Best Greenhouse Heaters in 2020

Biogreen PHX 2.8/GB Phoenix Electric Fan Heater

Heating up to 100 square feet, the Biogreen PHX has 3 power settings 1kW, 1.8Kw and 2.8kW and a temperature range of 0-26C. IPX4 rated.

CrazyGadget Large Paraffin Super Warm Heater

Ideal for spaces 6ft by 6ft, burning for 80 hours on a 5-litre tank with an inbuilt flame extinguishing device making it a great, cheap space heater.

Bio Green PAL 2.0/GB 2KW Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat

Massive thermostat range of -50C TO 99+C and an accuracy of +/-2C making it a high performance electric heater with it’s IPX4 rating (splash resistant).

Bio Green PAL 2.0/GB 2KW Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat2000W, temperature range from -50C to 99C, IPX4 rated.
Eden Gas Greenhouse Heater 2kW2000W up to 60” sq, temperatures from 7 to 32C, oxygen depletion system.
CrazyGadget Large Paraffin Super Warm Heater5 Litre tank 80 hours burning, ideal for up to 6ft by 6ft.
Large Parasene Electric Greenhouse Heater1000W/2000W ideal up to 6ft square, IP24 rated.
Biogreen PHX 2.8/GB Phoenix Electric Fan Heater3 power settings, 2800W, up to 100” square, IPX4 rated.
Apollo Electric Greenhouse Heater1000W/2000W ideal up to 6” sq, frost setting for summer ventilation.
LightHouse 915mm 135W Eco Heat Greenhouse HeaterAvailable in 45w, 80w, 135w, light bar heater, IP55 rated
Biogreen WM-P5 Warmax Power5 Paraffin HeaterBurns 40% longer through longer wicks, 4 burners, up to 5m square.
Fireside Single Burner Parrafin Greenhouse HeaterIdeal for up to 6” sq, 5 litre tank up to 80 hours burning.
Botanico 2 Kw Greenhouse Heater1000W/2000W heater up to 6” square, IPX4 rated.


Buying guide to Best Greenhouse Heaters

Temperature outside fluctuate a lot as seasons change and bad weather days happen and your greenhouse plants can really suffer. Greenhouse heaters are great tools to keep a consistent temperature in any space including damp rooms and your greenhouse. They’re ideal for keeping plants at a constant temperature to maximise growth and prevent them dying.

The early generation greenhouse heaters are paraffin heaters these use kerosene but require filling up every now and then. The other option is electric fan heaters or bulb heaters which will always run as long as you have the power connected.

All the heaters vary in price, features and capabilities. We’ve hand-picked our favourite 10 varying in all the aforementioned features and compared them so you can make an informed purchase.

1   Bio Green PAL 2.0/GB 2KW Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat

This floor-standing heater from Bio Green has an output of 2000W and an air circulation rate of 163m^3/h distributing the warm air quickly to maintain an even temperature throughout your greenhouse. It has a digital thermostat which can be wall mounted where the heater plugs in, with temperature ranges from -50C to +99C, great for any plant-related needs. It has a low energy consumption thanks to the heaters temperature accuracy (+/-2C) saving you money on electricity bills. It features stainless steel housing and IPX4 rated protection, meaning it can survive splashes in all directions also making it ideal for any damp room.

Key features:

  • 2000W power and an air circulation rate of 163m^3/h
  • Digital thermostat ranging from -50C to +99C
  • IPX4 rated meaning it is splash-proof in any direction

2   Eden Gas Greenhouse Heater 2kW

This Eden Gas heater from Lifestyle offers a 2000W heating element ideal for most medium sized greenhouses up to 60 square feet. It is thermostatically controlled with temperatures ranging from 7 C to 32 degrees C and an accuracy of +/-3 C which is relatively good for heaters on our list especially gas ones. It ships with a free hose, a regulator and has piezo ignition and safety valve for ease of use.  It features an oxygen depletion system for safety whilst in your greenhouse if the heater is on. However, it can be expensive to run and it’s not a particularly cheap heater to buy so is ideal for those with a large space and no electric or those who prefer gas. Whilst the heater will reduce moss growth internally, consider using some moss killer on your panes as the condensation can create better conditions for its growth.


Key features:

  • 2000W Heating element suitable up to 60 square feet
  • Temperatures ranging from 7 to 32 C with accuracy of +/- 3 C
  • Oxygen depletion system, piezo ignition and safety valve

3   CrazyGadget Large Paraffin Super Warm Heater

An alternative to the electric fan heaters on our list is the Paraffin heater from CrazyGadget, it is cheaper than most electric heaters and requires no cables. It sports a single chimney heater ideal for greenhouses up to 6ft by 6ft. The large 5 litre capacity tank will burn up to 80 hours on one fill although this means you will have to remember to fill it up unlike an electric heater. It has a built-in flame extinguishing device so it is easy to put out when you need. Overall, it’s a great heater for someone looking for a cheap non-electric space heater.


Key features:

  • 5 litre capacity tank, burning up to 80 hours
  • Flame extinguishing device for easy use
  • No need for electric cables

4   Large Parasene Electric Greenhouse Heater

This parasene heater provides instant heat at two power settings of 1000W or 2000W depending on the size of the space. It features an adjustable overheat thermostat so you adjust the temperature of a room to whatever you need. It comes with a fan which is easy to clean and produces no humidity fumes or odours. It features a carry handle for easy movement and is IP24 rated meaning it can withstand vertical drips but is not generally waterproof so be careful. People have raised that the fan is always running when the heating element is off and the temperature is not very accurate. It is ideal for someone looking for a cheap, powerful but not exactly great heater. For other great items at improving the quality of your plants and growth consider a lawn scarifier to thicken the green of your grass.


Key features:

  • Two power settings 1000W or 2000W
  • Comes with a fan to evenly distribute heat

  • IP24 rated protects it from vertical drips

5   Biogreen PHX 2.8/GB Phoenix Electric Fan Heater

The premium heater on our list comes from Biogreen, it has 3 heat outputs: 1000W, 1800W and 2800W. It has the potential to heat a space up to 100 square feet and offers frost protection up to 180 square feet. It features a quiet running fan which distributes the heat evenly in the space and comes with hanging chains and floor mounting brackets. It is IPX4 rated meaning it is splash-proof so it’ll function in any damp room or space. The temperature can be adjusted between 0 and 26 degrees which isn’t exactly the highest range on our list, but it is precise and fine if you need a room heated within that range. Overall, it is a great heater for anyone looking to heat a large space or simply wants a high quality, high performance electric heater. Consider some exterior wood paints to stop any shed next to your greenhouse from ruining the aesthetic beauty of your plants.


Key features:

  • 3 heat outputs 1kW, 1.8kW and 2.8kW
  • Heats up to 100 square feet and frost protection up to 180 square feet
  • IPX4 rated meaning it is splash-proof

6   Apollo Electric Greenhouse Heater

The Apollo is a great lower end, quality heater with two power settings of either 1000W or 2000W depending on the space you’re heating. It has two dials one for full thermostatic control and another for frost-stat setting allowing you to use it as a summer ventilator. It can also be used in garages or any outbuilding. However, the temperature dial does not have physical numbers just a scale so you can’t specifically set a temperature and it only has one fan setting limiting its precision in heating for vital needs. For other great garden items check out our top cantilever parasols for a perfect retreat from the hot sun.


Key features:

  • Two power settings of 1000W or 2000W
  • Frost setting for use as a summer ventilator
  • Adjustable temperature dial though no physical numbers

7   LightHouse 915mm 135W Eco Heat Greenhouse Heater

The lighthouse 915mm 135W is a tube heater which is ideal for protecting plants against sudden temperature and humidity changes. It uses below 50w per cubed foot similar to ordinary light bulbs and up to 25% less than most similar tube heaters. You can purchase it in 45w, 80w and 135w depending on how big a space you plan to heat. All models are IP55 rated meaning they are splash-proof so you don’t have to worry about spillages or watering systems. It is wall mountable or can be positioned on any flat surface as per your needs. However, there is no fan so the heat will not be distributed evenly.  Another tip for greenhouse growth is to use edging sheers for pruning plants a little out of reach since many come with telescopic or long handles.

Key features:

  • Uses below 50w per foot similar to ordinary lightbulbs
  • Available in 45w, 80w and 135w for different sized spaces
  • IP55 rated meaning it is splash-proof from and active water systems

8   Biogreen WM-P5 Warmax Power5 Paraffin Heater

This double chimney paraffin heater from Biogreen is a top range gas heater ideal for spaces up to 5m^2. It burns for up to 40% longer due to its extra-long wicks. It has 4 burners which don’t have to all be used at the same time so you can vary the temperature, though with more burners on, more paraffin will be used. People have expressed that is of good quality build though it rivals the price of some of the lower end electric heaters. It is ideal for those without means to electricity in the space they intend to heat or just prefer a gas heater.


Key features:

  • Burns 40% longer due to long wicks
  • 4 burners so you can vary the heat
  • Ideal for spaces up to 5 metres square

9   Fireside Single Burner Parrafin Greenhouse Heater

Another paraffin for our list is the single chimney Fireside heater which is ideal for greenhouses up to 6 feet by 6 feet. It features a large capacity of 5 litres which will burn for up to 80 hours on one tank. The chimney is threaded and the twin burners are brass plated creating a quality heater for your space. A flame extinguishing device is on the body of the heater so you can easily put out the flame when needed. It is no real difference to the CrazyGadget paraffin heater earlier on our list at a slightly higher price with similar reviews so it is mostly preference on brand that discerns it. Consider a cordless strimmer to clear up any growth into your greenhouse from weeds and other sorts to prevent death of your internal plants.


Key features:

  • Ideal for greenhouses up to 6” by 6”
  • Flame extinguishing device for ease of use
  • 5 litre tank which will burn for up to 80 hours

10   Botanico 2 Kw Greenhouse Heater

The Botanico 2 Kw Greenhouse Heater is a well-priced 2Kw heater suitable for spaces up to 6ft by 6ft and offers frost protection up to 10ft by 6ft. It features two heat settings either 1Kw or 2 kW, thermostatically controlled frost guard and a cool air option which is great for summer ventilation.

It is IPX4 rated meaning it can withstand splashes and active watering systems. A 1.8m rubber sheathed power cable is also included so it doesn’t have to be directly next to a plug socket. Overall, it makes for an ideal middle range greenhouse heater which doesn’t take up too much space. If you also have a chiminea consider putting it closer to your greenhouse if possible to help with heating.


Key features:

  • Two power settings at 1kW or 2kW
  • IPX4 rated enables it to withstand splashes or active watering systems
  • Ideal for 6ft square spaces and frost protects up to 10ft by 6ft