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10 Best 32 Inch TVs in 2020

Published 10:07am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 10:07am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Toshiba 32D3863DB 32-Inch HD Ready Smart TV with Freeview PlayTalk to Alexa through the TV, Amazon dash replenish, 3 HDMI ports, DVD player.£
Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BUIntense rich picture, high frame rate, smart TV, freeview, great looking.£
LG 32LJ59OU Smart TVVirtual surround sound, HD Reader smart TV, freeview.£
Samsung UE32M5520 32-Inch Full HD Smart TVVery thin, Crisp HD quality picture, Smart TV, cloud gaming, smart hub.£
Panasonic TX-32E302B 720p HD Ready 32-Inch LED TVHD ready, freeview, turns off when not in use.££
Blaupunkt 32-inch Widescreen HD ready TV3 HDMI ports, built in JBL audio, freeview.££
JVC LT-32C670 32" Smart LED TV- HD Ready Catch Up TVHD TV and audio, freeview channels as well as full smart features.£££
Sharp LC-32HI3221KW 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV with Freeview3 HDMI ports, freeview, virtual surround, can opt for smart model.£££
Phillips 32PFT5803/12 32-Inch Full HD Smart LED TVRange of connectivity options including HDMI, USB and Digital Optical Out££££
Bush 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV with DVD CombiIncludes numerous connection options, from USB and HDMI to SCART sockets££££

Best 32 Inch TV UK

Although TV screens keep getting bigger, the 32-inch TV is the ideal option for many people as it’s small enough not to take up an entire room but also delivers great image and sound quality. Finding a 32-inch unit that is great value but still provides great viewing and has additional features can be tricky because manufacturers seem to focus their attention on the 50-inch and up TVs. But that’s not to say that every brand has forgotten about the consumer’s preferred TV size. These ten options all have brilliant features and deliver great quality.

From image and sound quality, to the design itself and the number of sockets and connectivity options it has, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right TV for you. There is the option of Full HD or HD-Ready TVs which is one of the defining features that brands provide – HD-Ready provides a great picture that many people would be satisfied with, while Full-HD provides a crispness and clarity that’s the best of the best.

If you’re looking to mount the TV on the wall, you may also want to look at the design and the thickness of the unit, as less weight will ensure easier fixing. Lastly, audio is just as important as the image and enhanced in-built audio is the preferred option, but some TVs may also benefit from the addition of a sound bar. The following TVs cover a range of price brackets and specifications, with great features and modern designs that will look great in any home. 

Toshiba 32D3863DB 32-Inch HD Ready Smart TV with Freeview Play

For people with stacks of DVDs, the Toshiba 32-inch TV with a built-in cd & DVD player drive is a must. This is an attractive set that has a combi-design and supports Freeview Play smart system, meaning that it has a lot of features. There are also three HDMI ports which is more than most 32-inch TV sets on the market, so you can hook up other equipment with ease. The TV is Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled, so you can automatically place orders when you’re running low on items, and you can also talk to your Amazon Echo or Echo dot through the TV too. This Toshiba TV also helps you lower your carbon footprint, achieving a 30% better energy efficiency using the unique Eco mode. This tv is perfect to pair with a soundbar.

Key features:
  • Has 720p resolution with Freeview Play
  • Great for cinephiles who want to be able to enjoy watching DVDs as well as TV
  • Includes three HDMI ports
Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU

The intense highlights and enhanced textures that the Sony Bravia provides, thanks to the HDR support, makes this a great TV for preserving the detail in film scenes, gaming and Netflix titles for a more realistic and vivid picture. The Motionflow XR technology lets you enjoy a smoother and sharper image during faster-paced scenes. The Bravia TV also has X-Reality PRO which refines the pixels and reduces additional noise for more clarified picture quality. You can also use this TV to record your favourite shows using a USB hard drive, so it’s a versatile set that delivers great quality viewing. The Sony Bravia has a slim and minimalist design and is easy to operate too, with quick installation so you can get watching practically straight away.

Key features:
  • Supports HDR despite being a 32-inch TV
  • Includes the option to record over USB
  • Works with a number of apps, from BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video and Netflix
LG 32LJ59OU Smart TV

The award-winning Smart TV from LG is the ideal option for enjoying an array of apps, gaming and entertainment, as well as on-demand services using the intuitive Magic Remote. It has advanced picture quality and full HD resolution for excellent image quality and powerful multi-channel speakers. The multiple inputs allow you to plug in your HDMI cable or USB, so you can enjoy games and digital devices through the TV, and the stylish design makes it a modern element of any home. This TV is easy to use and has a straightforward design, and it also has a useful clever picture mastering engine that few TVs include to ensure you get the best possible viewing enjoyment. Check out out guide on TV antennas if you’re in a more rural area.

Key features:
  • Smart TV webOS and Freeview Play
  • Has virtual surround sound
  • 720p HD-ready that’s capable of displaying 1080p full HD
Samsung UE32M5520 32-Inch Full HD Smart TV

Samsung is synonymous with innovative technology and this 32-inch Smart TV is no exception. It has Wide Colour Enhancer technology for crisper and more vibrant images and the Smart Hub makes it easy to manage and access all of your content and devices from one place. With just three clicks, you can have all of your entertainment devices at your fingertips, from surfing the web to amping up your audio system. You can even talk to your TV remote and find out the tune playing on live TV or discover a soundtrack you’ve heard in a programme. Additionally, the cloud gaming feature will be a hit with gamers, enabling users to play streaming and PC games from the TV.

Key features:
  • The Smart Hub allows you to easily browse and control all your devices from a single remote
  • Clear full HD quality with Wide Colour Enhancer technology
  • Cloud gaming enabled for streaming PC games on the TV
Panasonic TX-32E302B 720p HD Ready 32-Inch LED TV

The Panasonic TX32E302B TV is Freeview enabled, with 70 free channels and 15 in HD, as well as two HDMI ports and 1 USB port for hooking up your gaming consoles or external hard drive for viewing photos on the big screen. This 32-inch TV has a great picture and sound quality, with a real motion rate of 200Hz and high definition clarity. Whether you’re watching films, viewing pictures from your USB or playing games, you’ll be able to enjoy excellent picture quality with minimal lag speed during fast-paced action sequences. The TV automatically turns itself off when not in use to save money and power, and it is VESA wall-mount supported to save space in the home too. You can also connect a Cd & DVD player to watch your blu-ray disks.

Key features:
  • Great for consoles and Blu-ray players
  • Has an energy saving mode when not in use to lower costs
  • HD ready LED screen with great picture quality
Blaupunkt 32-inch Widescreen HD ready TV

The 32-inch Blaupunkt HD Ready LED TV comes with built-in Freeview and has a slim and lightweight design that’s perfect for mounting on the wall to save space. The TV has three HDMI ports and a USB port to enable you to hook up your devices and to playback any video, music or photo files you want to view on the big screen. Blaupunkt is a renowned brand and is known for its innovative and high-quality products, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to enjoy brilliant performance from this device. The picture quality is great and the in-built JBL audio provides excellent, room-filling sound.

Key features:
  • Built-in Freeview HD
  • Includes three HDMI ports for connecting other devices
  • Integrated JBL audio system
JVC LT-32C670 32″ Smart LED TV- HD Ready Catch Up TV

The JVC Smart LED TV has excellent features and brilliant picture quality, with a wall-mountable 720p screen and a thin bezel design. Whether you’re playing games, relaxing with a film or catching up on your favourite shows, you’ll be enjoying each option on a clear and crisp screen with great, colourful images and DTS TruSurround sound. The JVC TV has full connection possibilities for all your devices, as well as an in-built Freeview tuner and Smart TV services for catch-up TV. In addition to apps like Netflix and iPlayer, you can also browse the internet and social media channels, from YouTube to Facebook. This model has a thin design at less than 10mm thick, so it’s virtually invisible when mounted on a wall, and it’s also easy to set up for quick viewing pleasure.

Key features:
  • Great picture quality with a 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Smart TV services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and All 4
  • Has high resolution audio with enhanced DTS Trusurround sound
Sharp LC-32HI3221KW 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV with Freeview

Stylish and modern, the Sharp HD Ready TV has a compact design that can be fitted to the wall for even better space-saving and has an in-built Freeview tuner for less wires and boxes. This Sharp TV brings images to life with its vibrancy and incredible clarity, and the DVD combi with Ace Pro picture engine will have viewers completely immersed in the entertainment. The image is matched with Harmon Kardon sound technology for a fantastic audio system, so it’s great for listening to music using the USB input too. Using the USB Record function, you can also record TV to watch later on for convenience and versatility. What’s more, this model is available in a choice of white and black to suit your home décor for a TV that blends in and complements its surroundings.

Key features:
  • A stylish yet compact unit that’s ideal for smaller spaces
  • USB compatible to view video, photos or listen to music
  • Has an in-built Freeview HD tuner for access to 70 free channels
Phillips 32PFT5803-12 32-Inch Full HD Smart LED TV

This Phillips Smart LED TV has a sleek design and is packed with useful features. It is fully HD optimised for a crisper and more clarified image, as well as providing better contrast and more realistic colour balance. It has Freeview HD built in and also includes USB connectivity for playing music and videos from your own memory device. There’s also additional connectivity via the two HDMI ports and SCART inputs. Entertainment has never looked or sounded better on a TV, with a 16W RMS sound output and crystal clear picture quality, thanks to the Phillips Pixel Plus engine which delivers crisp contrast, whether you’re browsing online, watching DVDs or streaming films.

Key features:
  • Smart TV with Freeview capability
  • Pixel Plus picture quality
  • Range of connectivity options including HDMI, USB and Digital Optical Out
Bush 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV with DVD Combi

Bush is a well-known, high quality brand with products that are designed to deliver great performance. This 32-inch LED TV is something that the whole family can make the most of, whether they’re playing games, browsing photos or watching their favourite TV shows. The TV has a DTS sound system for brilliant audio quality and has HD Ready display. This TV has a Freeview tuner and dual core processor, as well as a SCART socket for connecting games consoles and two HDMI sockets. There are also parental controls for safe family viewing and a sleep timer to ensure maximum energy efficiency. This unit can be wall mounted for additional space saving and is perfect for homes where everyone has different entertainment needs, as it caters to them all with brilliant efficiency.

Key features:
  • LED TV screen with HD Ready display resolution
  • Includes numerous connection options, from USB and HDMI to SCART sockets
  • Has a DTS sound system

32-Inch TV Buying Guide

What to buy? 4K HDR or HD? Which brand to buy between LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Blaupunkt, Sony, or a lesser known one?

If these questions taunt your sleeping and waking hours, then we’re here to help you. Whether you’re buying your first TV set or the tenth, you should buy something you will fall in love with.

While some televisions may look the same from afar, their screen resolutions, platforms, operating systems, pixels, cost difference, and features make each a unique masterpiece by itself.

These differences are so vast, even within the same brand, that there are several times you might want to reconsider your selection. Before making any considerable investment, it is essential to consider all aspects of the product you are purchasing. Buying a 32-inch TV is no different.

There are several things to look out for, and we are here to help you make an informed choice. Once you’ve decided on a 32-inch TV based on the distance from the wall, and the room size, we can help you with other crucial criteria.

Screen Resolution of your 32 inch TV: Resolution is the number of pixels that help constitute the picture that is on display and is described in the number of pixels per row and per column. These horizontal and vertical rows help the image on the screen of the TV become sharper or fuzzier. More exceptional details, additional sharpness, focus, and clarity can be adjusted with the help of the screen resolution on the TV.

4K: Most televisions today have standard full HD (High Definition) of 1920 x 1080 resolution. Many brands have started the gradual shift to Ultra HD or 4K which means the newer models have almost four times as many pixels as the full HD models. The new screen resolution for 4K models is 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Many online video content companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime are offering ultra HD video streaming to make the viewing more enjoyable on newer TV sets. If you want to ensure you stay in trend for the next decade, then investing in a 4K 32-inch TV is an excellent way to go about it.

HDR: High Dynamic Range or HDR is the latest feature in 4K Ultra HD sets and delivers more contrast, vivid colors, greater depth to imagery, and increased brightness. Most HDR TV sets also have noise cancellation or reduction and surround sound quality for a more engrossed TV experience. If you are looking at HDR TV sets, you should opt for one that has compatibility with Dolby sound for enhanced viewing.

Best 32 Inch TVs Buying Guide

32 Inch TV Refresh Rate: Most people do not understand what refreshes and why it should. The refresh rate is used to measure (in Hertz) how many times a picture is refreshed on the screen (per second). Most standard TV sets have refresh rates of 60 Hz, but in some scenes or views where there is rapid movement or figures (like action sequences in movies), the picture might go a bit blurry. Many newer TV models have increased refresh rates to almost 120 Hz and 240 Hz per second for a crystal clear image.

Smart 32 Inch TV Features: Most TV brands have cleaned up the initial offerings to the market and have introduced higher processing speeds and power, enhanced on-screen interfaces, and added in-built apps for faster streaming. Smart TVs work with active high-speed Wifi connections to help stream web content directly onto your TV screen. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, Stan, ABC iView, Amazon Prime Video, and so on deliver high-quality video content in 4K and HDR features directly to your smart TV with a few clicks.

With the leaps and bounds in technological advancement, ensuring your TV has Smart functions is an excellent way to enjoy all your TV shows, serials, theatres, and movies in one place.

HDMI and Connections on 32 Inch TVs: Always select a TV that offers you more HDMI and port inputs. You will need additional ports as newer gadgets and technology keeps improving. Plug and play options like Chrome Cast, Amazon Fire Sticks, Sound Bars, Roku, and gaming console require multiple USB ports and HDMI inputs.

For TVs that are 4K Ultra HD, ensure the ports that you are getting support USB 2.0 and higher so that your TV can easily accommodate Full HD and Ultra HD sources. If you don’t buy a TV with adequate supports for newer equipment, you would also have to invest in convertors later on, and this might add to the cost of your TV in the long term. Also, if you have additional connecting devices like BluRay players, Home Theatre systems, DVD players, and so on, you would require the extra connections.

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