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Best Subwoofers in 2021

Published 03:20pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 03:20pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Sonos Sub Gen 3Dimensions 15.3 x 15.8 x 6.2 inches, weight 15.8 Kg, color black, control method touch, power source corded, speaker type Multi-room, 1 lithium-ion battery required.£££
Q Acoustics 3070s SubwooferDimensions 42 x 20 x 40 cm, weight 13.6 Kg, amplified power 140 watts, bass unit 2 x 170 mm, enclosure type ported, crossover frequency 50 – 150 GHz.££
Wharfdale Dimond SW150 SubwooferDimensions 360 x 330 x 340 mm, weight 20 Kg, power 150 watts, line-level high pass output, variable low pass crossover, variable phase adjustment.£
Yamaha YSTFSW050BL SubwooferDimensions 350 x 163 x 350 mm, power 50 watts, color black, 30 – 160 Hz low-frequency response, floor-standing design, Yamaha Active Servo Technology II.££
Q Acoustics 3060s SubwooferDimensions 480 x 300 x 150 mm, weight 8.5 Kg, power 150 watts, bass driver 200 mm, frequency response +3 dB, -6 dB, 35-250 Hz, cross over frequency 35-250 Hz.££
Samsung Sound+ SWA W700Dimensions 32 x 32 x 34.29, weight 14.51 Kg, power consumption 25 watts, number of channel 0.1, frequency range 27 – 120 Hz, distortion canceling.£££
Caliber BC112SA Active SubwooferDimensions 39.5 x 31 x 34.8 cm, weight 7.4 Kg, subwoofer diameter 12 inches, impedance 4 Ohm, speaker maximum output 600 watts.£
Yamaha NSSW050 Powered SubwooferDimensions 29.1 x 34 x 29.1 cm, weight 9.74 Kg, power 100 W, 8-inch cone woofer, advanced YTS II, color black.££
Echo SubDimensions 202 x 210 mm, weight 4.2 Kg, 6 inch downward-firing woofer, power 100 W, low-frequency response 30 Hz, crossover frequency 50 – 200 Hz, dual-band Wi-Fi.£

Best Subwoofer UK

A good set of speakers adds a lot to your music listening and movie-watching experiences. However, without one of the best subwoofers in the UK in the setup, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the experience. A good subwoofer is needed to add the deep bass, explosive explosions, and the impact of gunfire. If you are a gamer, then the subwoofer will be adding in a lot more to the thrilling experience as well.

Most speaker systems come with their own dedicated subwoofers. Many of the best soundbars are also available with good quality subwoofers. But not all speaker setups have a subwoofer or even if they do, it is underwhelming. So purchasing a subwoofer that actually caters to your needs and tastes is important. Thankfully, there are a ton of great options available these days and most of them don’t even cost a lot either. Of course, that all depends on what you need out of a subwoofer, some are powerful and are meant to be used on stages while others are more suited to simple living rooms.

No matter what subwoofer in the UK you’d choose, you will be getting some great quality bass out of them. There are different subwoofers with different connections and power levels available. So make sure you check out the compatibility before you purchase one. Make sure it has all the connections you’d want to make it work with your current setup.

Note: Most of the subwoofers are compatible with their respective system, therefore it is hard to rank them in any order. However, all of them are amazing when it comes to bass and sound so feel free to get the one that is compatible with your existing system.

1   Sonos Sub Gen 3

Sonos Sub Gen 3

Are you in the market for a great sounding subwoofer that’s also wireless? Then the Sonos Sub Gen 3 is one of the best options there is. The subwoofer offers deep bass and is fully compatible with Sonos Play and Playbar systems, if you have either of those, it will be fantastic for you. The subwoofer is incredible when it comes to bass delivery which is always intense and makes you feel the music.

The Sonos Sub Gen 3 is wireless so it can synchronize with other speakers in your house without you moving it around as well. You can play music from your phone on it as well which makes it a great way to enjoy parties. Up to 32 people can add songs to the playlist too, which helps in discovering and enjoying new music your friends found. The design, sound quality, and ease of usage make it one of the best soundbars to pair with your Sonos system.

Key features:
  • Wireless design
  • Powerful output
  • Super easy to connect

2   Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer

Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer

Do you have a Q Acoustics 3000 or even 2000i installed at home? First of all, good choice there and secondly the Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer is going to work perfectly with your system. The unit comes with twin long-throw divers which are six and a half-inch in size. There is a 140 watts amp inside the subwoofer as well that is capable of producing rich bass that can be felt quite a distance away.

The Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer looks sleek and stylish, especially in white color. There are 4 colors available as well so you can match it with the rest of the system or your decor. Overall, the Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer is one of the best subwoofers in terms of size and sound. We also love how they look, especially when you use them as a subwoofer to your computer speaker system.

Key features:
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Works great with Q Acoustics speakers
  • Long throwing twin drivers

3   Wharfdale Dimond SW150 Subwoofer

Wharfdale Dimond SW150 Subwoofer

Need a reliable subwoofer that has great bass quality but doesn’t cost a ton? The Wharfdale Dimond SW150 Subwoofer is one of the best options out there that is simple, easy, and doesn’t break the bank. It has a traditional square shape that makes it easy to store and place. It comes in 3 different colors as well, we tried out the black one and it looked great.

The Wharfdale Dimond SW150 Subwoofer provides you with a line-level high pass output. It comes with variable low pass crossover slope adjustment as well as variable phase adjustment. It is a powerful 150-watt subwoofer however, we did encounter some port noise on our unit. So if a minute amount of port noise is a concern, we recommend you look at other options, otherwise, this is an excellent purchase, especially at this price point.

Key features:
  • Powerful and impactful bass
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works well with setups

4   Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer

Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer

Yamaha makes some of the best motorcycles and music equipment and the Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer is no different. It is a compact subwoofer that is designed to be used with smaller systems in a small space. If your room is a bit small and you don’t need a lot of room-filling bass, this 50-watt subwoofer is one of the best options available.

The Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer might be small but it is more powerful and rich than your standard Hi-Fi system in most cases. The low price combined with a 60 mm downward firing bass driver makes it an ideal choice for movie watching. It also comes with Yamaha’s enhanced YST II technology.

Key features:
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Small and compact
  • Comes with an Amazon digital cable

5   Q Acoustics 3060s Subwoofer

Q Acoustics 3060s Subwoofer

We simply cannot get enough of the Q Acoustics 3060s Subwoofer and its beautiful design. It comes in 4 different color schemes and all of them look amazing, we got the carbon black version and it is one of the best ones around. Thanks to its powerful 150-watt amplifier that comes with a high-performance 200 mm driver, the unit is capable of producing some amazing quality bass.

The double bass or the room-shaking explosions are all there with the Q Acoustics 3060s Subwoofer. It is also one of the slimmest units which can integrate with any decor with ease. It also comes with a dedicated wall bracket if you want to mount it on a wall, however, we recommend you stick it to the floor. We also love how all the controls and connections are completely hidden behind a magnetic hatch so you can do some clever cable management.

Key features:
  • Looks amazing in 4 different colors
  • The sounds and bass are astonishing
  • Slim design with great drivers

6  Samsung Sound+ SWA W700

Samsung Sound+ SWA W700

If you are a fan of the Korean tech giant like many of us in the office are, the Samsung Sound+ SWA W700 is going to be one of the best subwoofers in the UK for you. It is made with the same quality you expect Samsung stuff to be made, it is a bit on the pricey side, so we expected nothing short of excellence and it delivered.

The Samsung Sound+ SWA W700 comes with a 10-inch driver that produces some amazing levels of bass. You want to shake the room with the bass until your neighbors complain? This is the one you should get. The wireless connection allows you to place it anywhere you want and it will work perfectly. Pair it up with your Samsung sound system or even a great quality soundbar to have an even better experience.

Key features:
  • A unibody design
  • Wireless connection provides freedom
  • 10-inch driver is explosive

7   Caliber BC112SA Active Subwoofer

Caliber BC112SA Active Subwoofer

The Caliber BC112SA Active Subwoofer is one of the best subwoofers in the UK, especially on a smaller budget. The subwoofer comes with a 12-inch diameter which is capable of producing some epic bass straight out of the gate. The Active subwoofer is enclosed and has a rugged design. Overall, the Caliber BC112SA Active Subwoofer is a great subwoofer that has all the inputs you’d need as well as compatibility with your sound systems. If you are crafty enough, you will also be able to place it in your car and make it sound extremely loud.

Key features:
  • Rugged and stylish design
  • Ample levels of bass
  • Priced very reasonably

8   Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha is back again on the list simply because the Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer is just a great package. The subwoofer for the UK comes with a new twisted flare port that allows for tighter bass. The subwoofer also comes with Yamaha’s Active Servo Technology II which is a great addition to the system. There is also an 8-inch cone woofer inside which makes every explosion sound amazing.

The Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer has some sensational bass response which will definitely enhance your listening enjoyment and allow you to immerse yourself in media like never before. The dynamic output power which is 100 Watts delivers some room-shaking bass. Let’s talk about the twisted flare port a bit because it is ingenious what Yamaha has done here. The slightly twisting shape of the flared port defuses the vortex of air generated around its edge. This results in a smooth flow of air.

Key features:
  • Compact design that suits any interior
  • Advanced YST II for deeper bass
  • Eight-inch cone woofer

9   Echo Sub

Echo Sub

This one is not a traditional subwoofer however, a lot of people have Amazon Echo speakers at home and need to get some more bass out of them. Yes, Amazon Echo are usually used to get Amazon’s artificial assistant Alexa to work in the home. However, the new Amazon Echo Alexa devices are surprisingly good speakers, especially if you want to listen to music on them. They just lack some good quality bass and the Echo Sub is the official way of getting it without spending a lot.

Amazon Echo Dot, especially the 4th generation is one of the best smart speakers in the UK. While some features are missing from the UK market and only available in the USA or Canada, it is still a sweet-sounding speaker. If you are fully committed to the Amazon “echo-system”, the Echo Sub is the sub you can have to get some additional bass without having to spend a lot for a whole new speaker system. Overall, the Amazon Echo Sub is a bit expensive, it is still worth getting for your secondary rooms like the kitchen.

Key features:
  • 100 w deep bass
  • 6-inch woofer
  • Simple set up and plug and play design

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