Updated: 09 May 2020

How to Improve Back Pain

Majority of the population suffers from chronic back pain. This type of grievous injury is due to a lifetime of strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects like weights, gardening, and other similar instances. Many women also suffer from chronic lifetime pain after pregnancy. For many others, merely lifting a lightweight object from the ground tends to give them immeasurable pain. Many adults face intense shooting pain in the lower back, while some suffer from intermittent aches. Lower back pain is a common type of back pain and is sometimes also called spondylosis or lumbago.

While it is not possible to immediately distinguish the reasons people have these issues, the suffering that they all go through is almost the same. There are many ways that you can alleviate chronic back pain. Some people prefer home remedies, while some have to visit a physiotherapist for regular sittings. Back pain can be tackled with regular exercise, relieving the pressure in the spine, straightening the spinal cord, and strengthening the muscles in the lower, mid, and upper back. Changing a few habits and living a healthy and fit lifestyle can help contribute towards easing this pain.

 Let us look at ways to improve back pain.

Heat or Ice: Cold or Hot Compressions are the first type of remedy in case of severe back pain. Many times, it is a case of instantaneous muscle pulls due to incorrect posture. If taken care of immediately by a cold or hot compress, you can curb the pain from spreading and becoming chronic. Most people ignore the pain and rest or lie down until it passes. This alleviation is only temporary and does not help the back in the long term. The pain tends to return upon the slightest of movements.

Ice helps in lessening the pain and heat helps in tightening the muscles. Ideally, you should apply ice or heat once every hour for 15 minutes till the ache wholly subsides. You could also alternate heat and cold for best results. To ice, you can use a freezer bag of frozen peas, and for warmth, a hot water bottle or heating pad would suffice. Always remember to wrap the compress in a napkin before application. You could also take a warm bath and allow the muscles to soak in the heat of the water.

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Posture: Posture is crucial in improving the quality and strength of the back muscles. If you have the habit of slouching while walking or sitting, you should make a conscious effort to straighten the spine. Good posture helps protect the muscles, nerves, and nerve-endings in the spine. Avoid bending sideways while standing or sitting and putting unnecessary pressure on the tailbone and lower back.

You should also stand upright and walk straight when moving from one place to another. One very effective method is to avoid rounding the shoulders while working or eating. Good posture helps alleviate the strain on the spinal cord and muscles and enables you to heal internally at a fast rate.

Mattress Topper: More often than not, the mattress is the cause of back pain. Mattress toppers and pads are designed to alleviate chronic back pain and provide support to the back while you sleep at night. Mattress toppers help reflect heat off the mattress allowing for proper ventilation to the muscles during the night. Thick, yet soft mattress toppers help reduce swelling and feelings of discomfort to give immense relief to the back.

These toppers also help correct the posture in the night as they support the back, are incredibly durable, and are made from skin-friendly, comfortable materials. Memory foam or latex helps fit the contours of your body and ease the pressure throughout the body. Aches, pains, and sensations of pressure disappear with the help of a medium soft-firm mattress topper.

Exercising and Stretching: Exercising daily should be an integral part of the daily routine. Standing, sitting, and sleeping for long hours is not healthy and can lead to several health issues in the long term. Regular brisk walks, some cardio, a light jog, or lifting moderate weights to strengthen the back can help alleviate intense back pain. Moving the body helps keep all bones and joints supple, and allows for proper flow of oxygen.

After exercising, stretching all parts of the body, especially the back, is crucial. Simple stretches help improve blood flow, oxygen-carrying capacity, and increase agility in the body. You should also perform some easy back stretches immediately upon waking up each morning.

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