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9 Best Hand Mixers in 2021

Published 11:06pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 11:06pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Kenwood HMP30.A0SI Hand mixerDurable Hand mixer made with stainless steel beaters offering up to 5-speed variations£
7-Speed Electric Hand MixerCompact sized Hand mixer with 7 different speed settings£
VonShef Professional 300W Hand MixerStylish design Hand mixer offering 5-speed variations and a potent 300W motor£
Kenwood HM535CR Mary Berry Special Edition Hand MixerHand mixer with a 280W motor and 3 variable speed controls.£
Morphy Richards Total Control Hand MixerStainless steel hand mixer offering 5 mixing speed controls and a 400W motor£
Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand MixerHand mixer for everyday use with 6 different speed settings and a white finish.£
Geepas 400W Hand MixerExcellent quality Hand mixer with 5-speed controls, a turbo function, and 2 years warranty£
VonShef 400W Black Hand MixerHand mixer featuring a powerful 400W motor and 5 different mixing speeds.£
Breville HeatSoft VFM021 Hand MixerFast and powerful Hand mixer with 7-speed settings and a push-button ejector£

Best Hand Mixer UK

A hand mixer is a compact and portable electronic blending and mixing tool that has multiple detachable metal beaters and adjustable speed controls; however, there are certain models out there that have further accessories to perform more functions, for instance, a whisk. Hand mixers are a vital and resourceful additive to every kitchen; most people love baking and even if you don’t, you still might need it for whipping, mixing, beating, and blending different types of foods.

Hand mixers are typically portable, meaning that they have a small and compact design that can be easily carried around. However, at the same time, they are also plugged into an electric outlet. Hand mixers offer a wide variety of applications. They can be used for whipping eggs and cream, mixing batter for a cake and mixing dressings for a salad. So hand mixers are a pretty useful appliance to own.

Electric hand mixers are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. Though most of them offer similar functionality, certain models come with extra accessories which can be used for further purposes as well.

Our list of best hand mixers can help you determine which model is for you. The list is based entirely on the functionality and durability of the products. It will provide you with the basic information you should consider while buying a hand mixer.

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Kenwood HMP30.A0SI Hand mixer is an excellent product that offers several uses. It consists of a powerful 450W motor that can mix through any dough; it makes the process look easy while delivering wonderful results.

The hand mixer offers up to five different speed variations to choose from. It depends on the users to select the one they desire. The speed variations are usually set according to the type of mixture you are using it for. You can adjust it accordingly for whipping, beating, and mixing. The turbo mode further enhances the power of the mixer making the process fast and simple.

The appliance has a beautiful design that would look great in any kitchen. It is compact and lightweight, which means that it is not only easy to store but you can also easily carry it around while using it. The beater of the hand mixers is made entirely of stainless steel. The kneaders are non-degradable for permanence and power. The mixer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a very useful and reliable choice in good value.

Also, you can get yourself an excellent quality kitchen knife from our recommendations and prepare for the finest baking experience.

Key features:
  • Potent 450W motor
  • 5 different speed variations
  • Stainless steel beaters
  • Compact and Easy to use
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When it comes to buying a hand mixer at an affordable price that offers all the top features, the 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer is a product to consider. It comprises an upgraded motor made from pure copper that is strong but at the same time offers salient functionality.

It features 7 different speed settings along with an ejection button and a turbo function, which allows the consumer to obtain excellent results in a very small amount of time from hooking, whisking, and beating. This makes the hand mixer an ideal tool for daily use as well if you are someone who loves baking.

The 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easier to carry it around while you are using it. For easy handling, there is a switch that can be used to adjust the speed of the mixer. The lightweight design makes it easier to hold during use.

It comprises four attachments made from stainless steel. This includes multiple dough pegs for beating dough, two beaters for creaming eggs and two egg dividers to make the baking process easier and faster. All of these accessories are also extremely easy to clean and safe for the dishwasher.

Moreover, if you need a hot water dispenser, and having trouble finding a good one, we have some suggestions on these.

Key features:
  • Pure copper upgraded motor
  • 7 Speed settings with an ejection button and turbo function
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • It comes with 4 stainless steel attachments.
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VonShef Professional 300W Hand Mixer is a multi-purpose appliance deemed ideal for baking. It is one of the most preferred choices for people who love cooking and baking. Despite having a beautiful appearance the mixer also offers several beneficial features.

The Hand mixer offers a potent 300W motor that can make the whisking and mixing process seem effortless and carries it out pretty fast. It comes with Multiple Dough hooks and beaters along with a balloon whisk. All of these accessories are used for different purposes depending on the nature of the baking or cooking that you intend on performing.

It offers 5 different speed variations, an ejection button, and a turbo function. These can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the user. The lightweight, fitting, and accessible design of the hand mixer makes it easier to use for a long time or to carry it around while using it. This makes the product also extremely useful for the elderly or children who like to bake. Furthermore, it has a long cable, and the accessories are easily cleanable.

Key features:
  • Elegant design in black colour
  • Potent 300W motor
  • 5 Adjustable speed variations
  • Includes 5 accessories
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The Kenwood HM535CR Mary Berry Special Edition Hand Mixer is closer to the traditional design of the appliance. The dazzlingly premeditated hand mixer will be a faithful and a resourceful friend in your kitchen for whisking, folding and mixing.

It features a 280W motor, which might not be the most powerful on our list. However, it still delivers excellent performance making the process look easy and carrying it out in a short period. It offers 3 different speed settings and a pulse function for whisking, mixing and folding. These are adjustable so the user can change it according to its requirements.

The hand mixer entails beaters that are made from stainless steel and are non-degradable; this enhances their power and durability. It has a compact design that is easy to use so you can easily store it or carry it around during use making it perfect for smaller sized kitchens as well. For easier storage, there are a cleverly designed tool storage pads that consist of clips that hold on the beaters and dough hooks so they are unable to go astray during use.

Key features:
  • 280W motor
  • 3 different speed variations with pulse function
  • Compact and traditional design
  • Unique tool storage
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The Morphy Richards hand mixer is the seamless way of creating tasty cakes, whipped cream, and batters. The hand mixer is one of the most powerful on our list that has turned out to be the ideal kitchen partner for many people.

The hand mixer features an effective 400W motor; it is one of the most powerful appliances in its category making the mixing tasks look easy and performing them as fast as possible. The beaters on the hand mixers are prepared from stainless steel so they remain functional and in excellent condition for a long time. 5 different speed settings are adjustable and can be changed according to the needs of the user.

For easier clean-up, the hand mixer features an accessory eject button, which can be used to remove the beaters from the mixer and cleaned. Apart from the beaters, the Morphy Richards mixer is also delivered with dough hooks that are made from stainless steel.

In addition to the hand mixers, we have researched for the best mini-fridge, do check that out if you are looking for it.

Key features:
  • Potent 400W motor
  • Beaters and dough hooks made from stainless steel
  • 5-speed variations
  • Eject accessory option for easier clean-up.
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If you are on a tight budget but you desperately need a hand mixer that is durable and offers all the quality features, then look no further than the Russell Hobbs Food Collection hand mixer. The appliance is perfect for daily use and it comes in a white finish that would look great in your kitchen.

The product features up to six different speed variations; these are adjustable and useful for different types of mixing processes. It consists of a 125W motor, which might not seem extremely powerful. While there are stronger options available out there the hand mixer still delivers an excellent mixing experience at an affordable price.

It has two steel beaters that can be easily and ideally used for everyday tasks. The release button allows the accessories to be removed and cleaned so the clean-up of the appliance is also stress-free. It is a small compact sized appliance that is easy to store and carry around.

Key features:
  • Compact and Easy to carry design
  • 6 Speed variations
  • 125W motor
  • Accessory release button for the easy cleanup
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The Geepas 400W Hand Mixer is an appliance that is packed with features. It offers countless excellent functions that make it one of the most customer favourite choices in the market.

The hand mixer offers 5-speed settings along with a turbo function to provide an additional power boost. The hand mixer makes the whipping and mixing task extremely easy. The increased speed turns the dough into a homogeneous mixture in no time. Moreover, adjusting the speed is extremely easy. All you have to do is use your thumb to modify its speed. The powerful 400W motor is strong enough to handle it.

Another beneficial feature of it is that despite being so powerful the hand mixer is also extremely fast and lightweight performing the task in no time and also it is easy to carry around while you are using it. The Appliances comes with 2 types of accessories that are beaters and dough hooks for mixing and whipping tasks. It has an accessory eject button that allows you to safely remove the accessories and wash them.

There is 2-year storage and manufacturer’s warranty with this product as well.

Key features:
  • 400W powerful motor
  • 5-speed settings and a turbo function
  • Compact and Strong
  • Eject button for easy clean-up
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The VonShef 400W Black Hand Mixer is a strong and versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to carry out some tasks on a daily routine. The Mixer offers a 400W motor and 5-speed alterations to provide the user with the picture-perfect mixing, whipping, and kneading experience.

It comes with several useful accessories all of which can be easily removed and cleaned. These accessories are used to perform different tasks more efficiently. The accessories include multiple beaters and dough hooks along with a balloon whisk. The Accessory eject button is there to safely and easily remove them for cleaning.

The mixer has a beautiful and sleek design that will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen that it is placed in. The mixer is easy to store and operate and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Key features:
  • 400W motor
  • 5 Speed alterations
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
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The Breville HeatSoft VFM021 hand mixer is a fine combination of functionality and durability. It provides high-quality operation and is an ideal kitchen companion for hardcore baking lovers.

The Hand mixer embraces HeatSoft Technology. It allows the butter to be mildly heated to the room temperature while it is being mixed. This is one of the best techniques to mix butter and this softens it 12 times faster instead of just leaving the butter on your work counter.

The Hand mixer features a 270W motor along with 7-speed settings and a boost function for complete control over the task. The speed settings are adjustable and can be modified according to the requirements of the user.

The Breville HeatSoft hand mixer comes with a variety of accessories, which include stainless steel dough hooks, whisk, and beaters along with a plastic case for storing all of them. The push accessory eject button allows the accessories to be safely removed and washed.

Along with that, if you would like to buy a Halogen oven to help you get your edibles ready, do check our list.

Key features:
  • HeatSoft Technology
  • 270W motor
  • 7 Speed settings and Boost function
  • Accessory Eject button
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