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8 Best Smart Locks in 2022

Published 12:09am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 12:09am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Yale Smart Living YD-01-CON-NOMOD-CHBattery-powered with illuminated keypad and tamper alarm£
SAMSUNG DIGITAL SECURITY LOCK (SHS-1321)Aesthetically designed with anti-tampering, bump, fire-proof, intrusion alarm££
ZKTeco Smart Door LockFingerprint sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, reversible handle design££
Kwikset Smart LockTouchscreen keypad lock with anti-tamper and intrusion alarm££
ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Flexible LockFingerprint ID, PIN code and automatic lock & unlock system££
Oaks Smart LockAuto-lock sensor, Oaks Acorn, and full app control£££
NUKI oval smart lockBattery-powered, fast NUKI 2.0 processor with Bluetooth 5£££
August Smart LockActivity tracker with automatic unlock/lock feature, smartphone app£££

Best Smart Lock UK

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional lock systems. Lack of proper home security is very dangerous and shouldn’t be compromised a bit. You can do certain things to make home safe such as installing a smart lock system. With the smart lock not only do you come into the home and leave as you wish but it also lets you remotely manage and monitor your home security with a push of a button or voice command. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about children or you locked out due to misplaced keys when you have a smart lock system. It not only offers keyless access but also sends a notification on your phone if the lock is opened. Save your furniture, gold, TV, laptop and other valuables in the safest and most modern way.

Many homeowners are catching up with this new technology but with many options on the market, it becomes tricky to choose the best one. Based on performance, price, and features, we’ve listed the best smart locks below.

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If you want a quick and convenient way to secure your home, Yale smart lock is the right choice.

The Yale smart lock very simple to use and lets you secure your home without requiring a key. It is designed to fit 35 to 60mm inward opening timber doors. Moreover, this lock features 20 user IDs in the form of a PIN, an NFC card, a sticker, or a tag to unlock the door with just one tap. Although battery-powered, it has low-energy consumption and one set of 4 AA batteries is able to unlock or lock up the door up to 10,000 times. However, the lock has a built-in low battery indicator and comes with an emergency 9-V battery opening located under the keypad in case the lock runs of power. The Yale lock comes ready to be connected to Smart Hub via the Yale module supplied with it.

For additional security, it has a 3-minutes lockout if an incorrect PIN is entered 5 times. Made from tough dark chrome zinc, this durable lock can also be deadlocked from the inside. So easy to install, the Yale smart lock comes with instructions manual, a drilling template, and all the hardware required. Check out our guide on smart speakers for more tech products.

Key features:
  • Tamper proof
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Emergency battery
  • Keyless access
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The sleek, slim and modern digital door lock by Samsung uses a biometric system to lock or unlock the door. Despite its aesthetic and simple design, the SHS-1321 has a very durable structure that is 100% safe from unauthorized tampering. You can easily program this 2mm thin smart lock to open or close any 35-55mm thick doors via RF tags or 21 PIN codes. This allows easy access to a door opening or closing without using keys. Moreover, the lock system automatically locks when you close the door for added security using the physical sensor.

This Samsung lock system is compatible with some of the NFC devices as well and powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries with 10 months of life. An emergency battery backup is also supplied in case the battery dies to power the lock via a 9-V battery from the outside. To prevent trespassing, the lock notifies with an intrusion alarm and stops operation for 3 minutes if 5 incorrect passwords are entered or tampering is detected. The sturdy zinc and aluminium construction make it water and dust resistant.

Overall, the Samsung SHS-1321 is a safe and secure locking system that suits best for business premises and private residences; great for outdoor and indoor use.

Key features:
  • 2mm slim design
  • Emergency power backup
  • Tempering, fire, pick and bump proof
  • 21 user codes
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No worries about lost or missing home keys! Discover the new door unlocking experience with ZKTeco smart lock. This keyless digital smart lock is ideal for homes and offices as it has 4 different entry modes to choose from including a pin code, fingerprint, voice command, and phone app. You can easily create different access codes for up to 50 people and control the door access all the time. Moreover, there’s also an option to create a one-time temporary code Airbnb, tenant, and visitors. This budget-friendly lock installs easily on 30 to 45mm thick door. With the lock-out mode, the lock is jammed after 3 unauthorized password attempts.

In order to prevent copying or peeping by potential intruders, the lock features an anti-peep virtual touch keypad. Powered by 4 AA batteries and made from robust zinc alloy, the ZKTeco allows keyless access to a door for a lifetime. Moreover, the lock is backed with a 2-year warranty.

Key features:
  • Anti-peep password
  • Fully automatic
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Lock-out mode
  • Voice guard programming
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Don’t worry about your lost keys and home door safety; it’s time to replace keys with a phone app. Thanks to the advanced technology of the Kwikset smart lock.

Offered in various finishes and styles, the smart lock complements any décor. The Kwikset lock installs easily with a simple screwdriver and provides the highest level of residential security. Once the lock is installed, it easily pairs with your smartphone that offers a bunch of door access options using a safe connection. The easy control app makes the lock easy to set up, use, and manage every day. 

Moreover, it also offers easy door lock or unlocks from your phone even if you are away. For households that include Android and Apple users, the Kwikset Wi-Fi adapter allows quick access to the smart lock. You can create up to 100 access codes for your family, friends and other trusted visitors. Also, the Kwikset lock automatically unlocks the door when an authorized phone is detected near that means no key is required; keyless entry to your home.

Key features:
  • Secure screen
  • Automatic lock and unlock
  • Compatible with smart speakers
  • Tamper alarm
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To make sure your office or home is totally safe from unauthorized access and your family can easily get in without the need of card or key, you need ULTRALOG smart lock. The U-bolt lock 6-in-1 deadbolt comes with features like 360 ̊ fingerprints live ID and phoneless entry for the ultimate flexibility. Plus, this smart lock allows keyless access to your front door using the advanced automatic lock and unlocking system to the front door when your hands are full. An anti-peep touch screen lets you enter the PIN code embedded in a random set of digits.

The U-bolt smart lock is built to make your everyday life easier. You can give visitors or guests temporary access codes with a U-tech phone app. Moreover, the bridge Wi-Fi adapter allows you to control it all on the app. You receive alerts and notifications about the door activity on your phone which lets you see who entered. A safe and simple security solution for your home as the fingerprint can’t be stolen, copied, or forgotten. Coprocessors with dual data encryption and dynamic key make each data transfer highly secure. No need to worry about some hacking your door!

You will never be locked out; simply use the backup key or external battery if the power runs out. The Bridget IFTTT integration syncs the U-bolt smart lock with the rest of the home and smart speakers.

Key features:
  • Auto-lock and unlock
  • Keyless entry
  • U-tec app
  • Activity tracker
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A versatile smart lock by Oaks that is loaded with features to ensure your home safety. The Oaks smart lock has keyless entry by means of several authentication methods. A simple finger tap on a smartphone is one of them. Another is a 6-8 digit passcode entered on the touchscreen keypad. Also, it comes with a mini fob for easy access to the door. The peek-proof feature doesn’t let anyone spy or copy your code. Moreover, the touchscreen automatically stops working if consecutive 5 wrong passcodes entries.

You can also ensure that the home or other premises are safely locked with a single touch on the display when you close the door. Furthermore, it also has built-in auto-lock sensors that lock the door when you leave so there’s no need to manually lock every time. The mobile app lets you monitor when and who has access to your home. This lock system is powered by 4 AA batteries that last for almost a year. In case the battery runs out or something happens to the lock itself, you can open the lock easily with a 9-V battery or key from outside panel. Very easy to install, the lock works with every door of 38 to 48mm thickness.

Talking about durability, it is constructed from sturdy stainless steel with zinc alloy and high-impact plastic. The lock is coated with a silver scratch-resistant matte finish that adds elegance and style to your front door.

Key features:
  • Easy installation
  • Full app control
  • Auto-lock sensor
  • Fob and passcode unlock
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If you want to use a smartphone as your home key, NUKI smart lock will let this happen. With the NUKI app, you can control it from anywhere via phone. Moreover, if your hands aren’t free, the advanced auto-unlock function instantly unlocks the door for you with the door sensor. The NUKI smart lock is compatible with standard cylinders with an easy and quick 3-minutes installation. It doesn’t cause any damage or scratches to the door as no drilling or screws are needed.

With the Nuki Bridge, you can control the lock remotely so you can reach it from anywhere. Thanks to the many extension options, NUKI offers the perfect solution for every lock application. Compatible with Android smartphone and iOS, it is the most flexible smart lock when it comes to integration to existing smart home systems. Plus, it can communicate with all smart speakers even apple home kits as well.

Key features:
  • 200 access permissions
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Better auto-unlock experience
  • Faster processor
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Home security is supreme in today’s world and it all starts from the front door. Never sacrifice convenience for security! August smart locks allow you to control and monitor your home or office door safely with your phone. The more physical keys you own, the less secure your home becomes as they can be lost, stolen or easily copied.

You can lock or unlock the door via the August smartphone app. Plus, it also offers auto-unlock and locks feature that opens and closes the door when you arrive or leave using Bluetooth.

With the Augusts’ DoorSense technology, you can check the door status on your phone from anywhere. Moreover, you can generate temporary secure keys for family, friends, authorized and even service people to easily access the door lock for a few hours or weeks. The keys are deleted automatically when the set time ends and can’t be reused for additional safety. August lock uses bank-grade encryption for wireless communication that ensures a secure lock.

The installation is easy and simple, it attaches to your existing door lock system on the inside in minutes. Also, the outside view of your door remains the same.

Key features:
  • Activity tracker
  • Door sense technology
  • Attaches to the door’s inside
  • Smartphone app-controlled
  • Keyless access

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