean it pretty quickly; you can rub it clean through a soft cloth moistened with water and a slight dish cleaner or soap if required. However, there is one stipulation to it as well; it is that the rack isn’t delivered with hardware that can install the rack on to your wall, and a small caution regarding wall categories plus equipment. It is a straightforward model for people looking for an easy to use and a cheaper option to use in compact areas.

Key features:
  • Adjustable width
  • 4-7 yards drying capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with sturdy and robust material
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The Gideon Indoor retractable clothesline is in a class of its own. There aren’t many products like this in the market.  It is a very convenient product, and you can use it when you require it and retract it once you no longer need it. It saves you from the hassle of dragging racks or consuming space for storage.

The Gideon Indoor Retractable Clothesline attributes an exclusive contraction knob that lets you adjust the stiffness of the clotheslines, efficiently eradicating sagging. You can also constrict it while the clothesline is in use and clothes are on it. There are four clotheslines with 10 feet extension, and it is ideal for drying all sorts of laundry.

The product has no tangling effect; you can retract quickly, with no tangling. So you can enjoy a spotless and unravelled clothesline every time you need it. The product is entirely assembled when it is delivered and it is pretty easy to setup. All you have to do is screw it to the place you like and use it later when required.

Once you have successfully dried your laundry, you can use a cordless iron to get rid of all the wrinkles.

Key features:
  • Suitable to use
  • Easy installation
  • Innovative design
  • Prevents tangling and Sagging
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The Brabantia Radiator hanging clothes dryer is an excellent product when you are short of radiators or doors that you can use to dry your laundry on. It offers 4.5 meters drying area and is pretty uncomplicated to attach and fits on walls that are 11 cm thick or in-between.

The product is ideal for every trivial task or complete drying of subtle laundry. It has a portable and storage-friendly design. It contains Foldable supports for efficient storage as it can be folded and stored when it is not in use.

Moreover, it has a firm horizontal accessory that is used to present bendable supports for 4. 3-inch dense radiators, walls, or doors. It is effortless to assemble, as the smart lock features remember the last assembly, and it can set up the clothes rack like that in no time. The arm supports of the rack has a covering of soft and protective material to ensure that it remains free of damage.

Key features:
  • Foldable design
  • Easy to install
  • Steady Attachment
  • Strong and resilient product
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The Foxydry wall mounted clothes drying rack is a big size product. It can be the ideal product for you if you intend to have that big laundry day.  You can slither down this wall-mounted laundry drying rack to its 130cm height, or you can also stop it midway depending on your requirements. It means that the stand is highly adjustable and you can adjust it to your needs.

The most admired feature of it is the eight 1.5 mt drying bars, which offer up to 12 mt of drying area, which is outstanding if you intend on drying a lot of clothes at once. You can easily hang clothes weighing over 10 kg and lift them with nothing to worry about as the rack is reliable and robust enough to handle them.

It is delivered semi-assembled; however, you won’t have to do much, and it is pretty easy to install, which makes it one of the best choices available in the market for drying laundry effectively.

Plinth heaters can come in handy if you have them installed to ensure your laundry dries up as fast as possible.

Key features:
  • 8 bars for hanging clothes
  • Can lift to 10 kilograms weight at once
  • Easy installation
  • You can adjust it at any level

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