10 Best Moss Killers in 2020

Smartseal Fast Acting Moss Killer

This fast-acting moss killer from Smartseal is a miracle in killing moss and ensuring the growth decreases substantially. It also feeds and conditions the grass to promote a healthy dark green turf.

Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer

Our value pick is the Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer that also doubles up like a lawn tonic. Extremely affordable, it also comes with a resealable plastic tub to maintain the freshness.

Ferromel – 20 Iron Sulphate Moss Killer

Not only is the packaging a good one, but also the Ferromel – 20 delivers everything it promises in an affordable range. It hardens the turf, conditions the lawn, and promotes healthy green grass.

Best Moss KillerFeaturePrice
Premium Iron Sulphate Moss KillerFast acting moss killer from Premium that has wet and dry applications for immediate use£
Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn TonicSeaweed and nitrogen moss killer with visibly fast acting results£
Pro-Kleen Moss KillerPremium fast acting moss killer safe from children and pets. Contains no bleach and non-acidic£
Pro-Kleen Premium Iron Sulphate Moss KillerIron sulphate moss killer that also works as a lawn tonic. Fast acting with visible results£
ULTIMA PLUS XP Moss Killer and Algae RemoverMultipurpose moss killer for use on hard and soft surfaces prevents regrowth for 6 months££
Ferromel – 20 Iron Sulphate Moss KillerMoss killer that conditions lawn to promote the growth of healthy grass and firm turf££
Evergreen 4 in 1 Moss and Weed Killer from Scotts Miracle-Gro
Excellent 4 in 1 weed and moss killer that helps plants grow thicker and faster££
Elixir Garden Supplies Moss KillerExcellent moss killer that also promoted green grass, and strengthens the blades£££
IVISONS Liquid Moss Killer and Lawn TonicMultipurpose moss killer and lawn tonic that works all year round while maintaining and hardening the turf£££
Smartseal Fast Acting Moss KillerExcellent child and pet-friendly moss killer that can be used on wet and dry surfaces£££

Buying guide to best moss killer

Moss is one of the toughest things to get out of the garden. Since it thrives on damp conditions, moss spreads rapidly in gardens and lawns. It is a plant that contains green chlorophyll and covers other plants quickly in the form of a thin mossy film.

To get most of the moss out of your garden and lawn, it is crucial to understand how moss reproduces and grows in the first place. It is possible to control and eradicate the moss by making changes in the soil, nutrients through fertilizers, or water supply. Moss, when left unchecked can causes diseases to plants and soil beds and can weaken the surrounding natural environment. Mosses can also multiply on hard surfaces like roof tiles, planting beds, and drives.


When is the right time to kill moss?

It is challenging to kill moss during the rainy or summer seasons since moss thrives in these climatic conditions. The right seasons to kill moss and save your plants and flower beds are late winter to early spring. You should start your moss treatment as soon as you realize that the winter is waning. If left unchecked, the moss will overrun your lawn, garden, pots, and flowering beds.

The moss killer from Premium is an iron sulphate packed product that kills moss while simultaneously fertilizing your lawn. Doubling as a lawn tonic, the grass comes out greener, healthier, and fresher. This 1 kg pack from Premium can kill moss on almost 1000 sq.m. with regular use. The tub is designed keeping in mind the reuse that it will undergo, and so comes equipped with a resealable clip-top plastic tub.

The product can be used directly in its dry condition when mixed with soil, or diluted with water and sprayed directly on the moss with a sprayer or a watering can. The results from the Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer start showing within a week. Moss will grow on flower bed separators too, first using some edging shears or secateurs to cut the grass  back to prevent the shade and dampness it needs to grow and then apply the killer.


Key features:

  • Dry or wet application
  • Also acts like a lawn tonic
  • Shows visible results within a week

The Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic, like the moss killer from Premium Iron Sulphate, also does the work fast. This variant from Maxicrop contains the added ingredient seaweed extract. It also comes with a 17 percent addition of ferrous sulphate and 2 percent nitrogen for visible results. The natural seaweed and iron present in the formula encourage the growth of moss-free grass that is healthy and dark green.

The Maxicrop improves rooting of the grass and turns the moss black within a few hours after application. Approximately 300 ml works on 10 sq. m. For best results, dilute this product with water and spray directly on to the moss and plants.


Key features:

  • Fast acting with visible results within hours
  • Improves the health of the lawn
  • Seaweed helps green the grass fast

An intense cleaning fluid from Pro-Kleen, the Moss Killer helps revive the furniture, garden, lawn, deck, fence, and outdoor furniture. Using this moss killer is safe on plants and can be applied directly on plants through a spray. Just transfer this fluid into a jet cannister or pump, and spray directly on to the plants for a thorough cleanup. Usually, it requires a dilution of 1-part Pro-Kleen fluid to 4 parts of water. This much is enough to help cure 200 sq.km. However, if your garden or lawn is overrun by algae and moss, you can spray this directly.

This moss killer from Pro-Kleen does not contain any bleach and is non-acidic. It is also safe to use in the presence of pets and children. For other great items used in cleaning up your garden check out our guide on long reach hedge trimmers, for all those hard to reach places.


Key features:

  • Child and pet safe
  • Can be sprayed directly without dilution
  • Works on different surfaces effectively

Another product from Pro-Kleen, this one contains iron sulphate for fast action. It also doubles as a lawn fertilizer to encourage the growth of dark, healthy, and thick grass. This moss killer comes in a powder form. It can be mixed directly into the soil, or diluted with water and sprayed onto plant surfaces through a thin hose. The ideal mixture ratio should be 10 gm of powder to 1 liter of water. You can adjust a few grams less of the powder according to your requirement.

If you wish to use this powder as a lawn tonic, use 4 or 5 gm of powder in 1 liter of water and spray once a month on your plants. Avoid using more than the recommended dose of powder since excess powder may burn the grass off.


Key features:

  • Can be mixed directly into the soil
  • Can be diluted and sprayed onto plants
  • Fertilizes the lawn as a tonic

The ULTIMA PLUS XP Moss Killer and Algae Remover is a potent fast acting product. To use, dilute it with water and spray directly on the grass, algae, and moss. Avoid mixing this product directly with the soil, and instead, mix 1 part liquid moss killer with 10 parts of water before spraying or hosing the plants. The area this mixture covers can extend up to 400 sq. m. The added benefit of this moss killer and algae remover is that it prevents the regrowth of moss and algae for almost 6 months.

Use this product on damp and hard surfaces like gardens, lawns, potted plants, terracotta pots, fencing, roofs, driveways, patios, decking, greenhouses, boats, motor homes, and any other outdoor surfaces that have algae or moss on them. Use a cordless hedge trimmer to remove branches which sit on fences, roofs and other as these add moisture and bring in moss.


Key features:

  • Used on hard and soft surfaces
  • Prevents regrowth of moss for 6 months
  • Children and pet safe

The Ferromel – 20 Iron Sulphate Moss Killer comes in a 25 kg bag and contains almost 20 percent ferrous sulphate to help nourish the grass and promote a thick, dark green, and firm turf. This product from Ferromel – 20 helps kill moss fast and also acts as a turf hardener. To use as an effective moss killer, dissolve the dry ingredient in water according to the packet instruction and spray directly on to the grass, plants, and soil. To use as a lawn conditioner, mix directly into the ground using a spreader.

Dissolving the product in water helps prevent the grass from burning out. Usable in all weather conditions except rainy and winter seasons, this all-year moss killer and lawn conditioner works best over a wider area.


Key features:

  • Works over large areas
  • Conditions the lawn and hardens turf
  • Kills moss effectively

The Evergreen 4 in 1 Moss and Weed Killer from Scotts Miracle-Gro helps in completely killing the moss and weeds while working simultaneously to nurture and feed the lawn. The resultant grass is dark green, healthy, and stays fresh for more extended periods than others. Sold in bags of 12.6 kg, this product also contains ferrous sulphate or iron sulphate.

The products in the Evergreen 4 in 1 ensure that the soil is able to retain water and help the plants and grass grow quicker. The nutrients and moisture stay trapped in the ground to help the plants grow faster. This product can be used in the autumn, spring, or summer, but should be avoided during winter and rainy seasons. You can see visible results within a week after application.


Key features:

  • Contains iron sulphate to aid plant growth
  • Visible results in 7 days
  • Traps moisture and nutrients in the soil

The Moss Killer from Elixir Garden Supplies is a 4 in 1 lawn care product that effectively kills moss, kills the weed, feeds roots, and promotes healthy grass and turf. This Moss Killer from Elixir Garden Supplies kills moss and weeds in less than seven days. Visibly healthy, dark green, and strong grass is also seen within a week.

Use this Elixir Garden Supplies Moss Killer routinely every 6 to 8 weeks for a dramatic and drastic change in the look, feel, and texture of the grass. This formula contains 4% phosphorus for healthy roots, 10% nitrogen for green grass blades, 4% potassium that thickens the lawn and fights disease, and 3.5% iron sulphate that kills the moss and toughens the grass. Following weed killing, try using a lawn scarifier on your grass to allow it to breathe and grow thicker to remove room for weeds to grow back.


Key features:

  • 4 in 1 lawncare product
  • Visibly healthy green grass in a week
  • Prevent reoccurrence of moss

The IVISONS Liquid Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic, like the others in our list, do a dual role of killing moss while protecting and nurturing the grass. Available in either 10 l or 20 l, this liquid moss killer makes it relatively easy to maintain your lawn or garden all year round. Containing iron sulphate, it is advisable to keep children and pets away from the grass while it is still wet.

The IVISONS Liquid Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic kills and controls moss from reoccurring, hardens the turf, acts as a winter feed for the lawn, and also nourishes the garden. Applied effectively, the IVISONS Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic can help you maintain your grass so that it looks healthy, green, and bright. For any garden waste consider using a garden shredder to minimise landfill.


Key features:

  • Takes care of multiple lawn functions
  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Can be sprayed on to the plants

The Smartseal Fast Acting Moss Killer is a non-hazardous moss killer that contains no bleach or additional acids. There is no need to scrub or wash the grass and turf repeatedly. Single use of the Smartseal moss killer gives quick visible results, and the moss blackens and dies out. To remove, use a scraper and scrape the moss clean. This 5 l can of moss killer may be used for 100 to 125 sq. m. and is known to be extremely useful.

To use, dilute 1 part of the moss killer with 6 parts of water and spray directly on to the moss and plants or use a watering can. If the moss is very dense, dilute the mixture with 1 part of moss killer with 4 parts water and spray close to the moss. Completely biodegradable, the Smartseal is safe to use in the proximity of children and pets and can also be used on hard surfaces like roofs, tiles, driveways, and so on.


Key features:

  • Child and pet-friendly
  • Covers large distance
  • Can be used on hard surfaces