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Best Belt Sanders in 2024

Updated 04-08-2021 – Mia Cohen

Gone are the days when carpenters and woodworkers have to manually smoothen wood when applying finishing touches to their work. Nowadays, sanders have replaced manual labour. A sander is a useful tool that helps to make scaling and finishing more straightforward and faster. Not only this, a sander will produce a neater finishing for your work.

There are several types of sanders, including stationary or bench sanders, orbital sanders, belt sanders, and so on. These different types of sander all perform the same task, although they are used in different ways. The belt sander is made up of two drums that rotate a continuous loop of sandpaper that is fitted around them. This turning action is what leads to the chipping of rough surfaces of wood away.

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Belt sanders are quite common devices in woodwork workshops and there is little wonder as to why. If you are an artisan or simply a DIY enthusiast looking for a high-quality belt sander to buy, you have landed at the right place. This post detailed the features of the best sanders available on the market right now. Read on, and you will surely find one that suits your work.


The Best Belt Sander UK

Premium Pick – TRITON T41200BS Belt Sander
Value Pick – VonHaus 900W Belt Sander
Best Pick – TACKLIFE Belt Sander 900W Sander

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
TOOLTRONIX 900W Electric Belt Sander
TOOLTRONIX 900W Electric Belt Sander
900W-rated motor, belt size of 75x533mm, dust extraction bag, variable speed, sanding area of 75x150mm.£
Einhell TC-BS 8038 Belt Sander
Einhell TC-BS 8038 Belt Sander
800W-rated motor, dust extraction system, ceramic guard, fixed belt speed of 380m/min, sanding belt size of 76x533mm.£
VonHaus 900W Belt Sander
VonHaus 900W Belt Sander
900W-rated motor, speed adjustable between 170 to 250m/min, dust extraction system, working size of 75x457mm.£
Uses a 720W-rated motor, corded, has working size of 75x457mm, automatic belt tracking mechanism, dust extraction bag.£
TACKLIFE Belt Sander 900W Sander
TACKLIFE Belt Sander 900W Sander
900W motor, 75x533mm sanding belt, detachable dust collection bag, 450 to 750rpm speed variation range.£
Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander
Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander
Power rating of 710W, corded, adjustable speed settings, microfilter system, automatic belt tensioning.£
Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander
Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander
800W-rated motor, variable belt speed between 150 and 320 m/min, belt size of 76x150mm.££
TRITON T41200BS Belt Sander
TRITON T41200BS Belt Sander
Power rating of 1200 watts, belt-tracking adjustment mechanism, belt size of 100x156mm, extraction system, adjustable speed.£££
DeWalt DWP352VS Belt Sander
DeWalt DWP352VS Belt Sander
Power rating of 1010 watts, belt size of 75x533mm, dust bag, 270-400m/min speed range.£££
Makita 9404/2 Belt Sander
Makita 9404-2 Belt Sander
Motor rated 1010W, variable speed settings, belt size of 100x610mm, 16.4ft cord, low noise level.£££

1   TOOLTRONIX 900W Electric Belt Sander

KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair Clippers

Tooltronix may be the least popular brand here. Nevertheless, the TOOLTRONIX 900W Electric Belt Sander is a great tool that any craftsman would like. It is designed with a sturdy belt and aluminium rollers so it can serve a heavy-duty purpose. If you are looking for a great tool that can clean, smoothen, or sand your metal, glass or plastic material, don’t look too far.

Features such as a powerful motor, variable speed settings, dust collection bag, a large sanding area, and its ergonomic design have made this wonderful sander difficult to ignore. Also, it can serve dual functions. Like most belt sanders, in addition to its normal freehand use, you can easily invert and clamp it to a fixed bench and use it as a bench sander.

It is not only reliable but also easy to use. Use wood preserver to help maintain healthy wood.

Key features:
  • Dust extraction bag
  • Variable speed settings
  • Large sanding area

2   Einhell TC-BS 8038 Belt Sander

ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

The Einhell TC-BS 8038 Belt Sander is equipped with an efficient motor that has a power rating of 800 watts. It is designed to make your sanding operation as easy as possible and you will find it very convenient to use.

This wonderful sander has a precision adjustment knob that allows you to quickly and easily set the belt correctly to ensure a perfect result. Besides, it has an extractor bag that collects the pieces produced while working. In this regard, you don’t have to be bothered by the accumulated debris getting in your way while working.

This device has safety settings that protect you. With its ergonomic design, you can work for long hours without feeling any pain or fatigue in your hands or wrists. Moreover, there is a ceramic guard that protects the sandpaper from coming off in case you have set the belt position wrongly.

And, to cap it all, the Einhell TC-BS 8038 Belt Sander comes with a two-year warranty. For other wood work related items, check out our guide on the best exterior wood paint.

Key features:
  • Compact and easy-to-use design
  • Dust extraction bag included
  • Covered by a two-year warranty

3   VonHaus 900W Belt Sander

Ceenwes Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

With a powerful motor that has a power rating of 900 watts and a working dimension of 75 x 533 mm, the VonHaus 900W Belt Sander is quite strong and can handle large surfaces very well. It is compact and lightweight enough to be used conventionally as a grinder. Conversely, you can also fix it to a spot and use it as a stationary sanding tool. The manufacturers have included clamps in the package. These clamps are quite strong and provide the sander with the stability needed for heavy-duty jobs.

The variable speed of this tool means that users can use it for a wide range of surfaces. All you need to do is to adjust the speed of the motor to suit the requirement of the surface that you are working on. It also has a dust extraction system comprised of a collection box. This automatically helps to remove the debris generated while working.

Moreover, the VonHaus 900W Belt Sander comes with nine sanding belts. Your purchase is also protected by a generous two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Key features:
  • Motor is quite efficient and powerful
  • Variable speed settings enhance versatility
  • Relatively large working area

4   BLACK+DECKER KA86 Belt Sander

ELEHOT Hair Clippers

The BLACK+DECKER KA86 Belt Sander is an efficient sanding tool that guarantees very clean, perfect results. Powered by a 720W rated motor, this sander makes it into this list on the back of consistent performance that has led to users hailing it as one of the best belts sanders that they’ve used. With a working dimension of 75 x 457 mm, this excellent device is well suited for relatively large surfaces.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the BLACK+DECKER KA86 Belt Sander has an angled belt design. The belt is inclined to allow you to works closer to the edge of two different surfaces that are in contact. Also, there is an automatic belt tracking mechanism that helps to make the belt taut. This saves you valuable time that you would have spent fixing the belt.

The manufacturers have generously included a dust extraction bag to collect the off-cut. This prevents the scraped pieces from littering the surface that you are working on, thereby creating a neat working area. It will also help to make your work neater and more efficient.

Should you have any reason to change any part of the device, there is a lever-action change mechanism that enhances quick and easy accessory changing.

Key features:
  • Dust collection bag present
  • Angled belt design
  • Automatic belt tensioning system

5   TACKLIFE Belt Sander 900W Sander

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

If you are looking for a reliable sander that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, then you should be considering the TACKLIFE Belt Sander 900W Sander. A product of the popular brand, Tacklife, this device offers a high level of functionality that is only seen in few other sanders.

It has a strong motor that propels the belt at very high speeds, thereby providing very neat and satisfactory results. In the same vein, the belt has a slightly larger working area than most sanders with a dimension of 75 x 533mm. This enables you to cover large surfaces faster. Furthermore, there is a knob that allows you to adjust the speed of the device between 450 and 750rpm while working. Hence, you can use this device for different materials, including wood, plastic, and so on. The detachable dust collection bag is also handy for storing the debris generated while working. 

You will also like the two screw clamps that allow you to fix this device securely to the bench while working. Also, there is a belt tracking adjustment knob that allows you to set the sandpaper correctly with ease.

Key features:
  • Reliable motor
  • Variable speed settings
  • Relatively large working area

6  Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander

Kebor Hair Clipper

This belt sander is definitely one of the best out there. It has a compact design that enhances its handling. Moreover, it comes with a belt tensioning system that goes a long way in making the belt very easy to change.

Beyond all the features that are designed to make the Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander one of the easiest sanders to use, it also possesses additional features that enhance its functionality and make it one the most efficient tools around. One of these is the Bosch microfilter system that extracts the sanded dust efficiently. Moreover, manual belt alignment is not required when you use the Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander. This is because the device is held automatically in the correct working position. This makes it very easy for you to go about with your sanding operation as you don’t have to waste time trying to align the device again. It has a high degree of stability when used as a stationary device.

Its wattage of 700W is high enough to handle medium-scale and DIY projects and, if the scale of your work is not too much, you will greatly enjoy this tool. The two-year warranty that comes with it also an added advantage.

Key features:
  • Has automatic belt tensioning system
  • Efficient filter system for dust extraction
  • Compact design for easy manoeuvrability

7   Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander

Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

The Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander is equipped with an 800W-rated motor that effectively propels the belt. You can vary the speed of the motor to suit the requirement of the job at hand. Therefore, it is particularly useful for DIY enthusiasts who need to sand a wide range of materials with different densities, thicknesses and other physical qualities.

Other features that propel this great device into this review include a quick-change belt system for easy belt set-up, a dust box for trapping dust generated while working, and an ergonomically-designed, 4-position handle that makes the sander convenient to use.

The package comes with three belts of different specifications, a sanding frame, a stooper, a carry case and two G-clamps.

Key features:
  • Wide adjustable speed range
  • Quick-change belt system
  • Large belt area

8   TRITON T41200BS Belt Sander

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Another excellent sander deserving of a place in this review is the TRITON T41200BS Belt Sander. Its powerful motor that is rated 1200W propels the sanding paper at great speeds. Moreover, the device comes with a very large belt size that will adequately take care of large surfaces without taking too much of your time.

It has a belt tracking adjustment mechanism that allows you to put the belt in the appropriate position easily. Also, there is an adjustable speed control that enables you to adapt the speed of the motor to the demands of the surface that you are working on.

The ergonomic design of the TRITON T41200BS Belt Sander is impressive and allows you to work with convenience for a long time without feeling any fatigue in any part of your body.

Additional accessories that are included in the package include inversion clamps to serve a bench-mounted purpose, three sanding belts and an extraction bag. This extraction bags helps to clear the debris generated while working, thereby providing a dirt-free working area for you.

Key features:
  • Equipped with a very powerful motor
  • Ergonomic design with front and rear handles
  • Adjustable speed options

9   DeWalt DWP352VS Belt Sander

Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper

The DeWalt DWP352VS Belt Sander will serve the needs of a fairly large surface area conveniently. Its large belt size allows you to handle quite large jobs within a short period. More so, this device is equipped with an adjustable band that enables you to precisely position the sandpaper for clean, accurate sanding results. Moreover, the variable speed adjustment makes it useful for a wide range of materials.

It has a dust collector bag where the sanded pieces are kept so that the work area will be free from dirt. It is easy to remove and empty this dust bag after use.

Additionally, the DeWalt DWP352VS Belt Sander comes with a a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for a whopping three years. If you need a sander for small to medium scale jobs, here is the product for you.

Key features:
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Efficient dust collector bag
  • Product covered by a three-year warranty

10   Makita 9404/2 Belt Sander

Remington Quick Cut Hair Clipper

The Makita 9404/2 Belt sander is an ultra-efficient device that is suitable for heavier works and large surface area. It is replete with fabulous features that work in tandem to ease and quicken your task. One of these features is its flat-top design. This enables you to hold and move it on over the surface you are working on in an inverted position. Moreover, its variable speed control enhances its versatility and makes it possible for you to use it to sand different materials, including wood, glass and plastic.

Besides, the Makita 9404/2 belt Sander has a very large belt size that allows it to be used for very large surfaces. Its 16ft cord complements its large belt area to allow you to cover a large area.

You will also like the low noise level (<85dB) of this sander.

Key features:
  • Very powerful motor
  • Large belt size
  • Low noise level

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