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Best Mattress Protectors in 2021

Published 05:58pm

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

Published 05:58pm

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
sinnlein Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress ProtectorAvailable in different sizes, free of pollutant, 100% cotton, odourless, waterproof.£
Soleil d'Ocre Waterproof mattress protectorWaterproof, hypoallergenic, 10cm pocket depth, made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.£
HOMFY Waterproof Mattress Protector100% TPU, max mattress fit is 40cm, 70% bamboo and 30% polyester microfiber, hypoallergenic.£
Uniento Waterproof Mattress ProtectorDiversity in dimension, hypoallergenic, 100% cotton, waterproof, and breathable, elastic corner straps.£
ADORIC Mattress ProtectorQueen size, 18 inches deep, machine washable, waterproof (100% TPU), breathable, free of bacteria.£
Babycalin Mattress Cover100% TPU, polyester material used, anti-bacteria and hypoallergenic, breathable.£
SAVEL Waterproof and Breathable Mattress ProtectorMachine washable, 140x190/200cm in dimension, purely made of cotton, waterproof.£
Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress ProtectorHypoallergenic, resistant to microbes, waterproof, max mattress fit: 22 cm, easy to clean.££
Dodo RUBIS160 Mattress CoverMattress height: up to 30cm, non-squeaky, anti-microbial properties, variety of dimensions available.££
Tofern Natural Bamboo Fiber Mattress ProtectorEco-friendly, made of 80% bamboo fibre, waterproof, elastic closure design, anti-allergenic.££

Best Mattress Protector UK

The mattress protector is very useful for both adults and children. You may think that children and toddlers need it the most, but you are wrong. Did you know that the human body can release 1 litre of perspiration on average per night? Yes, we sweat overnight without notice. Of course, in general, it is used for children and for the elderly, in particular, to protect their bedding from urinary leakage. It can, however, be adopted at any age. Not only against perspiration but also the vagaries of everyday life, for example, coffee in bed on Sunday morning, breakfast in romantic bed, glass of wine in bed with your loved one, etc. Moisture can eventually damage the mattress and make it less healthy. This highlights the need to use a mattress protector. It is discreet, but it is essential, because it is what protects what we paid so much for, and it is an element of comfort for our sleep.

If the role of the mattress protector is to protect your mattresses from any soiling caused by dirt, moisture, and other perspiration of the body, it remains an accessory that requires to be chosen with care. The material from which it is made, its level of waterproofing as well as its dimensions, are all criteria that you should in no case lose sight of.

1   sinnlein Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector

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The sinnlein Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector is a mattress that can guarantee your mattress optimal protection thanks to its ability to prevent all kinds of liquids from staining your mattress. This does not affect its breathability since it is made of 100% TPU which allows air to circulate more easily, enough to give you a feeling of freshness during your sleep. The top, meanwhile, is 100% cotton, which ensures a pleasant softness on contact with your skin. Note also that this is product is tested and it does not contain pollutants, which means that its use is safe, including for children. The sinnlein Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector has a rubber fastening band that crimps the mattress, thus ensuring non-slip support as if it were a fitted sheet.

Available in a multitude of dimensions, this mattress should be suitable for most mattresses with a maximum thickness of 25 cm. Finally, it should be emphasized that it is compatible with the washing machine at 95 ° C for simplified cleaning. It can even be tumble dried for quick drying.

Key features:
  • Produced from cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Odourless

2   Soleil d’Ocre Waterproof mattress protector

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If the Soleil d’Ocre Waterproof mattress protector might not be one of the best picks on the market but the fact remains that it is an inexpensive mattress protector: a criterion that will hit audiences looking for an affordable product for their young ones. With a lightweight of 181 grams for a length of 21 cm by 4 cm wide and 14 cm high, it is ideal for your baby. It turns out to be very practical to use because it takes the form of an extensible fitted sheet that exactly matches the shape of your baby’s mattress. 

With its hypoallergenic qualities, the Soleil d’Ocre Waterproof mattress protector is intended specifically for babies who suffer from allergies and those who wish to sleep in a hygienic and healthy place. Made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this waterproof mattress protector absorbs all the perspiration and liquids emitted by the body when your baby sleeps, which prevents any proliferation of bacteria and other mites. Moreover, thanks to its 100% PE waterproof protection, none of these liquids manage to reach the mattress, which always remains clean and does not risk becoming a permanent home of all kinds of small animals harmful to your baby’s health.

Key features:
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fusion of natural and synthetic materials
  • Suitable for allergic sufferers

3   HOMFY Waterproof Mattress Protector

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The HOMFY Waterproof Mattress Protector designed with polyester microfibres and bamboo fibres are both soft and breathable. Fully waterproof, it is hypoallergenic and particularly robust. Also, it effectively protects you from any mites and fungus. Very easy to maintain, it has an elastic band; which means it covers your mattress properly. It is also quite easy to put it on and take it off.

Also, you will have no trouble getting by when it comes to cleaning this HOMFY Waterproof Mattress Protector since it is compatible with the washing machine and even the dryer. Guaranteed for two years, it contains no trace of chemicals that are harmful to health or our environment. This protector fits mattresses of up to 40cm in height.

Key features:
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Ultra-safe to use
  • Machine washable

4   Uniento Waterproof Mattress Protector

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The Uniento Waterproof Mattress Protector stands out for its total impermeability to liquids from perspiration or others. It has, in fact, a Polyurethane membrane which will act as a barrier against all kinds of dirt likely to reach your mattress, which makes this mattress protector perfect for people who tend to sweat a lot during their sleep. In addition to being waterproof, this mattress protector guarantees great breathability thanks to this polyurethane membrane which allows perfect air circulation for a very appreciable feeling of freshness, especially during periods of heat when many people experience difficulties. to sleep.

The Uniento Waterproof Mattress Protector is made of 100% cotton, which gives it a remarkable softness to the touch, whether with the skin or with the mattress that it will completely cover and thus protect from impurities that may affect its quality. The presence of a cap allows it to adapt perfectly to the dimensions of your mattress. As such, the Uniento Waterproof Mattress Protector is available in a multitude of dimensions (90 × 190 / 200cm, 140 × 190 / 200cm, 180 × 190 / 200cm), which makes it suitable for different types of bed as long as their thickness will not exceed 25 centimetres.

The membrane also constitutes a physical barrier against dust mites, which makes it a product perfectly suited to people prone to allergies. Finally, in terms of maintenance, it is very simple as this mattress protector is compatible with the washing machine at 95 ° C.

Key features:
  • Made purely ffrom cotton
  • Available in different dimensions
  • Suitable for people with allergies

5   ADORIC Mattress Protector

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The ADORIC Mattress Protector has a double face. One is cotton while the second is breathable and waterproof TPU. You can, therefore, use it even during the summer period. As for its dimensions, they are 60 cm in width and 80 in length. As for its installation, it is quite easy since it has four bands thanks to which you will have no trouble making the necessary adjustments. Also, it is well fixed and it fits properly on the mattresses. As for the density of the cotton face, it is 130 g per m²; which largely explains its softness and comfort.

Also, this mattress protector is compatible with both manual washes and machine washes at temperatures of 95 ° C. Once it is clean, you can dry it using a dryer. Likewise, the one-year warranty you enjoy is a guarantee of quality.

Key features:
  • Practical mattress protector
  • Safe and durable
  • Easy care

6  Babycalin Mattress Cover

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The Babycalin Mattress Cover is a baby mattress protector that will make you happy by the fact that it is designed to be placed on a baby bed, 40 cm long by 80 cm. It brings real comfort to your little one since it is made of polyester, a synthetic material which is quite soft to the touch. To keep the baby’s mattress, dry at all times, this mattress pad has been previously waterproofed using the polyurethane coating method. In this way, no drop of liquid or pee will wet the baby’s mattress, thus guaranteeing your baby a sound sleep for long hours.

It is also for the health criterion that many users have opted for the Babycalin Mattress Cover as it is anti-mite and antibacterial. Your baby’s health is thus preserved in all circumstances against the proliferation of all kinds of bacteria and microbes in the bed of your little one. This mattress protector finally allows you to make substantial savings since it is durable. For far-sighted parents, they will have the opportunity to buy it many months before the arrival of the newborn and thus better manage their budget.

Key features:
  • Long-lasting
  • Free of microbes and bacterias
  • Made of polyester

7   SAVEL Waterproof and Breathable Mattress Protector

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The SAVEL Waterproof and Breathable Mattress Protector is widely acclaimed by bedding professionals and users who have already tried it, which is why it has been given the status as one of the best mattress protectors currently in vogue on the market. With its dimensions of 140 × 190 centimetres, it will be perfect for a standard bed, especially for mattresses up to 30 centimetres thick. It is, in fact, a particularly effective anti-mite mattress protector which will perfectly meet the expectations of sensitive or allergy sufferers, since it consists of a material which constitutes an antibacterial barrier.

This mattress protector is also suitable for individuals who sweat a lot during their sleep or families with young children who often pee in bed. Its top is indeed made with waterproof cotton, which keeps the mattress dry in all circumstances. It also has a strong absorbency, which is an additional guarantee to have a mattress always dry. It is also very easy to clean since it is easily machine washed at a temperature of 95 ° C. Finally, it should be noted that this mattress protector is incomparably soft with its 100% terry top. Your mattress protector will, therefore, offer you optimal comfort for a good restful sleep.

Key features:
  • 100% cotton terry fabric
  • Easy maintenance
  • Waterproof and Breathable

8   Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector

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One of the first things that attract the most attention with the Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector is undoubtedly its solid guarantee of ten years. This is indisputable proof of the solidity and the quality of this model. Breathable and waterproof, it does not let any liquid pass and it allows you to spend peaceful and healthy nights because it is certified without any toxic substance.

Also, it prevents the formation of fungi and the development of parasites and bacteria. Easy to put on, it is 80 cm long and 160 cm wide and it is a mixture of polyurethane and cotton which was used for its manufacture. Also, it does not cause any allergies in its users and it is very gentle. As for its maintenance, it is rather easy since a passage to the washing machine at 60 ° C makes it possible to put it in clean. With a very good price-performance ratio, it can also be machine dried. This mattress protector can be used for mattresses that measure up to 22 cm.

Key features:
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Machine washable

9   Dodo RUBIS160 Mattress Cover

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The Dodo RUBIS160 Mattress Cover will easily adapt to most double beds, especially since its fitted sheet shape allows it to cover all types of mattresses. In terms of comfort, this mattress protector, in SANFOR cotton treated against shrinkage, gives great satisfaction whether it is the silky touch or in terms of the absorption of perspiration especially during the summer when it will demonstrate all its efficiency.

Moreover, it is renowned for its ability to keep its original appearance while maintaining its original comfort, including after a multitude of washes at 95°C. The Dodo RUBIS160 Mattress Cover has a cap that is suitable for all types of mattresses whose thickness does not exceed 30 centimetres, which brings real aesthetic added value to your bedding. Another important advantage, and unlike plastic mattress protectors, this one is made of SANFOR cotton, it will not generate untimely noises when you sleep on it and your quality of sleep will only be better, of course.

Key features:
  • Produced from SANFOR cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Little to zero noise guaranteed

10   Tofern Natural Bamboo Fiber Mattress Protector

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The Tofern Natural Bamboo Fiber Mattress Protector is made from 80% bamboo fibre to which 20% polyester is added. It is the perfect combination to obtain both softness and resistance. Two essential qualities for a comfortable sleep that nothing can disturb. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) membrane in this mattress protector allows good air circulation. In addition to breathability, it also ensures a foolproof impermeability that will protect your mattress from all kinds of leaks or stains capable of damaging it in one way or another. 

The Tofern Natural Bamboo Fiber Mattress Protector is suitable for thick mattresses up to a limit of 35cm. When you know that most mattress protectors are 35cm thick, this makes this model particularly interesting for people used to thick mattresses. Nothing to fear for the adjustment, in any case, since a rubber band is used to completely wrap the mattress. Regarding maintenance, it can be done in the washing machine at a temperature of 40 ° C but, without resorting to laundering or ironing. Even drying should be done in the open air.

Finally, we must not forget to emphasize the ability of bamboo fibre to fight against mites and prevent their proliferation. It is a natural anti-mite treatment as evidenced by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label which ensures that the product contains no harmful substances.

Key features:
  • Machine washable
  • Made of 80% bamboo fibre and 20% polyester
  • Durable
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