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Best Mixer Showers in 2021

Published 02:47am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 02:47am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
AutoFu Luxury Thermostatic Mixer ShowerBrass valve, two ABS plastic showers, adjustable height, 0-80°C temperature range, 38℃ anti-scalding lock, 15° tiltable swivel head.£
Hausbath BT006-CR-UK Thermostatic Mixer ShowerTwo ABS plastic showers, 72.4-127.4 cm height range, 20-50°C temperature range, 5 spray modes.£
Solepearl Thermostat Mixer Shower35mm ceramic valve, handheld and overhead showers, adjustable height, brass finish.££
Elbe Thermostatic Mixer ShowerBrass thermostat, handheld and overhead showers, 79-119 cm height range, 150cm stainless steel hose.££
Rainsworth Thermostatic Mixer ShowerTwo showers, replaceable filter, 108-138 cm height range, 38℃ safety lock, 3 spray modes.££
Homelody Thermostatic Mixer ShowerBrass construction, two showers, 81.8-124 cm height range, 40℃ safety lock, 3 spray modes.££
UMI FTF5142CBUMI Mixer ShowerBrass thermostat, ABS plastic showers, 95-125 cm height range, 4-90°C temperature range, 40℃ safety lock.£££
MICOE A-10326-1d Bathroom Shower MixerBrass construction, 95-125 cm height range, 20-50°C temperature range, 38℃ safety lock, 1.5m stainless steel hose.£££
Mira Honesty 1.1901.002 Dual Mixer ShowerBrass construction with chrome finish, handheld and overhead showers, thermostatic temperature control, 1.25m stainless steel hose.££££
Hansgrohe Crometta E Jet Shower with Thermostatic Mixer ShowerBrass construction, 45° inclination range, 40℃ safety lock, 15 L/min flow rate, 1.6m anti-kink hose.££££

Best Mixer Shower UK

Mixer showers do the job of mixing water from hot and cold water sources. The resulting mixture is then made available to the user from the showerhead at a set temperature. Mixer showers have a characteristic strong flow. As a result, different types of flowing modes are usually available by turning the flow-control knobs. You can also regulate the temperature at which water dispenses from it.

Mixer showers, just like power showers, come in different types and design. Choosing which mixer shower is best for you could be a headache. You have lots to consider such as safety, aesthetic appeal, durability and comfortability. Other variables such as affordability, maintainability, supply pressure, and ease of installation are also vital in selection. As a result, we bring you the best mixer showers available after careful consideration.

1   AutoFu Luxury Thermostatic Mixer Shower

AutoFu Luxury Thermostatic Mixer Shower

You’ll surely love the AutoFu Luxury Thermostatic Mixer Shower not only for its generously affordable cost but also for its functionality.

The temperature of this shower can be adjusted between 0℃ and 80℃. However, there is an anti-scalding device that allows you to lock the temperature at 38℃. Moreover, this shower also features a built-in thermoregulator that ensures you have uniform temperature throughout your shower time.

The broad square overhead shower and handheld shower are both adjustable to fit your height and that of your kid. A rotating joint allows you to achieve an angle of 15 degrees for the water spray.

The durability of this product is never in doubt as the thermostat is solid brass and able to stand high temperatures as well as avoid rusting. Body parts are very light, non-corrodible, strong impact, and heat resistant because they are ABS plastic. Aesthetically, this shower adds to the beauty of your bathroom with its chrome-plated finish. It is always useful to have a good bathroom heater in the wintertime.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and heat-resistant ABS construction
  • Two showers (overhead and handheld)
  • Adjustable shower height
  • Built-in anti-scalding device
  • 3-year warranty

2   Hausbath BT006-CR-UK Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Hausbath BT006-CR-UK Thermostatic Mixer Shower

The Hausbath BT006-CR-UK Thermostatic Mixer Shower comes set to give you a luxurious shower experience. The broad circular showerhead swivels to deliver a refreshing rain at choice angles. The handheld shower provides five unique experiences of rain, massage, spa, spray, and power spray by only turning a switch. Besides, a built-in tap allows you extra usage aside from shower times.

The showerhead and handheld shower are of ABS to make them robust and impact-resistant. The adjustable shower rail is pure steel and chrome-plated. Cleaning is easy as the showerheads have silicone nubs which give them low adhesion with dirt and limescale.

You won’t experience any shock from sudden hotness or coldness. The efficient thermostatic valve ensures a constant temperature range of 20-50°C at all times. An unbelievably low purchase price is the icing on the cake, nudging you to purchase the Hausbath BT006-CR-UK. For more great bathroom items check out our top picks for the best bathroom mirror cabinet.

Key features:
  • Height-adjustable shower rail
  • Hand shower has 5 spray modes
  • Thermal regulation between 20 and 50 degrees
  • Fast mixing time

3   Solepearl Thermostat Mixer Shower

Solepearl Thermostat Mixer Shower

The Solepearl Thermostat Mixer Shower is sure to give you great value for your money. The provision of a cross handle control and an antique brass finish impresses on you the feeling of possessing an antique in your bathroom. The materials of the shower are all brass, and so you don’t have to worry about abrasion, corrosion, and rust. Cleaning is also easy as the finish provides a non-adhesive surface to dirt.

The anti-scalding device built with allows you to bath in safety. The thermal condition of water remains constant with your selection during your shower time. The adjustable height of the overhead and handheld shower allows anyone to use it with comfort.

The Solepearl Thermostat Mixer Shower is easy to install as the adoption of standard dimensions allows it to fit into predrilled allowances.

Key features:
  • Uniquely designed parts
  • Antique brass finish
  • Adjustable shower heights
  • Efficient temperature regulation

4   Elbe Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Elbe Thermostatic Mixer Shower

The Elbe Thermostatic Mixer Shower gives you a perfect blend of style and excellent functionality. The ultra-thin stainless steel overhead shower has a dense array of tiny ABS nozzles that gives it a unique appearance. The chrome finish on every part further bolsters its aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, these features also aid in protecting the components from limescale, corrosion, and rust. The thermostat is also solid brass to ensure it doesn’t corrode and also to prevent bacteria build-up in water.

The Elbe Thermostatic Mixer Shower gives maximum protection against the incidence of sudden burn by its safety lock set at 38℃. The thermal range of the outlets is between 38℃ and 50℃. You also get to switch from the head shower to the handheld shower with only the press of a button. The hand shower provides a variety of experiences for you to enjoy in the rain mode, spray mode, and a mix of the two.

The overhead and handheld showers are adjustable in height, and the Elbe Thermostatic Mixer Shower suitable for every member of your family.

Key features:
  • Sleek and thin shower head
  • Multifunctional hand shower
  • Safety lock at 38℃
  • Adjustable shower height
  • Stainless steel hose

5   Rainsworth Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Rainsworth Thermostatic Mixer Shower

A five-star shower experience awaits you with the use of the Rainsworth Thermostatic Mixer Shower. You’ll surely appreciate the delicate styling from the ultra-flat shower head to the beautiful handheld shower. The much-paid attention into filtering water before ejection is very commendable. Besides, anything toxic can’t get past the efficient filtration layer, ensuring that you have hygienic water from the shower always.

Also, the handheld shower has three operation modes of spray, massage and rain. The height of the overhead shower is adjustable to suit the user’s preference. Thermal safety is necessary, and for that reason, the Rainsworth Thermostatic Mixer Shower has a safety lock system at 38°C. It is user-friendly, and its usage poses no risk to any age group. An anti-kink hose ensures that water flow is never interrupted by tangling or twists.

In addition, parts are fabricated from stainless steel and chrome plated. The result is its sturdiness, strong resistance against rust, corrosion and as well, a great aesthetic appeal.

Key features:
  • Organic cotton filter system
  • Adjustable shower height
  • Three spray modes
  • Anti-kink hose

6  Homelody Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Homelody Thermostatic Mixer Shower

The Homelody Thermostatic Mixer Shower could be the missing melody to make your shower experience tick. The thermostat inclusion assures you that you get a constant temperature all through your shower time. Asides this, the safety lock is set at 40°C to ensure you would not get suddenly scalded should cold water flow ever get interrupted.

Another attraction is that the handheld shower is multifunctional, providing a variety of shower experiences. You get to enjoy the rain spray, the massage spray, and the rain-massage spray by only turning a spray disc. Again, the shower rail is adjustable to suit your height and that of your dear little ones.

The Homelody Thermostatic Mixer Shower is not lacking aesthetically as the chrome plating gives it an elegant appearance. The components are fully brass to resist corrosion, high temperature, and pressure, thereby ensuring longevity. Cleaning the shower is also very easy as the chrome plating prevents the adhesion of dirt to components.

Key features:
  • Adjustable shower rails
  • Hand shower has 3 spray modes
  • 40°C safety lock feature
  • Reliable thermostat

7   UMI FTF5142CBUMI Mixer Shower

UMI FTF5142CBUMI Mixer Shower

A trial of the UMI FTF5142CBUMI Mixer Shower directly implies an end to your search for a satisfactory mixer shower. The thermostat component installed with it ensures that you never get a different temperature than what you desire. The wide range of temperature of the water outlet being 4-90°C gives you a choice to have a shower at whatever thermal condition you love. The safety button sets the temperature of the water outlet at a default of 40°C.

The functionality of the UMI FTF5142CBUMI Mixer Shower is admirable. The hand shower gives you three distinct shower experiences, namely the normal flow, rain shower, and the massage rain shower. The shower bar is adjustable to meet the height of any user. The pivot joint it possesses allows it to supply water at any angle of your choice.

Because durability matters a lot, it is fully chrome plated to avoid rusting. Again, the thermostat is pure brass, which makes corrosion and bacteria accumulation unlikely. An impressive 5-years guarantee implies that buying this product is no risk at all.

Key features:
  • Brass thermometer
  • Adjustable shower bar
  • Three distinct flow levels
  • Flexible outlets with wide rotation angles
  • Five-year warranty

8   MICOE A-10326-1d Bathroom Shower Mixer

MICOE A-10326-1d Bathroom Shower Mixer

The MICOE A-10326-1d Bathroom Shower Mixer brings that waterfall experience to you in a much safer atmosphere. The massive rainfall water head supplies water at high pressure to cover your whole body quickly. Also, you are free to choose your shower angle due to the pivot joint of the showerhead. Again, the handheld shower is usable at its fixed point by tilting to any angle of your choice.

Safety is vital, and that is why the MICOE A-10326-1d Bathroom Shower Mixer has a thermostatic safety button set at 38°C. You won’t have to experience a sudden gush of scalding hot or icy cold water at any time. An outlet temperature range of 20-50°C gives you a much-desired refreshing thermal atmosphere.

 The MICOE A-10326-1d Bathroom Shower Mixer is sure to last for a long time. Multiple chrome plating of the brass body parts provides rust and corrosion-proof surface. Meanwhile, the handheld shower is of ABS material, which is known for its balance of impact, heat, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

Key features:
  • 20-50°C outlet temperature range
  • Massive shower head
  • Thermostatic safety button
  • Adjustable height for handheld shower

9   Mira Honesty 1.1901.002 Dual Mixer Shower

Mira Honesty 1.1901.002 Dual Mixer Shower

The Mira Honesty 1.1532.354 Dual Mixer Shower is a good buy if you want a refreshing shower. The pipes are standard UK pipes but also have an expansion allowance of 12mm. Consequently, its installation is easy and works well with any plumbing system. Even with low-pressure supplies, the system delivers a good flow.

The 250mm overhead shower creates a torrential downpour while the handheld shower provides a more relaxed dispense of water. You need not worry about getting scalded. Its thermostatic control ensures that it is always safe to use. Interestingly, the showerhead and handheld shower has individual thermal and flow control.

You’ll find the Mira Honesty 1.1532.354 Dual Mixer Shower to serve you for long as it has full brass composition. According to testing by the method of continuous usage cycle, it has an expected duration of a human lifetime. The high-end chrome finish also provides rust and corrosion-resistant surface asides its aesthetic appeal. Gladly, all you need do to get the shower nozzles clean is simple rubbing of the fingers across them.

Key features:
  • Durable brass construction
  • Adjustable pipe fittings
  • Wide spanning head shower
  • Thermostatic regulation
  • Adjustable height for handheld shower

10   Hansgrohe Crometta E Jet Shower with Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Hansgrohe Crometta E Jet Shower with Thermostatic Mixer Shower

You get exactly the quality you are paying for when you buy the Hansgrohe Crometta E Thermostatic Mixer Shower. The construction is sturdy and efficient. The large showerhead gives good coverage to cause a quick soak. Also, handheld shower provides you with the rain and intense rain experience. With a rotatable head, you get to enjoy quality spray delivery at any convenient angle.

Besides, the shower is very safe to use for you and the kids. Its safety lock is at 40°C to prevent scalding or shock from chill water. The pressure and temperature do not fluctuate during usage. An adjustable-height allows everyone to have their personal showering experience. Controls are as well user-friendly and easy to understand. An antikink hose ensures that twisting doesn’t hinder the water flow.

As typical of German products, the Hansgrohe 27271000 Thermostatic Mixer Shower has a long life service. A 5-years guarantee gives enough assurance that your purchase is no gamble. Maintenance is also very east as the chrome finish provides a quick clean feature along with its aesthetic addition.

Key features:
  • Safety lock at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Long anti-kink hose
  • Inclinable overhead shower
  • Handheld shower with two spray modes
  • 5-year warranty

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