Updated: 23/07/2020

How to Clean a Carpet

The best way to make your home cosy and comfortable is to cover the flooring with carpets. Carpets add to the elegance and beauty of the house. Apart from the visual appeal, they also help with the insulation of the entire room. With all the colours and varieties available, it is no surprise that most homeowners are opting for fully carpeted floors. 

Once you install carpets throughout your home, you should also know the necessary cleaning required to maintain them. Carpets tend to see a lot of footfall – children, elderly citizens, pets, food, mud, dirt, and germs. Most people think all carpets need a good vacuuming and that’s it. However, that is far from reality. 

There are several models of vacuums that work great on carpets but are unable to get all the dirt and dust out. One such variant you should consider is a vacuum for pet hair. Pet owners always have to battle animal fur and hair sticking to carpets, sofas, curtains, and other surfaces. These vacuums help remove all the hair and fur instantly.

Let us look at how to clean a carpet.


Remove all Furniture:

Ventilate the entire room and remove all furniture before you start cleaning the carpet. Furniture serves as a potential obstruction, and will not allow you to properly access the whole area. If you do not have the necessary space, move the furniture to the centre of the room so that you can move to all corners quickly. Removing and rearranging furniture allows the carpet to breathe, and helps in keeping it clean in the long term. 

Carpets that are allowed to breathe are known to last longer than those that do not. The cleaning process becomes quick and easy.


Deep Clean the Carpet:

Deep cleaning the carpet seems like a tedious task, but isn’t. You should deep clean your carpets once every quarter using a good quality carpet cleaner. Most carpet cleaners include carpet protectors that help retain the shine of the carpets without spoiling the fibres. These carpet cleaners also double as stain protectors. 

A deep clean carpet cleaner will help remove dust mites, clean up stains, remove germs, and uproot all traces of mud, dirt, and grime. It will also help ease all furniture indents.


Remove Stains:

Many times, you do not need to vacuum the entire carpet, and instead, need to remove only specific stains.

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Children tend to drop a lot of food on carpets, and pets can eat quite messily. To remove stubborn stains from the carpet, vacuum the hardened area thoroughly with a good quality vacuum cleaner. 

Once you have vacuumed, use the carpet cleaner only on the stained spot with a little water. Allow the mixture to seep into the fibres for approximately five to ten minutes. Place a towel on the stained portion, and apply heat to it. This heat can be from an iron or the bottom of a hot, heavy pan. Allow the heat to permeate the carpet for a few seconds, and remove the heat. The stains should transfer to the towel. If they do not, repeat this process a few times. 


Pet Accidents:

Small pets need regular training during housebreaking. They tend to soil the carpet with animal urine and faeces, which is extremely tough to remove. The smell and discolouration spoil the rug. At such times, you must be quick in cleaning the matting with a carpet cleaner or baking soda. Regular baking soda helps absorb moisture and smell from the carpets without damaging the fibres. 

Apply a liberal amount of baking soda or carpet cleaner to the area that is soiled, and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Blot the area with a blotter or a washable cloth to remove the cleaner or soda. This carpet cleaning trick is a lifesaver when you have energetic kittens or puppies in the house. 


Use Different Attachments:

Most people use a single attachment to vacuum their carpets. However, different carpets require the use of varying vacuuming attachments. Throw rugs, and shag carpets tend to get spoilt with the broad head of a regular vacuum. The pipe or hose attachment is perfect for shag carpets since it can reach the deepest level of fibre and suction out all the dirt, dust, and grime stuck to the flooring. 

For a fully carpeted room, the broadhead attachment is perfect since it can cover a large area in a short period. The different attachments help keep the carpet clean at all times and prevent unnecessary fraying and wear and tear.

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