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8 Best Garage Door Openers in 2020

Published 01:44pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 01:44pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
TOPENS CASAR800800N DC motor with chain-drive£
KITGARN ZTGD100024V DC motor, belt-drive, automatic door lock, safety sensors£
Schartec garage door opener1000N force with belt-drive, rolling code, strong steel rail££
Chamberlain ComfortStrong belt-drive, ½ HP and myQ app connectivity££
Liftmaster 8365½ HP chain-drive, ultra-quiet AC motor and myQ smartapp££
Hormann PromaticBoom mount belt-drive, anti-lift hook, light-bulb£££
Chamberlain B5501/2 HP lifting power with reinforced steel belt-drive and silent motor£££
Hormann SupramaticBelt-drive 230V AC motor, 50% fast opening speed with automatic door locking£££

Best Garage Door Opener UK

Undoubtedly, everyone prefers convenience when it comes to heavy garage doors especially when the weather outside is terrible and you don’t want to get out of your car. This is why garage door openers are becoming so popular these days. In addition to door opening ease, a garage door opener also provides extra security to your home. Garage door openers have improved vastly over the years. With the advancement of internet and wireless connections, smart door openers have become a very useful part of a home system. It lifts the heavy garage door without a problem. The three different types of garage door openers include chain-drive, screw- drive, and belt-drive. Scroll below to look at the top garage doors openers to help you select the right one of your home.

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No matter how large or heavy the garage door is, high-powered DC motor and 800V lifting power flow directly to the smooth-running chain-drive. TOPENS garage door opener is reliable and durable yet packed with all the features you expect in an advanced door opener. Your family will not be disturbed as the Dc motor is quiet and operates smoothly.  The opener has an opening speed of 120mm/s and comes with premium reinforced low-profile steel channel C-rail that shows a simple design that helps against dirt and debris. Apart from this, a flush-mounting capability also supports low headroom applications.

Aside from low-noise and easy to install the unit, it also comes with safety and security features that include photocell safety beam across the door opening. The door stops reverse to open position if anything passes through the beam. Plus, it is designed for trouble-free service for years, the opener includes remote that is factory-programmed and ready to use right after installation. For more home items check out our guide on cool boxes.

Key features:
  • Smooth quiet operation
  • LED light system
  • Automatic door close during a power outage
  • Safety beam
  • 1-year warranty
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KITGARN ZTGD1000 is perfect for garage door if you have a small 2-car garage in your home. What’s great about this unit is its silent operation with noise less than 60DB even with the heaviest doors. The belt has a steel reinforced drive with 1000N force and 200W power is enough to lift any heavy door. Besides the package of this unit comes with steel rails with 3m length that easily fits any door height.

You won’t be left outside in extreme conditions for long, park your car quickly as it opens fast with a speed of 120mm/sec. ZTGD1000 comes with an automatic lock feature when the power goes out to prevent forced lifting of the garage door. This provides you security and peace of mind even during the power failure time. For more safety, the unit is equipped with the rolling code technology to restrict the entry of unknown people into your garage. An additional yet notable feature is the safety sensor that stops the garage door from closing in or something.

Key features:
  • Quiet DC motor
  • Rolling code safety
  • Automatic lighting
  • Strong rail
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The Schartec garage door opener has the combined qualities of power and speed. Its ultra-quiet 1000N power with DC motor provides faster and smooth operation for years. Equipped with the 230V motor, it can lift even the heavy doors weighing up to 140kg. Along with the belt-drive system, this unit offers great lifting power and makes it ideal for heavy garage doors with 2400mm of height. Besides, the new belt-lift technology provides top-notch durability without requiring any additional maintenance.

For additional safety, this unit comes with rolling code technology with 433.92 MHz frequency which blocks unauthorized people from opening your garage door. This not only offers you reliable security all the time but provides a maximum level of quality. Lifting speed of 160mm/sec saves your time by opening the door in a few moments.

Whereas other garage door opener manufacturers in the market use 4 steel cords only, this opening unit comes 6 strong steel cords with a toothed belt that adds strength and longevity. Apart from this, the reinforced galvanized steel rail is strong and allows smooth operation. It comes with 2 handheld remotes with a keypad that has an advanced pressure point system which prevents accidental opening of a door. To keep your garage warm, check out our guides on electric wall heaters and oil heaters.

Key features:
  • Safety sensors
  • Reinforced belt-drive
  • 2 remote controls
  • Good lifting power
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Take control and have peace of mind with the smart door opener by Chamberlain offering full control and visibility from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. The ½ HP delivers outstanding lifting performance and effortlessly opens your garage door every time. It uses a steel-reinforced belt drive constructed from high-quality materials that open and closes the garage door quietly as compared to chain-drive systems. The extra-strength belt-drive delivers smooth operation without causing any wear and tear. For this reason, even the heaviest garage doors are not a problem for this robust door operator. On top, it is equipped with brilliant bright LED lighting that illuminates every dark corner of your garage and lasts up to 30,000 hours giving you extra value for money.

Designed to easily connect to your smart devices or home network through its built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily monitor garage activities. Just download the myQ app to your smartphone and customize the garage door settings according to your needs. Furthermore, you can receive messages, garage door status, and alerts. For your convenience, the unit is equipped with a battery backpack so you don’t have to manually pull the garage door even when there’s no power. More to this, the built-in safety sensors are designed to detect objects or people that block the open door path.

Key features:
  • Full-function wall control
  • High lifting capacity
  • Battery backup
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Easy installation
  • Snap-lock rail system
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If you have a room above or adjacent to the garage then Liftmaster with the ultra-quiet AC motor will work best to open and close your garage door. No more disturbances! Thanks to ½ HP chain-drive which provides smooth operation silently. In addition, it’s satisfyingly quiet with no vibrations running through the ceiling at all, unlike traditional models.

Liftmaster’s myQ app enhances the core functionality people are used to; not only will it open your garage door but also notify if you accidentally left your garage door open for too long. This provides peace of mind and utmost security for your garage.  The unit comes in grey and white color with fully equipped with features that include electronically programmed security codes for myQ controls.

Also, the unit is designed keeping safety in mind; it comes with safety sensors to avoid accidental closing when something is moving down the door. The multi-function control panel allows programming remote control preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the garage door. To keep your items safe in your garage, check out our guide on home safes.

Key features:
  • MyQ app connectivity
  • Power-saving mode
  • ½ HP chain-drive
  • Quiet AC motor
  • 1-year warranty
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With the combination of quality, security, and intelligent technology, this Hormann Promatic is perfect for any smaller and lighter doors. Hormann’s entry-level promatic features the same proven Hormann technology as all of its premium garage door operators. Plus, it functions as a reliable operator for years to come at an attractive price.

The promatic has 240V AC motor with belt-drive technology that makes it smooth and quiet in operation. To protect your garage door from thieves or forced opening, the unit features an anti-lift hook that attaches to the boom end. Additionally, there is an emergency release button to open the door manually when there’s a power failure.

The unit has also got the programmable light which turns on automatically when the door is being operated and can also be turned on independently using hand transmitter or push button.  In addition to this, the promatic comes with 2 4-button hand transmitters.

For garage ventilation, there is an option door height adjustment to a second opening height. The door opener can be powered from the mains and comes in the battery-powered model as well if your garage has no power supply. A push-button on the unit allows you to set all of the operator functions by simply entering a 2-digit code. For more home items see our guides on mattresses for back pain.

Key features:
  • Fast opening speed
  • Anti-theft locking
  • Integrated light bulb
  • 2nd opening height option
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Stand up to extreme weathers from sizzling heat waves to cold spells with the maximum lift power of 1/2 HP. The Chamberlin B550 garage door opener has all the premium features to meet your family’s everyday needs. You can always stay in touch with your home even while you’re away with the built-in Wi-Fi feature and the industry-leading myQ app. In addition, this top-choice garage opener makes it convenient for the user to monitor, open, and close the garage door through a smartphone. Besides, this app also allows you to control the outdoor lights installed in your garage. The B550 serves as a reminder in case you forgot to turn off the lights or close the door. A tap is all it takes to close the garage door from anywhere and instant alert reassures you that it’s closed.

This garage door opener is powered by a motor vibration isolation system and strong steel reinforced belt-drive which makes the operation super-quiet when opening or closing the door to maintain peace.

One of the best features of this unit is its protector safety sensor system which is easy to install. Even when the power’s out, this system will still be able to open and close the door. Thanks for the battery backup! You’ll able to come and go quickly with the TriBand technology with a superior remote range of up to 1,500 ft. Moreover, to give you family members more ways to access your garage, the B550 comes with convenient accessories like full-function wall control and wireless keypad. Therefore, this door opener has received a 5-star rating from most of the consumers.

Key features:
  • Strong belt-drive
  • Silent and vibration-free motor
  • Easy installation
  • Battery backup
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No matter if you are in a hurry, Hormann supramatic opens your garage door 50% faster than other garage door openers. Not only this, you get a super-quiet AC motor with a belt drive for smooth noise-free operation. The unit is located on the boom that incorporates a Kevlar drive belt that is suitable for most up and over sectional and retractable garage doors proving safer door travel. Also, the Hormann supramatic is designed with a high-quality brushed aluminum cover that gives it an elegant appearance. Moreover, this unit doesn’t any maintenance as it features a self-tensioning strong toothed belt.

Safety is not compromised a bit; it is practically child-proof, thanks to the automatic reliable safety cut-out design. The automatic door lock features lock the garage door when closed as the anti-lift hook engages into the boom end stop which secures it against the forced opening to a large extent even during a power failure. In addition to this, the supramatic operator can be used to adjust the garage door to a second opening height which allows homeowners to ventilate their garage without completely opening the door. If this isn’t enough, it can also be fitted with a climate sensor that automatically activates the ventilation settings.

It offers quick and easy access from the street into your garage with the easy-press 5 button hand transmitter which easily attaches to your car key ring. For the utmost convenience, the remote control can be used to check whether a garage door is closed at any time. To keep your garage clean, check out our guide on robot vacuums.

Key features:
  • Forced entry protection
  • 50% fast opening
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Ventilation height settings

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