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8 Best Shoe Racks in 2021

Published 11:08pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 11:08pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Amazon Basics shoe rack10 tiers and metallic finish£
Greensen shoe rack3 tiers and wood-plastic hybrid£
The Best Day shoe rackFine mesh and dual usage£
Vladon shoe rackLeaf doors and a drawer£
IBUYKE shoe rack2 tiers and Rattan basket£
HOOBRO shoe rack5 tiers and artistic finish£
House Day shoe rack4 tiers and iron poles£
Homfa shoe rack:3 tiers and commodious£

Best Shoe Rack UK

Often the little things that we take for granted, make up the most of our lifestyle. The same goes for a shoe rack whose presence always goes unnoticed. Today we are going to discuss with you all the reasons that make the best shoe rack a basic home essential.

Every home has a distinctive scent. When you are having guests, you always want your home to smell nice. Then there comes a time when all those high-end air fresheners stop working, because of the sweaty smell of shoes. Taking off your shoes inside the home is undoubtedly unhygienic but it also looks messy and gives a horrid impression.

The role that shoe rack plays is undeniable as it keeps such scenarios at bay. Your home will be full of the homely scent not the sweaty one while you will always find your shoes organized.

The organization is just another important aspect of the shoe rack. You can simply sort out your shoes as per the category. This will be like boots, slippers, and sandals in their respective sections. Your life has never been easier before!

On top of all, a shoe rack maintains the shape of your shoes and keeps them new as before. The separate portions help in reducing the friction between the shoes that wear them out. The longevity directly impacts your budget and you need not hunt the markets anymore.

This just the beginning, we have got the whole list of best shoe racks and their specifications. Keep scrolling to find more about it!

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Firstly comes the one presented by Amazon itself, and in every way fulfills the condition of the best shoe rack. It can accommodate 50 pairs of shoes, with the highly organized sections. They have used rust-resistant metal so it can go for good years. The chrome finish helps in maintaining the shine and keeping intact the metallic luster.

The equally distant 10 tiers help in adjusting the shoes as per the sizes. The exciting thing about this one is that it has enough space for every shoe category. Now you can overcome all the excuses regarding the shoes not fitting in the shoe rack that is the most common problem. Amazon has made this huge shoe rack to let you have a separate wardrobe feature for your shoes.

With the dimensions 36.5 x 14.6 x 59.5 inches, this will go both for the living room and your bedroom. Not only for regular days, but for the party bashes as well. Suppose you are having this grand party but don’t want to ruin your Persian carpet. You can just place this giant shoe rack outside and let your guests help themselves. Talking about the parties, you might want to check out our research on cool boxes.

Lastly, this shoe rack comes with plastic wheels that make it super portable. You can just drag it from room to room without straining your arms. Grab yourself a rustic mirror to position above your shoe rack so you can see how your outfit looks before you leave.

Key features:
  • 50 shoe pairs’ accommodation
  • Metallic finish
  • Portable
  • 10 tiers
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The deforestation is rising with every rising sun and that is why the wood market is concerned about it.

This has reduced the cutting and consumption of wood and manufacturers have come up with a wood and plastic hybrid that is eco-friendly. This company uses the mentioned wood plastic composite to make the shoe rack. In this way, you can place it in your living room where it would give vintage vibes.

On the other hand, your guests also appreciate your little participation in saving forests and ultimately the earth. We have added this one on our list because of its superb features that may suit everyday life. To clean it, you need not go to some expensive furniture cleaner. You can just put some water on it directly and wipe it off. Yes, the myths that water damages the wood won’t matter since it’s a wood and plastic combination.

Discussing the size, it measures up to 15.7 x 9 x 20 inches and would fit perfectly in a corner. The 3 tiers can accommodate 9 pairs of shoes and that is why we have been constantly emphasizing it as a living room shoe rack. They have produced such a silhouette that it complements the already present furniture pieces. With such an elegant look and spacious design, this shoe rack is a firm deal.

It has a simple assemblage. The manufacturer provides you with a booklet that makes it easier for you to install it in seconds. The detailed work on the interior side makes it an apt storage rack for magazines, scarfs or books.

Key features:
  • 3 tiers
  • 9 shoe pairs’ accommodation
  • Compact
  • Wood-plastic hybrid
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This one has tried the best to make your everyday “the best day”. It is because their shoe rack has double usage. You can either place it on the floor like a conventional shoe rack or hang it to save the space. They have used steel to make it ever-lasting and resist the damage.

The rust-resistant layer keeps the frame the same as new and also helps in fighting climate changes if you live in a humid place. The iron lock has the strongest grip and can bear the maximum weight. To make things easier, they provide you with the screws too so that you can just install it right away.

The special feature of the screws is that they have an adjustable size, you can install them considering your door’s thickness. This will keep your best shoe rack safe from falling and all the shoes in a nice and ordered pattern.

Let us tell you the most highlighted benefit of this shoe rack. You can hang it at the back of your door. With a conventional shoe rack, you have to walk towards it and bend over to take off the shoes. This shoe rack saves your effort, you can just close the door and place your shoes on the rack. As it’s a hanging one, you don’t even have to bend to take off the shoes.

The exquisite innovation is that this shoe rack has a fine mesh. The mesh helps in gas permeability and doesn’t let the sweaty smell stay inside for too long. This little feature lets you wash it whenever you want without worrying about the water sticking in. If you’ve decided on your shoe rack, check out our other home guides on robot vacuums and memory foam pillows.

Key features:
  • Dual usage
  • Convenient
  • Fine mesh
  • Hygiene-friendly
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If you are looking for a shoe rack that may cost a little more but is worth it, then Vladon shoe rack is the right choice. This shoe rack has every feature that you would expect in a lavish designer shoe rack. The first distinctive feature is the addition of the 2 drop leaf doors. This is how they have broken the open door stereotype regarding the shoe racks.

This is the best shoe rack when you want something that can accommodate the shoes but is subtle in appearance. You may place it right in the front in the living room while your guests would take it as a mediocre cupboard. This will keep the shoes off your carpet and they will be free from the outside dust. To learn more about carpet cleaning, here’s a quick read about carpet cleaners.

This shoe rack measures 89 x 96 x 23 inches so this can fit in your apartment to spice it up with colours like champagne and rough sawn. The hanging feature is just like the cherry on top and seals the deal. As we mentioned above, if you are looking for a pricey shoe rack, this would suit you. Nonetheless, it can be a wonderful gift as well.

Key features:
  • Best as a high-end option
  • 2 drop leaf doors
  • 1 drawer
  • Subtle appearance
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For all the vintage interior lovers, this shoe rack is a godsend. It has a paulownia wood frame that can fight all the moisture that humid season brings. This keeps the damage to the minimum and maintains the shiny look. The prime aspect of this wood is that it saves the metallic additions from the rust and becomes a protective layer for them as well.

You can keep your calm finally as you need not mess with corrosion anymore. The paulownia wood is environment-friendly and gets mixed up with the surrounding environment in no time. This company has put forward a plethora of innovations. The primary one is the free Rattan storage basket that comes with this shoe rack. You can store all the small items in this basket e.g. socks, belts or even buckles. 

With old and outdated shoe racks, you often have to stand and bend over to take off the shoes. This shoe rack has revolutionized this con and transformed it in the most fashionable way you can expect. The manufacturers have replaced it with a soft cushion, so now you can sit and place your shoes elegantly. The seat has a linen cover and thick spongy filling inside.

The clean freaks can remove it every week and give it a good rinse. The corners of the shoe racks are round so that your children can play safely around it.

Key features:
  • Cushion seat
  • 2 tiers
  • Rattan basket
  • Modern approach
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Suppose you have invited your friends for the weekend. Still, you lack the idea of how to protect the ambience of the living room from all the dust that comes with the shoes. The ideal way to cope with this is to go for the HOOBRO shoe rack that has a rustic brown wood board and a metallic frame.

Such an appearance would attract anyone at first sight. When you will be praised for your choice, this shoe rack would also keep the contamination to the minimum. Most people don’t go for the wooden shoe racks as they don’t stand that much weight. 

This is the opposite of this shoe rack. Each row of this one can bear 5 kg weight. The wooden board on the top is just a tiny innovation in case you want to decorate it with a vase or a pile of books. The premium feature is that it has a hassle-free assemblage. The manufacturer claims that their product’s assemblage is so easy that even a child can finish it in an eye blink.

This is a 5 tier shoe rack and each rack can hold 3-4 shoe pairs. The graceful design with the carefully plated metallic outlines mesmerizes the eyes immediately. It is a perfect amalgamation of practicality and art.

Key features:
  • 5 tier shoe rack
  • Wooden board
  • Withstands 5 kg weight
  • Artistic silhouette
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This shoe rack has the dimensions of 63 x 10 x 63.5 cm and offers incredibly huge space between the layers. This helps in the ventilation and the sweaty smell of the shoes doesn’t stick inside. The air remains pure of any foreign impurity and your house smells as fresh as a daisy. If this sounds interesting, then you surely want to skim through our air purifiers’ collection. 

The House Day shoe rack has iron poles and plastic connectors. The 4 tier shoe rack can carry up to 16 shoe pairs. This seems heavenly when you find out the benefits of keeping your shoes in a shoe rack rather than scattering them in your wardrobe. The power-coated surface helps in keeping a check on the corrosion and rust-causing elements.

The tilting device that comes with it provides a better attachment to the wall. This prevents it from falling and all your hard work of putting the shoes together won’t go in vain.

Key features:
  • 63 x 10 x 63.5 cm
  • Ventilated
  • Iron poles
  • 4 tier shoe rack
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Homfa offers the best shoe rack when you are so into an organization that only a spacious piece can satisfy your demands. This is a 3 compartment shoe rack that can accommodate 15 pairs of shoes. It has three drawers that provide you with extra space to store anything of your choice.

Each tier is further subdivided into two sections both on the upper and lower side. We have fallen in love with the vast options this one suggests. You may place it in the kitchen and use it as a plate rack. This can make your kitchen look clean and more put together instantly. Similarly, to get your kitchen cleaning game strong, you can read our study on the kitchen bin as well.

They have given aluminium handles to the doors for a better grip. These aluminium innovations have an anti-bacterial layer which prevents the hands from transmitting the germs. That is how a little scientific addition can do big wonders. The white matte finish also makes it compatible with the surroundings and goes in contrast to every theme.

Key features:
  • Versatile
  • 3 compartments
  • 15 shoe pairs’ storage
  • Commodious

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