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10 Best Cantilever Parasols in 2020

Published 11:30pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 11:30pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Outsunny 3m Garden Patio Parasol Sun ShadeAffordable, user-friendly cantilever parasol with terylene canopy for added protection£
Freestanding Cantilever Parasol by AirwaveExcellent protection from the sun and rain with multi-adjustable settings for a unique experience£
RM-Parasol Cantilever Hanging UmbrellaTrendy cantilever parasol with waterproof canopy and rust- resistant pole and ribs£
Charles Bentley Cantilever Garden ParasolHighly affordable durable cantilever parasol with crank and lever for easy opening and closing£
Alfresia 2.7m Cantilever Garden ParasolHeight adjustable cantilever parasol with waterproof and UV protection canopy££
TecTake Garden Cantilever ParasolCompact and easy-to-use garden cantilever parasol with full tilt and UV protection££
CASART Outdoor Cantilever ParasolMulti-use CASART cantilever parasol with corrosion proof base and pole and all-weather canopy££
Costway Outdoor LED ParasolEnchanting solar powered outdoor LED parasol with cantilever hanging umbrella££
Jarder Cantilever Parasol SetCantilever set with base and cover comes with heavy stands and easy to assemble££
Roma Cantilever Garden Parasol by SoraraElegant and stylish cantilever parasol with 360-degree rotation and foot pedals£££

Best Cantilever Parasol

Parasols are an excellent feature to have in your garden, lawn, or patio. Parasols are large sun umbrella shades that add elegance to your outdoor look and also provide fantastic shade during sunny days. Spending time outdoors is intrinsic to human nature and good for health too. Fresh air and the classic British sunshine are needed by everyone to stay healthy and fit. With cantilever parasols, it is possible to enjoy yourself irrespective of the weather. You can sit comfortably under the shade of the canopy in the blazing summer or through the lightly drizzling rain.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cantilever Parasol

Struggling with the wind, sun, and light rain is an average daily occurrence for the average Britisher. While weighing the decorative value of cantilever parasols, it is also necessary to consider the weather resistance of the materials used in the making. The umbrella needs to be durable and long lasting.

Almost everyone loves a little sunbathing. For this reason, it is necessary to have an adjustable parasol. Easily adjustable is one of the most essential characteristics of an umbrella since you would always need to adjust and readjust the direction according to the rain, wind, or sun.

UV protection is another aspect to consider. With children playing, senior citizens, and families using the parasol, it is crucial to consider the safety aspect of the parasol. After all, the canopy is meant for protection, not to make you ill. A good quality sun umbrella shade should protect you from prolonged exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun to avoid severe skin and health concerns.

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The garden cantilever parasol from Outsunny is another user-friendly model that can easily be installed in your garden, lawn, or patio. Affordable, easy to tilt, and readily available, the Outsunny is a fantastic buy for people wishing to enjoy themselves in the sun and light rain without spending too much money. The cover of this parasol is made from Terylene fabric that is waterproof, yet elastic. Terylene fabric is also easy to clean, durable and protects from the sun.

The frame is steel with a cross-shaped base that helps in keeping the Outsunny Cantilever Parasol sturdy and strong enough to withstand windy conditions. The bottom may also be reinforced with sandbags for additional sturdiness, but this might interfere with the movement of the parasol.

Key features:
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Waterproof and wind resistant
  • Cross base offers good stability
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The cantilever canopy by Airwave is ideal for the beautiful British weather. Socializing and entertaining intimate gatherings is very easy with this user-friendly cantilever umbrella from Airwave. Adjustable to suit the height requirements according to your party size, the Airwave parasol can tilt upwards, rotate, and tilt backward with adjustable angles for shade protection. You can use the hand crank to shut the umbrella and continue enjoying the sun as you wish.

The steel frame and ribs are powder coated for rust protection. The water-resistant canopy comes with a PU coating and also helps protect from the UV rays of the sun. The large size is approximately 3m and can easily be used for friendly gatherings. The cross base on the Airwave is compact and enables easy transportation and easy close down in case of bad weather. To round out a seating area consider a chiminea as a centrepiece. 

Key features:
  • Compact cross base
  • Adjustable to suit specification
  • Protects from the rain and sun
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This lovely cantilever parasol from RM-Parasol comes in a unique shade of red and a neutral cream. With a black metallic base, the striking color contrasts on the RM-Parasol cantilever hanging umbrella make this model a must-have. Affordable, yet stylish, the canopy of the parasol is made from 180g polyester and provides excellent cover from the sun and the rains. The pole and crank mechanism is made from coated aluminium and is rust resistant and highly durable in the long term.

The ribs are sturdy and do not bend easily in the wind. The waterproof canopy also comes with slots to outfit the ends of the rods. This parasol also features air vents to allow ease of circulation and prevent mould from building up. For other great garden items check out our article on log stores.

Key features:
  • Good looking affordable parasol
  • Canopy is waterproof and protects from the sun
  • Rust resistant
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The Charles Bentley Cantilever Parasol is an affordable mid-sized variant for people who enjoy sitting outside. It comes with a crank and lever system for easy opening and closing and is user-friendly. Children should be kept away from using the mechanism since they may be hurt while using it. The water-resistant polyester canopy also provides protection from the sun and help keep you healthy in the long term.

This freestanding Charles Bentley Cantilever Parasol is a fantastic alternative to a traditional garden umbrella with a pole in the center. The cantilever parasol requires weight to keep it from toppling over in extremely windy conditions and should be secured tightly before closing. The powder-coated steel material used is of high quality and is rust proof for longer shelf life.

Key features:
  • Crank and lever mechanism for ease of use
  • Highly durable and corrosion free
  • 100% polyester canopy
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The innovative cantilever garden parasol with integrated height adjustable features from Alfresia is an affordable, yet durable fixture for all gardens, lawns, and patios. Available in the colors beige (natural), green, and grey, the Cantilever Garden Parasol is a convenience for most people who like their garden furniture and fixtures to meld with the natural surroundings.

The canopy has 6 spokes and is made from thick polyester that provides excellent protection from the wind, rain, and the sun. The cantilever mechanism is powder coated aluminium with an integrated windup mechanism that helps to adjust the height of the overhead umbrella. The Alfresia cantilever parasol is easy to clean and maintain, is water resistant, and protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Key features:
  • Innovative Height adjustable mechanism for convenience
  • Water and UV resistant canopy
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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This Coffee Machine isn’t your standard water dispenser and only really has one function – making coffee. It brews coffee from fresh grounds or soft filter coffee pods inserted in the top into a 400ml stainless steel travel mug which is supplied.

What’s unique about it, is that you can program a time when you plan to have your coffee and it will prepare it for you at that time, especially good for those who don’t have much time in the mornings.

The drip tray is also suitable for mugs and standard cup sizes and adjusts to prevent splashing. It has a permanent coffee filter so no papers are required like many coffee machines. However, the capacity is quite low so it’s ideal for those who want the convenience. While most state they are rust resistant we all know things rust a little somehow, consider using a rust converter or remover on the pole, super easy to do and it will look good as new.

Key features:
  • Cheap and small appliance
  • Makes coffee at any time you set
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This multipurpose cantilever parasol can be used at beaches, gardens, lawns, and patios. The pole is rust-free and powder coated to protect the metal from harm and corrosion. The weather-resistant polyester canopy provides perfect shade from the sun and rain and is ideal for use at beaches and in gardens. The CASART cantilever umbrella has an adjustable tilt and can be turned to any direction needed. The assembly of the CASART outdoor cantilever parasol is, and the packaging box comes with a set of do-it-yourself instructions and parts.

This model comes with a steel cross base for additional sturdiness and support. While the base is compact, it is firm and has space to attach weight if needed. However, in case it is too windy, it is preferred to close the parasol for safety reasons. The canopy is large and is almost 2.7 m to 3 m once opened. For other great garden items see our lawn scarifier articles to achieve thicker grass.

Key features:
  • Multipurpose use in gardens, beaches, lawns, and patios
  • Adjustable tilt feature
  • A compact base for easy transport
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The cantilever parasol from Costway is a masterpiece of people who love hosting intimate gatherings, or for those that enjoy sitting outdoors. This stylish Costway parasol is lightweight, yet strong and extremely durable. It is made from powder-coated steel as the primary material construct and is all-weather proof. To clean, just hose out with regular pipe water instead of brushing or dusting. The crank and safety pin of the cantilever parasol by Costway make it extremely easy to tilt an adjust. It also comes with 8 steel ribs to support the overhead all-weather sun protection canopy.

This model of the cantilever parasol by Costway also comes with solar-powered LED lights that are excellent for night use. These soft LED lights create an enchanting ambience in the evening for romantic dinners or intimate get-togethers. Consider adding some cat deterrent around the idea you plan to place if you have pesky neighbour cats, they prefer to do it in a shaded area.

Key features:
  • Solar powered LED lights
  • All-weather Canopy
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
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The Jarder Cantilever Parasol set is the only one of our list that comes included with a cover and base for your use. It is a beautiful parasol set and comes in a variety of colors like green, black, beige, and dark blue. The graphite black polypropylene base weighs in at approximately 8 kg and can be filled in with sand or water for a combined 80 kg weight. The Jarder cantilever parasol set also comes with a powder coated steel pole that efficiently supports the cantilever frame in windy, rainy, and sunny conditions.

The fabric is made from treated polyester and provides complete resistance to UV rays and rainy downpour. This 3m cantilever parasol from Jarder comes with air vents for synchronized circulation to prevent mould from building up. Assembly of the unit is very easy and comes with a detailed set of instructions for ease of use. Jarder also provides a 3-year limited warranty. For other great garden items check out our article on long reach hedge trimmers.

Key features:
  • Cantilever parasol comes with base and cover
  • Considerable 3m coverage for small gatherings
  • 3-year limited warranty
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The best of the best in our list is the Roma Outdoor Cantilever Garden Parasol by Sorara. Elegantly designed, this parasol is a must have for all elegant or landscaped gardens. The high-quality materials used in the making of this garden parasol are aluminium black powder coat on the pole to make it weather-proof and durable polyester awning that is long lasting and does not wear and tear with constant exposure to wind, rains, or sun.

The awning on the Roma Cantilever Parasol by Sorara is also resistant to the harmful UV rays of the sun and dries quickly after the rains. The pole is sturdy, but lightweight and can easily be assembled with the Allen key and crank mechanism provided. The parasol can also be rotated 360 degrees by a simple tap of your foot. See our picks for robotic lawnmowers for other great garden guides.

Key features:
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Foot pedal adjustment available
  • Beautifully designed and very stylish

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