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8 Best Travel Mugs in 2024

Published 11:14am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 11:14am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Bodum travel mug0.35 L capacity and slip-proof rubber£
Hiwill travel mug450 ml capacity and wide mouth£
720DGREE travel mugVibrant colours and 360-degree lid£
Homealexa travel mug500 ml capacity and LED screen£
Wild Bean travel mug440 ml capacity and steel body£
Contigo west travel mug470 ml capacity, auto-seal, and lid-lock£
Livelit travel mug500 ml capacity and a non-slip mat£
Contigo easy clean travel mugExotic appearance and 470 ml capacity£

Best Travel Mug UK

The travel mug can be your best company if you are always in a hurry. The caffeine addicts can understand how much of a blessing it has become. It is okay if you don’t start your day with protein breakfast. But to ditch, your morning coffee/tea is an unforgivable sin, and that is where the best travel mug comes to your rescue.

The travel mugs make it easy for you to have your coffee on the go. You need not wait for it to attain the required temperature. Even if your bus stand is at an arm’s length, you can still get the maximum out of it. Just pour your coffee in the travel mug and you are all good to go! It is also suitable for camping, so you can drink your coffee somewhere in the wild on your camping bed.

The exciting thing is that you don’t have to make your coffee repeatedly with a travel mug. Just make three or four servings at once, and the mug will store it for you. You can sip it throughout the day and the insulation layer makes sure your coffee doesn’t get cold.

The insulation layer is a miracle in itself. This is the sole reason that the travel mug has become instant fame. This layer doesn’t allow the heat to escape. Resultantly, the heat keeps the temperature high for a longer time. In the same way, you can use your travel mug for cold coffee too.

Just one reminder, never opt for a plastic travel mug because they get broken easily. Their design also doesn’t help in reducing the spilling, which is the basic requirement of a travel mug. We have got many such tips for you, keep on reading to get your hands on the premium travel mug.

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This travel mug deserves to be on the top of the list for a multitude of features. Let us start with the double-wall heat insulation. This has made it the best travel mug for long distances because it can maintain the steaming hot temperature for a greater duration.

You may think that all travel mugs are insulated but the double wall is very distinctive. It just provides double-fold insulation, which has always been a dream of caffeine lovers. Now you can sip and enjoy your hot coffee throughout the day without visiting your office mess constantly.

Pursuing this further, the capacity of this mug is 0.35L which carries your one-day coffee servings proficiently. You can just make all-day coffee in the morning, and that will last till the end of your workday. It isn’t only a coffee mug, you can use it for tea, milk or any beverage of your choice.

Coming to the composition, it has a stainless steel body. This plays a very important role in making it an ideal travel mug. The steel goes a long way and the stainless feature retains the first-day appearance. No matter how rough a day you had, your travel mug makes you shiny just as before.

We know that double insulation and such high temperature may make the steel body exploding hot. Well, there comes the saviour, the slip-proof rubber handle which protects your hand from the hot steel. This rubber has thermoplastic qualities that are an excellent shield against the steel container.

Key features:
  • Double fold insulation
  • 35L capacity
  • Stainless steel body
  • Slip-proof rubber
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The Hiwill travel mug is the first one to introduce vacuum insulation. The vacuum insulation provides a vacuumed space between the two walls. That is how no process like convection or transfer of heat can take place. Anything hot or cold remains the same for a good time.

We understand that you loathe that taste of the metallic coffee when you sip from your travel mug. This travel mug is free of all the BPA materials, which contain all the chemical toxins and metallic taste. That is why when you opt for this travel mug, you can relish the pure taste of your coffee. If you ponder, this also removes the health risk that metals cause.

The capacity is 450ml that comprises your one-day caffeine intake. Before leaving for work, just make your coffee servings at once and leave the rest on this travel mug. You will notice that it is a piece of cake for it to make sure your coffee doesn’t go stale and maintains its rich flavour.

The opening of this travel mug may amaze you because it has a wide mouth. This helps in adding as many ice cubes as you want. Not only cold coffee, but you can also enjoy fruit juices by placing fruit pieces in the mug. Hence, it may not help your work burden but can do away with all the tiredness in one instant. If you need to make your hot beverage whilst in the great outdoors, check out our guides on mini hobs.

Key features:
  • 450ml capacity
  • Vacuum insulation
  • No BPA material
  • Wide mouth
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The thing that made us fell in love with this travel mug was the vibrant colour collection. We know that every tea enthusiast reading this has some inner wish to be seen carrying a trendy travel mug. We got you because if that is the case, you are going to adore this one too.

The colour collection includes onyx black, sapphire blue, jungle green, and stone grey. Because of this reason, their travel mugs automatically become eye-catching. You can take it anywhere let it be your office, gym, college or even inside your home, this travel mug is just so convenient.

The manufacturers have tried their best to make it a single hand travel mug that is why it is feather-light. Let us tell you more about the exciting features of its lid which is 360 degrees, so you can drink the coffee from anywhere you want. It has set a benchmark because early mornings come with heavy files in one hand and travel mug in the other.

For this, you need a handy travel mug, not a bulky one. They have installed the one-click feature in the lid. All you have to do is just to press one button, the lid opens on its own. Drink from any angle and forget about spilling nightmares. It is 100% leakage proof so rather than thinking about the leakage, you can focus on more important issues. You might be also interested in the best zero gravity chair, which is also suitable for camping and travel in general.

Key features:
  • Vibrant colours
  • Eye candy
  • 360-degree lid
  • Leakage proof
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With the smart technical era, we present you with a smart travel mug for the technical geeks out there. It is the first mug that comes with an LED screen that displays the temperature inside. You can imagine how easy it can make your life because you need not sip the coffee to figure out if it is drinkable or not.

All you have to do is just lightly touch the topmost part of the lid. The LED screen displays the accurate temperature for a few seconds and then goes into the power-saving mode. This helps you in saving battery life and you can spend your whole workday without going for a recharge. To make things easier they provide you with a lithium battery that takes care for two good years.

This travel mug is extremely reliable because if its lid stops working after one year, you can just call the customer service. They will replace it for you instantly. The same goes for the battery too, you need not spend a buck from your side.

The capacity is 500 ml which would suffice for all the day. They have made it 100% leakage proof so you can place it in your bag without any fear. Not only user-friendly, but you can also place it in the cup holder of your car. For all the latecomers, this travel mug is no less than a godsend.

It can store your hot coffee and bear temperatures greater than 42 degrees easily. Similarly, cold beverages lesser than 10 degrees are also welcome. For diet freaks or people following a crash meal plan, the Homealexa travel mug is especially for you all.

Key features:
  • 500ml capacity
  • LED screen
  • Lithium battery
  • Best for diet freaks
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This wild bean travel mug is just so chic with jet black colour, that it would complement your work outfit to the fullest. If there is anything unique about this brand, it is this office look that captivates your attention immediately. This is the reason that you will find it mostly in offices and working environments.

The rubber is heat-proof and lets you hold hot steel containers effortlessly. They have made it sweat resistant to stop the perspiration from your palm. This feature also helps you in forming a strong grip on the handle.

If we talk about capacity, it is 440 ml that is quite surprising. It is because this travel mug looks so small and portable that you won’t believe the inside capacity. For long office hours, it is perfect to carry all your caffeine doses. You can enjoy the fresh taste for straight 4 to 5 hours, and the same goes for the cold coffee and beverages as well.

The stainless steel body is just the cherry on the top, which makes it a complete package in itself.

Key features:
  • 440 ml capacity
  • Jet black colour
  • Rubber handle
  • Steel body
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We will introduce this travel mug to you by first going with the auto seal technology that is its signature feature. Contigo makes tons of travel mugs every year and they all are different from each other. The auto seal technology helps you in sipping your coffee without closing the lid repeatedly. All you have to do is just to take a sip and the opening is sealed automatically after each sip.

This saves your time and the chances of spillage. Similarly, the lid-lock secures your documents from the spilling incidents. This lock promotes the auto seal technology so that after each seal, the lock tightens the lid so that you are saved in every way.

You can enjoy your hot coffee for straight 5 hours, and this doesn’t end here. These five hours bring with them the volcano hot coffee, so we recommend you to take a small sip before gulping it. The cold beverages remain ice cold for 12 hours that feels heavenly. Finally, there is a travel mug that works irrespective of climate change.

Key features:
  • Auto seal
  • Lid-lock
  • 470 ml capacity
  • Tight shield
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Livelit has come up with a new idea this time. They have added an in-built non-slip coffee cup mat. Now what it does is it prevents the coffee stains when you place your travel mug on your lavish brown desk. So for those clean freaks who love coasters, this coffee cup mat saves your day!

It may seem tiny but has a full capacity of about 500 ml, which is mind-blowing. It is like having your drink supply with you throughout the day. You may find it cute but they have designed it for both left and right-handed people. It may not be that big of innovation but we know at the end of the day, it is the small things that matter.

It has vacuum insulation that prevents cold beverages from being affected by the surrounding high heat environment. The exact procedure goes for hot coffee or tea as well. This travel mug is 100% leakage proof so you can carelessly toss it in your gym bag and it won’t leak. 

The slim body helps you in holding it for unlimited hours and you feel like it is a part of your hand because of the unbelievably lightweight.

Key features:
  • 500 ml capacity
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Non-slip mat
  • Slim body
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Contigo is the king of the travel mug world and the first company that has come up with such huge mug editions. This one has such a colour range that you rarely see companies putting such hard work in this sector. They have a tangerine, latte and even gunmetal in colour and even those which we even haven’t heard of. For funky people, we don’t think you will find any brand better than this.

Chic appearance doesn’t mean the features end here. Because the auto seal technology makes it a tough competitor for other travel mugs. The liquid inside can be shaken crazily, and you won’t see a drop leaving the container. Such assurance isn’t easy, so when a brand claims it, why not give it a chance?

The 470 ml capacity lets you carry immense caffeine so that you remain active all day. The weight is just 340 g which is so light that you can hold it just like your phone and this takes us to the single-handed mechanism.

This mechanism lets you tackle your travel mug with one hand so that you have a maximum of the space all by yourself.

Key features:
  • 470 ml capacity
  • 340 g weight
  • Exotic colours
  • No spilling

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