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10 Best Garden Hammocks in 2020

Published 04:19am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 04:19am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
LATTCURE Camping Hammock210T nylon material, highly breathable and comfortable, supports load up to 450lbs, tear-resistant and durable.£
Anyoo Outdoor Cotton HammockMade of cotton material, weighs 6.2 pounds, holds up to 440lbs, requires little storage space, strong and durable.£
Easy Eagle Outdoor Cotton HammockCotton material, max load capacity of 660lbs, tear-resistant, it weighs just 5 pounds, sturdy.£
Vivere Brazilian Style Double HammockSoft but strong cotton fabric, weighs 3.6lbs, max weight capacity of 450lbs.£
SONGMICS Double HammockMade of a cotton-polyester material, weighs 6.2 pounds, holds up to 660lbs, large surface for two people.£
Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair SwingSoft and comfortable cotton fabric, weighs about 3.5lbs, weight capacity of 330lbs, large space.£
VonHaus Single Hammock with Metal FrameSoft and comfortable cotton fabric, metal frame included, weight capacity of 220lbs, large space.££
MalloMe XL Parachute Camping HammockWeighs about 1.5lbs, max weight capacity of about 1000lbs, strong 210T fabric.££
Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock210T nylon fabric, tear-resistant, soft and comfortable, spacious.££
Amazonas Barbados Double HammockRecycled yarn fabric, tear-resistant, soft and comfortable, spacious, easy assembly.££

Best Garden Hammock UK

The simple addition of a hammock in your garden can completely change the way of living in this space. The hammock is indeed entirely dedicated to relaxation and easily folds to your surface and volume constraints by being available in multiple forms. Thus, the hanging hammock will be preferred in the garden because there is the possibility of hanging it by a rope between two trees. The choice of design material depends on your exposure: if your hammock is due south or if you are still too hot, opt without hesitation for a mesh hammock. Also, canvas hammock will offer you the advantages of robustness and machine washing. Consider the mosquito net option for summer evenings! Do you want a double hammock or a hammock for the whole family? Check the load tolerated by the hammock before buying it. To preserve the colours of your hammock, especially if it is made of cotton, put it undercover on very sunny afternoons and during rainy episodes. In the machine, do not exceed 30 ° C. For nylon hammocks, a sponge is enough. Such maintenance allows you to keep your hammock for years without a problem. 

Check out our best selections for garden hammock below!

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The LATTCURE Camping Hammock has the capacity to accommodate 450 pounds. Whether you are of average height or a slightly taller person, it is always able to accommodate you in good condition. This item is 106 inches in length and 55 inches in width. This is what allows its user to have a large enough space to relax.

This hammock is equipped with ropes which makes it easy for you to hang it between trees in your garden and it can be used daily as long as you respect the maximum load which this hammock can support.

The LATTCURE Camping Hammock is made of breathable 210T nylon. It is quality material and is characterised by the speed of its drying. By using it in the garden, even if you sweat on the hammock, you may not notice as it quickly dries up. As for its carabiners, they are made of stainless steel showing their robustness. It comes with a mosquito net that protects you from mosquito bites when you’re in your garden. To make sure there are no insects around, check out our guide on bug zappers and ant killers.

Key features:
  • Made with resistant nylon material.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large load capacity
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The Anyoo Outdoor Cotton Hammock is a hanging hammock made of 100% cotton. This fabric is at the same time thick, solid and comfortable. It is also sturdy and robust, showing that the investment in its purchase is worth it. The ropes and the knots that accompany it have been braided in a unique way which allows you to benefit from convenient and secure use at the same time. Regarding its aesthetic side, it is appreciable to point out its multicoloured design. 

With a 270cm x150cm dimension and weight support up to 440 pounds, the Anyoo Outdoor Cotton Hammock mock indicates its adaptability to people with average weight. It weighs only 2 pounds, and after you have folded it, it takes up very little space. These characteristics also prove the practicality of its transport, especially when you take it to your garden for use.

Cheaper does not necessarily mean poor quality, as shown by the Anyoo Outdoor Cotton Hammock. It is affordable but remains a reliable product. Its manufacture, as well as its finishes, are well done.

Key features:
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Compact and foldable to conserve storage space
  • Large load capacity
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The Easy Eagle Outdoor Cotton Hammock is made of strong cotton and polyester to ensure rock-solid durability. Its impressive dimension makes it large enough for two adults. The material of this hammock is soft and resistant to tear. This hammock can support up to 450 pounds, which seems to be the more than the standard weight for a hammock.

Its handmade fabric allows you to sleep peacefully without stress. The hammock was designed to be compact and as easy to install as possible. The Easy Eagle Outdoor Cotton Hammock is at the same time robust, solid and with an excellent lifespan. You won’t have to worry about safety while using it. This hammock also comes with a transport bag.

In summary, it is an excellent hammock with a few additional advantages – such as the inflatable pillow and a carry bag – that justify its price. For other ways to enjoy the garden if you haven’t got trees, check out our guide on air beds.

Key features:
  • High-quality material used
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ease of assembling
  • Lightweight and comfortable
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You want to have a hammock to take a nap with a friend or your pet. The Vivere Brazilian Style Double Hammock is the ideal model for you. This product is made of cotton. It is pleasant to touch, and it is resistant, guaranteeing long-term use. Its dimensions include 93 inches in length, 63 inches in width and 144 inches in total length. Thus, it offers enough space to relax with another individual.

The Vivere Brazilian Style Double Hammock has a support capacity up to 450 pounds allowing it to accommodate at the same time two users who plan to spend a good time of relaxation together. The assembly of this hammock is simple, making it easy to find your place of relaxation anywhere in your garden. This hammock is delivered with a transport bag.

The Vivere Brazilian Style Double Hammock has accessories that can be purchased to enhance usability like the Vivere Universal Steel Hammock Stand, Double Hook Set, etc.

The excellent reviews received by this Vivere Brazilian Style Double Hammock tend to make Vivere one of the best brands of hammocks in the market.

Key features:
  • Made of cotton
  • Large weight capacity
  • Comes with a zippered carrying bag for enhanced portability
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This SONGMICS Double Hammock is both radiant with colours and very comfortable. The material used is really special because it is composed of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this makes it both soft and resistant to mould and sun rays which are perfect for your garden. This fabric washes very well with a sponge, warm water and soap. It is very resistant which will allow it to last a long time without it tearing.

Its rope system ensures it is solid: its maximum load is 600 kg. Suffice to say that with a canvas of 98.4 x 59.1 Inches, there is ample room for two people. It can even accommodate children which makes it a three seated hammock. It can be stored very easily with the bag provided for this purpose, and you only need to find two trees or two solid supports to hang the hammock. In addition, it is very affordable. It is undoubtedly one of the best hammocks on the market. Attention, you have to buy the hooks and the fixing straps separately.

Key features:
  • Sun and tear-resistant fabric
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly breathable
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The Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair Swing is made of cotton and polyester which gives you a very soft texture and pleasant touch, you would feel like in a good little cosy nest, which would be good to have in your garden. It comes in three special colours suited to your taste.

Its capacity is limited to one person; however, this small cocoon supports a weight of 330 pounds, and its dimensions (73 x 40 inches) are large enough to allow a child under 12 years of age to come with an adult. If you want to read without completely lying down, this is perfect. The fabric proved to be resistant and reliable while being easy to clean at 30 ° C in the machine. The Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair Swing comes with a drink holder, and a hanging metal pivot ensures that it is always installed in the right position and without the risk of falling, which comes in handy when rowdy children are using it. Get the kids a swing set to keep them busy whilst you enjoy the hammock.

Key features:
  • Can be folded to safe storage space
  • Soft cotton fabric guarantees your comfort
  • Impressive weight capacity
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The VonHaus Single Hammock is a model intended for use by one person. The load capacity of this hammock is up to 220 pounds. This is what makes it ideal for children, but also for adults of average weight if you want to put yourself in pairs. This hammock is accompanied by a powder-coated frame stand rich in aesthetics and at the same time robust. 

The whole of this standing hammock is perfectly stable to ensure your safety during use. Its assembly is simple and does not require experience and manpower as you can set it up yourself. The VonHaus Single Hammock is lightweight, and the cotton fabric is quite soft and comfortable.

Key features:
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Comes with metal hanging frame
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The MalloMe XL Parachute Camping Hammock is a premium 210T nylon parachute hammock which is perfect for two people. With a luxurious size, it measures 126 x 79 Inches and can comfortably accommodate two adults without a problem. Its unique strap design allows this hammock to hold up to around 1000.pounds! This makes this hammock more than twice as resistant as its competition, even in this comparison.

A bag is sewn directly on the hammock so that you do not risk losing it. The packed hammock (including its accessories) will not take up more space than a volleyball and weighs approximately 1.5 pounds. The MalloMe XL Parachute Camping Hammock unfolds from its bag in just a few seconds. It comes with two carabiners with increased resistance and a rope which makes the installation of this hammock extremely simple.

Disassembly is just as simple, and you will only need a few minutes to reinstall it in its bag. In addition, it has been designed to be easily installed by one person, so you don’t have to bother asking for help from someone. This hammock is perfect for boat trips, camping, hiking, road trips, and general travel. It can also, of course, serve you simply in your garden.

This MalloMe XL Parachute Camping Hammock has been specially designed to provide superior comfort. The nylon used is tear-resistant but also has an excellent breathing factor.

Key features:
  • Strong and durable fabric
  • Easy to assemble
  • Requires little storage space
  • Light in weight
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Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is made of 210T parachute nylon. It thus offers a comfortable texture and solidity to any test. This hammock comes in two versions: The Single Owl for one person (weighs 1.37 pounds with a dimension of 108 x 54 inches) and the Double Owl for two people (weighs 1.78 pounds with a dimension of 120 x 78 inches). The Double Owl is of course slightly more spacious than the Single Owl, but both generally offer the same level of comfort, only the dimensions are different. Both are extremely simple and light to carry, its almost the same as carrying a bunch of fruits, and it takes up very little space in your backpack.

These hammocks are delivered with D-shaped carabiners attached to each edge and a pair of 98 inches ropes to hang them. If you do not know how to tie the knots, do not worry because the manufacturer will send you an email with very clear instructions so that you are able to tie these knots without problem or loss of time. You can attach these hammocks to trees, poles and anything a little resistant. These hammocks are solid and perfect for your garden.

These Wise Owl Outfitters Hammocks can support up to 400 pounds, which is relatively enough average weight and fun-sized people. This hammock is supported by triple mesh to be sewn in joints to add to its resistance. The D carabiners supplied with the hammock have a simple and flexible locking system to prevent abrasion of the rope.

Key features:
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble
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The Amazonas Barbados Double Hammock is made of 100% cotton fabric, and this is very pleasant, this material is very good for outdoor purposes, as it is resistant to mould and tear.

The maximum weight support mentioned by the manufacturer is 440 pounds which is more than enough to accommodate two average weight adults. So, we can perfectly say that the Amazonas Barbados Double Hammock is suitable for two people.

The weight of the hammock is 3.97 pounds so we can imagine taking our hammock for the holidays or taking it to the garden for some alone time. With a dimension of 133.9 inches in length and 59.1 in width, this Amazonas Barbados Double Hammock is ultra-spacious, convenient, very sturdy and almost impregnable

Key features:
  • Made of cotton
  • The fabric has a variety of cool colours
  • Easy to set up

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