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8 Best High Back Armchairs in 2021

Published 11:22pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 11:22pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Birlea Edinburgh ChairComfortable high back armchair with middle seat cushions for high comfort level and fire retardant properties£
Warmiehomy Modern Velvet High WingAn Elegant model with easy assembly and a right cushion level£
Simhoo Club Accent ChairA modern yet straightforward designed high back armchair offers comfort and stability.£
Style In Design Alton Modern OccasionalHigh back chair made with Scandinavian design and available at an affordable price.£
Queen Anne Fireside High BackExcellent quality chair made with durable and first-grade leather, Ideal for offices.£
Orthopedic High Seat ChairHigh back armchair with sturdy and robust construction ideal for disabled and elders££
Morris Living Paris Fireside ChairElegant design chair with Soft surfaced fabric texture and wooden legs for maximum comfort and stability££
More4Homes ALTHORPE WING BACKAlthorpe’s fashionable high back design with Recliner Mechanism£££

Best High Back Armchair UK

We all have armchairs in our bedrooms and living rooms. Regardless of where we place them, there is one thing that is always demanded of it, and that is comfort. There are several variations among armchairs; however, among all of the choices, the high back chairs with arm support top the list.

The high back provides higher and much more comfortable support for your back, while similarly giving a stunning look to your room.

Apart from providing the utmost comfort, there are some more advantages of owning a high back armchair as well. Since the chairs have an upper back that is higher than standard chairs, it has provided to help people with back or neck pain. Moreover, if you have had a stressful day, you can sit in the chair and feel completely relaxed.

It allows your back to remain in an upright position; the high back armchairs are proven to improve and maintain a healthy posture. It is one of the most significant benefits of having an upper back armchair since most of the chairs end up putting your back in a stressful position, which ruins your posture and ends up in your suffering from back pain. High back armchairs are present in different shapes; they are also particularly famous as gaming chairs since they help reduce the stress built upon the spine

There are several options available in the market when it comes to high back armchairs, and you have problems choosing the right product. Our list consists of the top 8 products available out there; it is based on the performance and durability of the armchairs. It will help you in deciding as to which high back armchair would be ideal for you.

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Birlea Edinburgh Chair has a beautiful and traditional design. The product is ideal for people who would love to have a conventional chair to match their décor. The chair is exceptionally comfortable and made with the most convenient and excellent material to ensure that you feel completely relaxed after a long day at work.

Birlea Edinburgh Chair is exceptionally comfortable. It contains the most exquisite quality filler along with a middle to firm level of cushion. The filler remains in its original shape for a pretty long time, so you can expect it to see it in your living room for quite a bit. An excellent benefit of having it is that the foam and cover contain fire retardant qualities, so you can also place it closer to your fireplace to enjoy a fire on a cold day without any worry of getting your chair damaged.

There are two colours available in it that you can choose according to your requirements; it comes in a dark steel colour and a lighter olive style. The fabric is prepared with polyester. The overall dimensions of the chair are 99 cm length, 86 cm breadth, and 86 cm height. The back of the chair is 52 cm tall.  Though it might not be the highest chair in the market, it is still one that provides the user with plenty of support and comfort level.

Birlea Edinburgh Chair is a seat with soft cushions and a moderate back section that will provide the user with a delightful resting experience.

Key features:
  • Traditional design
  • fire retardant filling and cover
  • Middle cushioned chair
  • Available in dark steel colour and a lighter olive style
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Warmiehomy Modern Velvet High Wing Accent Chair is an elegant model that will assist you relieve your stress after a long and exhausting day at work.  The chair is based on a trendier and recent design; it will help you get rid of all the stress that has been building on your back.

This fashionable part of furniture consists of a beautiful exterior that is made of soft velvet; the quality of the material used is pretty excellent and soft. It furthermore proposes a right cushion level along with a dense stuffing and extremely comfy armrests. The foam filler and the exterior are also fire retardant, which makes the chair ideal to be placed closer to a fireplace.

The Warmiehomy Modern chair consists of robust wooden limbs that are pretty tall nevertheless steady, and its height is believed to be around 20 cm. Another key feature that they are equipped with is scratch less and anti-slip and pads that are made of plastic to ensure the firmness of the chair and avoid any detrimental effect on your floor. The armchair is extremely easy to assemble; you only have to attach the legs, and it will be fit to use.

There are three primary colours available in the chair; they are grey, blue, and a greyish pink shade. The high back Armchair is a fashionable chair that will be an excellent accumulation to any modern house. For more great items check out our guide on swivel armchairs.

Key features:
  • Made with soft and comfortable material
  • Steady and Sturdy chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fire Retardant filling and cover
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The Simhoo Club Accent Chair is based on a simple design that offers comfort, beauty, and versatility. It is available in 4 different colours that are red, yellow, green, and blue. It contains several features that make the chair an excellent value for the money.

The chair is unlike many others available in the market, it is incredibly soft, and the cushions are also pretty comfortable, another key feature is that it is also water-resistant. The Soft and comfortable cushions are premeditated on a compact wooden base to deliver softback and side support along with a comfy seat feeling after a hectic day. The chair will help you relax and recharge yourself.

The Simhoo Club Accent Chair has a simple exterior design that is both fresh and stylish. The chair also offers a lot of versatility as it also can be placed in any part of your house, be it a living room, dining, bedroom chair, TV lounge chair, etc.

The chair is extremely stable, durable and ideal for daily use. It contains very firm legs that are made of oak and embrace its natural colour. The legs include an anti-scratch footing made of nylon placed at the bottom of every leg to avoid any damage that may be caused to the floor. The material is fire-radiant and prepared according to UK standard regulations

Key features:
  • Made with comfortable and soft material
  • Extremely versatile
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Cushions are equipped with line fabric
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The Style in Design Alton Modern Occasional is a straightforward design that is ideal for people that are on a budget. It is an extremely comfortable piece of equipment that can be purchased at a very affordable price, and it will fit like a glove in your living room.

For individuals looking for high back armchairs, the back of the chair is about 69 cm, which is pretty high; it provides terrific and firm support for your back. The high back of the chair also makes it suitable for tall people as well. The back is furthermore a bit lifted, which increases the comfort level of the chair.

The chair has a pretty attractive exterior. It is prepared with velvet and is available in up to 3 different colours that are Silver, Light Grey, and charcoal grey. You can choose the one which suits your room.

The Style in Design Alton Modern is fixed with up to four Scandinavian fashioned wood limbs and needs nominal assembly. Though the chair is pretty high, it only weighs 12 kilograms. So it will be pretty easy to move around.

Key features:
  • Available in several colours
  • Present Scandinavian design
  • Minimal assembly required
  • High back for maximum support
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The Queen Anne fireside high back chair is in a class of its own. It is one of the best choices available in the market when it comes to high back armchairs. The overall design is an excellent combination of royalty and comfort. The leather chair not only looks superlative wherever you place it. Additionally, it is pretty easy to maintain.

Queen Anne has an outstanding size. The overall dimensions of the chair are 114 cm height, 67 cm width, and 60 cm depth. The sitting breadth of the chair is approximately 51cm, with weight is around 20 kilograms, which is not a lot for a chair of such size. Additionally, it necessitates nominal assemblage. You just have to attach the legs and place it to the position you desire.

The leather high back armchair comprises a mahogany frame that is made entirely with wood along with similar fabric and attractive golden texture on the arms and supports. The fabric is prepared with high-grade PU leather. Apart from the beautiful look, it is also pretty easy to maintain as all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. For comfort by night, check out our guides on latex mattresses and divan beds.

Key features:
  • Stunning design
  • Made with first-grade leather
  • Available in brown, black, cream and oxblood colour
  • Easy to maintain
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The Orthopedic High Seat Chair provides extreme comfort. It is ideally designed for elders, people with disabilities, or those individuals that are recovering from an operation. It is available in 4 different colours that are green, brown, plum, and beige.

The chair has a high back, which provides support for the spine along with comfortable armrests, which allow the user to be completely relaxed. The material used, which is a Tough wearing comfy shenil fabric and stuffing used in preparing the chair, offers medium to firm support. The material is also extremely sturdy and durable, which makes it an excellent chair for everyday use.

The seat is also big enough to support disabled people or those who are maybe recovering from a medical condition or operation such as knee or hip injury. The chair provides an excellent mixture of performance and durability.

If you have back pain, you should consider investing in this chair along with a mattress for back pain to make sure you remain relaxed.

Key features:
  • Ideal for elders and disabled
  • Available in several colours
  • Made with senile fabric
  • Strong and sturdy construction
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The Morris living Paris fireside chair is a beautiful product. It is excellent in every way; you can use it in the living room, lounge, or wherever you intend to place it. The chair comprises elegant design and maximum stability to ensure that your chair does not shake while you are sitting on it.

The overall dimensions of the chair are 112cm height, 75.5cm width, and 80cm depth. The seat size is 19.5 cm, which is excellent. It comes in 2 colours. Mainly they are Pomegranate and Beige, which look fantastic regardless of where you place them.

The Morris Living Paris Fireside chair has a Soft surfaced fabric surface, which is fire retardant making it perfect to place close to a fireplace without the risk of potentially damaging or destroying the chair. It consists of 4 wooden legs that are resilient and extremely strong and provide the chair with the utmost stability.

It is also ideal for elders and people suffering from a medical condition or recovering from an operation.

Key features:
  • Exquisite design
  • Wooden legs for stability
  • Orthopaedic chair
  • Fire retardant properties
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More4Homes ALTHORPE WING BACK is a unique product. Though it might be a bit expensive, its unique and most delicate features make it an excellent value for the money.

The chair is based on Althorpe’s fashionable high back design. It is perfect for adding a touch of heritage to your room; you can get in leather material to make a bold statement or in a somewhat softer look with the fabric design. It is exceptionally comfortably padded; this variant provides soft padding, exceptional lumbar backing, and entirely chaise seating.

One of its’ unique features is the High feature Push Back Recliner Apparatus. All you have to do is put your arms on the recliner’s armrests. In combination with pushing frontward on the arms rest, push the back in the backward directions using your weight to recline the armchair.

The chair is also fire retardant, which means that you can ideally place it close to a fireplace without the risk of damaging it.

This recliner chair, though expensive, is one of the finest available in the market. You can also use a memory foam pillow with it to make yourself more comfortable in the laid position.

Key features:
  • Push Back Recliner feature
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Entirely fire retardant
  • Securely padded

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