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8 Best LED Torches in 2024

Published 04:26pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 04:26pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
FAGORY LED Ultra Bright TorchIt is resistant to water and shock.££
BYBLIGHT Pack of 4 Small Super Bright LED TorchesIt has an exceptionally wide range of beam (600 meters).££
Lighting Ever’s Pocket Size LED TorchIt has a single button for easy function.£
LETMY Pack of 2 Mini LED TorchesHas an aluminum casing that can withstand all types of damage.£
iToncs Powerful and Rechargeable LED TorchIt has a metal clip on the side that helps to carry it securely.£
FAGORY Portable and Rechargeable Mini LED TorchIt gives you 6 different light intensity options.££
Aomees Powerful LED TorchIt can be charged using a USB cable and has LED charging indicator lights.££
H&S Super Bright LED TorchGives you ultra-bright spot and floodlight options. It is compact in design and has a longer lifespan.£


LED Torches are extremely useful. They are small in size, lightweight yet gives you impressive beam intensity which can light up the entire room. They come in handy whether you are going on a camping or hiking trip. Often, they are used as an emergency backup in case any electricity outage occurs. If you are browsing through several internet pages to find an LED torch that befits all of your requirements yet is inexpensive than you have come to the right place. We have examined various torches and concluded in this article the very best one.

Thus, put a hold on your online surfing and read below. The eight LED flashlights that we have written about have the maximum number of features out of all the torches available in the market these days. So without any further ado, start reading!

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FAGORY has engineered a new torch that provides you with high power brightness. This magnificent pocket-sized torch has 1000 lumens and an LED bulb that produces an ultra-bright beam up to 200 meters in range. Furthermore, it has a battery life of 50,000 hours!

This LED flashlight lets you adjust the focus between the floor beams and the spot. Thus, you will be able to make the beam vision as wide or as narrow as you want it to be. It can be used o focus on a single, specific place and it can also be used to focus on the entire picture. FAGORY Torch will prove to be highly effective if you like to go camping or hunting.

The focus can be adjusted in five different modes. Yes! You heard that right. There are five different ways you can use the beam to focus on something. These include; SOS/Emergency, Strobe, Low, Medium and High.

One of the key aspects of this particular torch is that it is built with top-most quality aircraft grade alloy with a premium hard-anodized coating that has anti-corrosion property.  Hence, you can be absolutely sure that this device is built to last.

Furthermore, it has an anti-slip handle that lets you grip the torch comfortably. This flashlight is made to be used in any type of tactical situation whether it is camping, hunting, and hiking, energy back-up during a power outage or simply for house use.

Key features:
  • Easy to carry.
  • Shock-resistant.
  • 5 unique focus modes.
  • Anti-slip handle.
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If you are looking for a small yet bright torch then you should definitely invest in BYBLIGHT pack of 4 small LED Torches. Each torch has the 150 lumens and provides intense and distinct beams of light that have a range of 600 feet.

Moreover, every single torch offers you three definite modes of beam intensity which include high, low and strobe. This means that no matter the reason, these torches will prove to be useful due to their versatility. They have colored rings around the white bulbs. These color rings will help you differentiate each torch from one another.

Furthermore, this torch will surely last for a long time thus making it perfect for camping. It provides you with 4 hours of unwavering brightness using the easily available 3x AAA batteries.  Moreover, the LED bulb is promised to last for approximately 50,000 hours. So you can rely on this device to give you exceptionally bright and clear light even during the darkest moments.

The prototype of this unit is made from premium quality aluminum so that it can sustain rough handling as well as water damage. Moreover, it is resistant to rust which further enhances its durability.

Key features:
  • Pocket-sized device.
  • Compact, reliable and durable.
  • It can be used continuously for 4 hours.
  • Wide range for the beam.
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If you are looking for a small yet compact LED Torch, Lighting Ever’s LED Torch should be on the top of your list. The flashlight has a size of 3.4 cm x 10.9 cm thus it can conveniently be attached to a key chain, the zip of a bag or you can just put it in your pocket. Furthermore, it has a non-slip surface which gives you a better grip of the flashlight.

The torch contains high-end quality CREE LED which is small yet efficacious when it comes to providing you with a bright, intense light. Moreover, you can easily adjust the focus by turning the head of the torch slowly. Hence you can get a spotlight up to a distance of 150 meters or you can get a floodlight that covers a large area.

If you are hiking and accidentally spill water on your torch, you do not have to worry about it lagging in function. Lighting Ever’s Pocket-sized LED Torch is resistant to water which makes it ideal to be used in tactical situations.

 Lighting Ever has set its standards according to its customer’s expectations. Thus, if you find any manufacturing defect in the device you ordered, all you have to do is call them or contact them. They give you a warranty for two years so you can avail that!

Key features:
  • It has a zoom-able design for a different purpose.
  • Provides you free 3x AAA batteries that are used in this flashlight.
  • Has an anti-slip handle.
  • It has a single button for easy operation.
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LETMY provides you with 2 mini LED Torches each of which has a 300-lumen output with a beam range of 600 feet. Furthermore, the torch has a lifespan of 50,000 hours which means you can use it for almost 6 years without facing any substantial issue!

The length of the torches is 3.6 inches which makes it convenient for almost everyone whether you are a kid or an adult, it will fit into your palm with its anti-slip handle. Moreover, it is ideal to be used as an emergency back-up and can be stored in your pocket, in your bag and even on your keychain!

The body of LETMY’s LED Torches is made from a military-grade alloy of aluminum so you can be sure that it can handle rough situations as well as have a longer shelf life. We are all humans and we can be clumsy at times. So, if you accidentally drop the flashlight, do not worry! It is resistant to damage from a drop. Not only is it resistant to drop, but it is also resistant to water thus it is a reliable device that can be used whether you are going camping, hiking or fishing.

The torch consists of 3 modes; high, strobe and low mode which are all controlled by a single button present of the handle of the torch. Moreover, you can zoom in the beam to illuminate all parts of the room or you can zoom out and focus on a distinct part of the room.

It is powered by 1x AA Battery. This torch is light in weight, easily portable and useful in many situations. Thus, this makes it an ideal gift for kids as well as adults!

Furthermore, the company offers you a lifetime warranty in addition to money-back service!

Key features:
  • Premium quality aluminum casing.
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket.
  • The efficient grip of the handle.
  • It gives you complete control of the intensity of light by a single turn of the head.
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iToncs LED Torch just like the name suggests is a powerful unit that provides ultra-bright light having a lumen of 1200 units. It has an integrated T6 LED chip that gives you the high-definition quality of light which has a range of 600 feet. You can easily zoom it into a floodlight or into a spotlight, whatever befits your needs.

It features four distinct modes which include SOS, strobe, low and high beam intensity. Furthermore, the torch embraces a small Micro-USB outlet that can be used to recharge it. So, you can charge it at home, at school using your power bank or in your car using the car chargers. The battery that iToncs LED Torch has is 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery.

This tiny yet highly effective flashlight can withstand a bit of water damage thus it is safe to be used out in the open during the rainy season. The frame of the unit is made from a durable and reliable aluminum material that has a special impact-resistant prototype to protect the flashlight from rough handling as much as possible.

Moreover, the device has a small metal clip on the side that can be used to hang it in your jeans pocket for extra safety while moving. When you order from iToncs, you do not just get the flashlight, but you also get a 18650 1200mAh battery, and a micro USB cable.

Key features:
  • Four modes of beam intensity.
  • Metal clip on the side for extra protection.
  • Easily recharged through a USB port.
  • Wide beam range.
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FAGORY Mini LED Torch is an exceptionally amazing multi-mode device that lets you focus the beam intensity 6 different ways! The modes include; Emergency/SOS, Strobe, Low, Medium, High, and last but not the least extremely bright. Thus, you have plenty of options to choose from according to the requirement you have!

It possesses a type C DC Rechargeable and reflector. Moreover, it has a body made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that is not only resistant to corrosion and scratches but is also resistant to water damage, fire damage and it is anti-aging! This means it is a product that you can rely on.

This unit has a lumen intensity of 2000 units which allows you to choose the focus between the floor beams and the spot. Thus, if you want to look at the big picture, just zoom out. Want to focus on a single item? Zoom in! The spotlight will appear.

Due to its mini size, You can easily carry it anywhere you want. You can carry it in the pocket and can comfortably hold in hands. Moreover, you can take it anywhere, whether it is a hospital or an airport. It is a completely safe unit. Moreover, the torch adorns a tiny metal clip on the side that is used to secure the torch if you place it in your pocket. The clip provides extra safety during traveling.

It is IP66-rated which means that it can be used in any type of weather whether it is the heat of Edinburgh or it’s the raining London, this torch is built to work in all types of weather conditions and can impressively manage rough handling.

Key features:
  • Water-resistant prototype.
  • It can endure scratches and rust.
  • Has a hard-anodized finish.
  • It offers 6 modes of light intensity.
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Aomees provides you with a LED torch that has an exceptional brightness. You can easily recharge this unit through a USB cable which you can connect to a USB port that is present on the handle of the unit. To let you know whether the device needs recharging or not, the device has a green light and a red light that indicates its current lifespan.

The device comes with a rechargeable battery. Now if we talk about the light intensity, Aomees torch has 4 distinct modes of LED Flash which are high, low, SOS and strobe. Thus, you can choose the intensity of the beam that you need for a certain type of chore.

Moreover, it gives you a beam range of 100 meters with both floodlight and spotlight view options. It is IPX6 rated which means that not only is it resistant to water but also to scratches, damage due to fire or rust. You can use it in any type of weather whether it is warm or cold.

Moreover, when you order Aomees Powerful LED Torch, you will get a USB battery, a 18650 rechargeable battery, and a USB cable. They have a cooperative customer service that will solve any problem that you might face while using the product.

Key features:
  • 4 modes of light.
  • Has an adjustable focus.
  • Charged through a USB port.
  • LED lights on the unit tell about the battery life.
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H&S super-bright Torch is made from an aircraft-grade alloy of aluminum that holds promises of not only longer lifespan but reliability. It can withstand all types of climate change so if you have to work in a rainy season, you do not have to worry about the unit getting damaged in the water because it is resistant to damage by water.

H&S offers you 5 different yet unique modes of light that are SOS, Strobe, 30%, 50%, and 100%. This gives you a variety of options to choose from. The torch has a built-in CREE T6 LED chip that ensures its durability as well as functionality.

It is powered by 3x AAA batteries which are included in the package when you order it. You can also use 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries for it. Though, you will have to buy it separately.

It is an indestructible product that you can easily carry in your purse, bag or pocket. It is light in weight and is only 130 millimeters in length which makes it useable by anyone whether it is a kid or an adult.

Key features:
  • Compact and sturdy built.
  • Has a handle strap for added protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Impressive battery life.

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