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8 Best Latex Mattresses in 2021

Published 11:55am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 11:55am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Marcapiuma latex mattressOrthopaedic and provides spinal support££
eve sleep latex mattressThree-layer system and breathable££
Vesgantti latex mattressUltra-quiet and pressure point system££
Air Air Latex mattressSilver ion formula and high elasticity££
Naturalex latex mattressHQ technology and microcapsules£
Visco therapy latex mattressHypoallergenic and Talalay latex££
Lankou latex mattressShock-absorption and individual pocket spring£
SIMPUR latex mattressCashmere fabric and 11 latex zones£

Best Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are having their moment and a little know-how about them can surely be of big help. Firstly, we have to understand that these mattresses are distinctive. They may be all-natural or man-made synthetic ones but the function is pretty much the same.

The best latex mattress can provide you with an optimum balance between a soft and mattress. In simpler words, it makes sure that each inch of your body receives the required pressure. When the same pressure is applied, you face problems like back pain or stiff shoulders.

With this mattress, you can have your sound sleep and wake up fresh, thanks to the variable pressure spectrum. If you are already suffering from back problems, we recommend you switch to a latex mattress. It promotes good blood circulation and ensures no excessive pressure is forced on your body.

One prominent advantage is that choosing a latex mattress is also budget-friendly. These mattresses can survive for 7 years so you need not repeatedly go for the mattress shopping. They are more resistant to damage or shape alteration and remain just as new for a longer time.

The thing that made people fall for it was the long-awaited feature. When you opt for a latex mattress, it doesn’t matter how much the other person turns over. It is because the firm surface of the mattress keeps the disturbance at bay. This doesn’t end here, we have got everything you need to know about Latex Mattress. Happy scrolling!

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This is a single mattress with 100% latex. The pure Italian composition affirms high-quality latex. With the dimensions of 80 X 200 x 20 cm, this mattress is perfect for one person. If you are living in a hostel, having this latex mattress would make your life easier than before because of its light-weight.

This feature lets you carry it easily during the room switching. The ergonomic design needs your attention too. They have designed this mattress in such a way that it complements each body part differently. You will receive just the right sort of pressure. The most common complaint that latex mattresses are often too hard can be avoided by opting for this one.

Let us talk about spinal support. When you are suffering from upper back disorders or even muscle spasms, a latex mattress is a must-have. Trust us, it can revolutionize your night routine and you won’t need those costly massages anymore. The latex sheet comes with 7 different comfort zones and the middle section of the mattress depicts the peak level density.

They have covered it with a breathable fabric. You can unzip it effortlessly and wash whenever you want. For the medicinal aspects, they have made it possible to come up with a neck supporting mechanism so you can get the maximum full body treatment. To back it up further, check out our guide on pillows for neck pain.

Key features:
  • Single mattress
  • Orthopaedic
  • Spinal support
  • Ergonomic
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This is probably the best latex mattress and the reason is the three-layer system. These three layers not only increase the comfort level but your sleep improves up to triple fold. This innovation is also important if your partner keeps tossing and turning throughout the night. Since you at least can sleep in peace!

Let us tell you more about their strategies regarding pressure distribution. Rather than a uniform one, you will have just the apt pressure. This will prove helpful in the long run as you can avoid back discomfort and continuous disturbance that ruins your sleep.

This mattress will suit you best if you are looking for a summer mattress. It is for the reason that it has a 30 times greater breathability rate. This is the maximum one if we compare it to the contemporary conventional mattresses. No more sweating or obnoxious smelling mattress, as latex combined with the breathable surface is a win-win situation.

Coming to the appearance, the company claims that London’s top designers have designed it. They have tried to make it complementary to your chosen furnishing. It can brighten up not only your bedroom, guestroom but also your hostel room. We all know it is a Herculean task for hostel people to get their hands on something as reliable as a latex mattress.

As purchasing a mattress isn’t a child’s play so they give you a free 100-night trial to check it out all by yourself. The working life of the eve sleep latex mattress goes for straight 10 years so your money is safe from any risk. The vacuum-packed package just seals the deal.

Key features:
  • Guaranteed
  • Free trial
  • Breathable
  • Three-layer system
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Let us explain this one with some basic science. There are seven pressure points on your body that are present at feet, legs, lower back, neck, shoulders, and waist. These pressure points decide your well-being and the vulnerability factor towards muscle problems.

This latex mattress is capable of directly targeting these seven pressure points and provides you with therapeutic vibes. It is a double mattress and each spring inside has a full wrapping to promote good pressure balance and improved circulation. Your deep sleep and maintained health go hand in hand ultimately.

The Vesgantti latex mattress is hypoallergenic so all the sensitive noses need not fuss over it. The baby-friendly feature makes it appropriate for a greater range of consumer age groups. One thing that we adore about this mattress is the free flow of air trapped inside.

This trapped air helps in the depositing of sweat and pollutants at a minimum so your mattress smells fresh every day. On the other hand, the same advantage keeps all the bacterial and fungal infections aside.

The ultra-quiet characteristic is the key here as all the noise of kids jumping over the mattress or turning loudly is kept in check. It can absorb the worst of the shocks and keeps intact its original shape.

When you receive it at your doorstep, it will take a mere seven seconds to get the full latex effect. Just pair it up with memory foam pillows to get the double fold comfort, click here to learn more about them.

Key features:
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Pressure point system
  • Trapped air
  • Smells fresh
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This latex mattress possesses seven latex zones to let you experience the prime latex touch. It is a hardcore mattress suitable for the people who aren’t a big fan of fluffy surfaces. You can bring it in use to do away with all the never-ending back pain and muscular tensions.

They have focused on high elasticity and a greater comfort level. The ventilation feature shows a huge resistance towards nasty sweat smell or humidity moisture. This means you can also fight the climate changes by going with this latex mattress.

Let us introduce the monoblock system to you. This system has vertical channels and each channel is independent of the other. It helps in getting the maximum advantage out of it since all the channels work free of any influence.

We also have good news for our clean freaks. We know how hard it is for you to change the mattress cover. That is why they have given two zips on each side so changing the mattress sheet now is a matter of seconds.

The silver ions formula is derived from the German concept. This helps in promoting better blood circulation and feels like aromatherapy. The firmness of the mattress is 63kg per cubic meter that is a perfect amalgam of softness and hardness.

Key features:
  • Silver ion formula
  • 63 kg per cubic meter firmness
  • Two zips
  • High elasticity
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Firstly, the blue latex HQ technology has upgraded the game of latex mattresses. This helps in giving your mattress the shape after your body so you feel more relaxed and pacified. This company is the first one that has taken one step ahead with the usage of blue latex. Let us tell you that if you have a sensitive nose, you are going to love blue latex as it smells heavenly.

The 7 comfort zones increase the adaptability of the mattress. These zones are highly designed to match the extreme ergonomic silhouette. They have chosen a unique combination of high density and multilayer structure. In this way, your mattress doesn’t feel too bumpy or hard as marble. Japanese people have been using this method for ages, it is the time you give it a try.

This mattress has a viscoelastic form that depicts microcapsules. These capsules are the best when it comes to fighting the summer season. It keeps the temperature stable and you can relish cooling vibes.

The HQ polyurethane foam can withstand the maximum weight and is ideal for heavyweight consumers. Regarding the same problem, you don’t want to miss out on our research about mattresses for heavy people.

Key features:
  • Adaptability
  • HQ technology
  • Blue latex
  • Microcapsules
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The Visco therapy latex mattress has a hypoallergenic exterior to reduce the chances of you getting allergies. It is crucial as most of the time, in summer or humid season the bacteria get stuck to the mattress. These bacteria form colonies that in turn cause allergies. These allergies can damage your skin to the worst and this is something you better stay away from.

Another same category aspect is the sanitized taped edge cover that keeps the bacterial or viral growth in check. Moreover, you can also wash it twice a month to confirm the hygiene of your mattress. The latex that they have used is immune to repeated washing so your money is safe either way.

They have opted for the Talalay latex that is the most trending latex across the globe. You can get everything like memory foam or reflex foam with just this one mattress. The individual wrapped pocket springs help in overcoming the stress after a long tiring day.

Key features:
  • Talalay latex
  • Memory foam
  • Reflex foam
  • Hypoallergenic
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First things first, the individual pocket spring helps in targeting all the vital parts of your body. Let it be the seven pressure points or the vertebra, your body would thank you for buying this godsend.

The extreme shock-absorption and high resilience help you in enjoying a sound sleep. It is a better choice if you suffer from insomnia or any sleep disorder as it minimizes the external disturbance to zero.  The ergonomic support system acts as a buffer to stop the excessive pressure directly attacking your body.

Because of the lightweight feature, you can easily carry it from room to room without hurting your back. The breathable fabric helps in eliminating the sweat causing factors. It also promotes healthy blood circulation and your mattress won’t smell bad during the humid season.

This mattress has strong resistance towards bumpiness caused by repeated motion. As it is a perfect combination, you won’t feel as if you are resting on a hard surface. At the same moment, it leaves a plush and a feather-light vibe on the body that treats your back pain. We have put together another guide on mattresses for back pain if it suits you.

Key features:
  • Fights back pain
  • Shock-absorption
  • Individual pocket spring
  • Treats sleep disorders
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Usually, when you hunt for the best latex mattress, the optimum depth is 2 cm. We have such a latex mattress for you that is perfectly built-in every latex way but has a 4 cm depth. Yes, we are talking about the SIMPUR latex mattress that not only treats your back pain but also helps you in keeping up a good posture.

To add to this eye candy, they have used cashmere fabric to make it irresistible. Just think that after a long busy workday, you can simply just lay on your bed. Let the cashmere take away all the stress with a soft velvety feel. This cashmere has dual uses as it also keeps the motion transfer in check. Suppose the other person may toss on the bed all night but motion transfer won’t let it disturb your beauty sleep.

This mattress just doubles up every feature. Unlike other mattresses, it gives 11 latex zones and you have full control over your comfort level. The material they have come up with is highly breathable. If you have respiratory problems, you need not worry as it is 100% anti-allergic.

The hypoallergenic feature helps you in enjoying the maximum hygiene safety and resist the allergy-causing pollen. The ventilation is ideally set to go with every sort of climate change. Instead of being a season-specific mattress like the other ones, it is an all year mattress that accompanies you every season.

Key features:
  • 4 cm depth
  • Cashmere fabric
  • 11 latex zones
  • Anti-allergic

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