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Best Spin Bikes in 2021


Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX500

This is a modern approach to the spin bike with smartphone pairing and real-time training on the console.


UK Fitness Indoor Training Exercise Spin Bike

It is a quality spin bike with a smooth flywheel and adjustable seating to ensure regular usage by everyone.


Sportstech Professional Indoor Exercise Bike SX200

The 22 kgs flywheel delivers intense cardio exercise that can be done by pairing with a smartphone and a training session on the console.

Best Spin BikesKey FeaturesPrice
UK Fitness Indoor Spin BikeThe budget-friendly exercise equipment helps tone the entire body with intense workouts. £
LIFE CARVER BTM Spin BikeThe bike is available in different colours to suit the décor along with an intense workout session.£
XS Sports Aerobic Exercise BikeIt is a piece of heavyweight intense workout equipment that also ensures the comfort and safety of user with padded seats and feet brackets.£
JLL IC300 Exercise BikeIt is a heavy-duty spin bike that supports even extreme exercise rituals.££
PROGEN Heavy Duty Exercise BikeThe spin bike allows a gym level of workout with a heavy-duty flywheel and extra tall seating for real-time cycling exercise. ££
Ultrasport Home trainer RacerIt is an ideal bike for low-intensity daily workout sessions thanks to a 4kgs flywheel and 8 levels of magnetic resistance. ££
Sportstech Exercise Bike ESX500It is a smart bike compatible with phone and able to store 4 user profiles.££
Sportstech Professional Indoor Exercise Bike SX200This bike helps intense workout sessions with a heavy wheel, adjustable seating, and handlebars.££
JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise BikeQuadri set adjustment system makes sure that the user can adequately align for better workout sessions. £££
Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX500A modern spin bike with connection to smartphone apps and real-time training on the console.£££


Regular exercise is necessary for the body to function. This is a known fact, and most people are very health and fitness conscious. However, the fast pace of life with commitments at both home and work have left no space for a workout session. Nowadays, finding some time for ourselves is becoming more difficult than discovering a treasure. 

Exercising has become a weekly routine for some, while others find no time even during the weekends. But what if we have equipment placed strategically at home so that one can dedicate at least half an hour each day to maintain a healthy life? Once such fantastic option is the spin bike. These bikes are excellent for home use and can be used at your convenience.

There are a lot of options in the market, and this article would help in finding the best spin bike suitable for your needs.

The products in this review have been arranged in increasing price points from lowest to highest. Each of the products has been reviews for quality, efficiency, and value for money.


Things to consider before investing in a spin bike

Adjustability- It is an excellent option to opt for a bike that can be customized according to different heights of people. This would help all the members of the family benefit from the exercise machine.

Resistance- Spin bike resistance can be divided into 2 categories, i.e. friction and magnetic. The friction bike makes some noise while working and will also wear off quickly, while magnetic resistance is virtually maintenance-free. However, it is easy to repair a friction resistance bike while one always needs an expert in case the magnetic one wears out.



1   UK Fitness Indoor Spin Bike

The UK Fitness indoor spin bike is a sleek piece of equipment that fits a tiny balcony. People with a maximum weight of 100kg and height 5’11’ ft can benefit from the device. Its ergonomic adjustable handle helps to customize it according to specific needs. The seat can also be adjusted vertically, and this ensures that the machine enables multi-user technology. This device works on a belt-driven system and a smooth flywheel that allows enough resistance for cardiovascular exercise. This is an apt instrument for use at home for muscle firmness and toning.

The UK Fitness indoor spin bike also has an LCD screen that records time, distance, speed, calories and the pulse rate of the user. Toe clips and foot bars ensure that the user is safe while working out. Wheels provide easy transportation. For more fitness equipment see our guide on the best bathroom scales.


Key features:
  • 2-way belt-driven resistance
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Maximum weight 100kg


The LIFE CARVER BTM spin bike comes in quirky colours that scream ‘feel good’. It is a sleek and sturdy device that can be transported with front-mounted wheels. Seat and handles can be customized according to the user. The belt-driven technology makes it noiseless and maintenance-free. Moreover, the 9 kgs flywheel is competent to ensure that the legs, arms, chest, abdomen, hips and waist go through a rigorous exercise regime.

The LCD screen on the front panel records real-time speed, distance, calories, time, RPM, and pulse. Users can forget about slipping since brackets provided on the foot bar help protect users from slipping and fit well. The LIFE CARVER BTM spin bike comes with a warranty of 12 months and a maximum user capacity of 120 kgs.


Key features:
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • The flywheel of 9 kgs
  • Noiseless and maintenance-free

3   XS Sports Aerobic Exercise Bike

The XS Sports aerobic exercise bike is sturdy enough to handle a user weight up to 125kgs. The machine consists of a 15kgs flywheel for intense exercising. An LCD screen is attached for real-time recording of time, distance, calories burnt, speed, and pulse of user. Maximum comfort while using the device is ensured through a padded and adjustable seat, and handlebars. Built-in wheels help in moving and storing the equipment.

The XS Sports aerobic exercise bike is apt for beginners as well as for those looking out for a rigorous gym-like schedule. Arm and elbow rest helps one to exercise without any discomfort. The same is ensured through foot brackets that restrict from slipping during use.


Key features:
  • Maximum user weight of 120kgs
  • Arm and elbow rest
  • Padded seat and handles

4   JLL IC300 Exercise Bike

The JLL IC300 exercise bike is available in both black and white colours. It is a heavy-duty spin bike with an 18kg flywheel that makes room for every level of exercise, be it beginner or extreme. It works on a chain drive mechanism that feels like on-road cycling along with being comfortable and intense. A 3 piece crank system supports the spin bike, and wheels make it convenient to transport.

The JLL IC300 exercise bike is sleek and can fit in even small places without occupying much space. An LCD screen is also attached to display time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse rate of the user. Anyone up to the weight of 130kgs can utilize this equipment for better health. Moreover, the seat can be adjusted to 6 levels along with the handlebars


Key features:
  • 18kgs heavyweight flywheel
  • A comfortable chain drive mechanism
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat

5   PROGEN Heavy Duty Exercise Bike

PROGEN heavy-duty exercise bike is taller than its contemporaries and allows tall people to exercise comfortably. People with less height can also stand and cycle for increased rigour. Maximum user weight of 200kgs enables the entire family to workout regardless of weight, and the heavy flywheel increases the intensity with ease. The PROGEN heavy-duty exercise bike also features a customizable seat and handlebars that are padded, and doesn’t cause any kind of injury.

Wheels provided in the bike help move it with ease. An LCD display is provided that records time, distance, calories burnt, speed, and the pulse rate of the user. These can be helpful to those who should refrain from crossing a specific heart rate due to medical conditions. If you are looking for other ways for keeping fit check out our guide on exercise bikes.


Key features:
  • Maximum user weight is 200kgs
  • Padded and adjustable seat
  • Built-in seat for transportation

6   Ultrasport Home trainer Racer

The Ultrasport home trainer racer is a stylish exercise bike that can also be easily stored since it is collapsible. An LCD console records the time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse of the user so that one can track the progress. The 4kgs flywheel helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle with 8 levels of resistance. Both seat and handlebars can be customized according to the user and the desired level of intensity.

The Ultrasport home trainer racer has brackets in the footpad for safety while cycling. 100kgs of user weight is the maximum limit of the bike, so this one is suitable for each family member. It can be assembled easily (without a professional) with the help of user manual that accompanies the bike.


Key features:
  • Collapsible hence easy to store
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Magnetic resistance

7   Sportstech Exercise Bike ESX500

The Sportstech exercise bike ESX500 has a 12kg inertial that work on a noiseless belt-driven technology. 16 levels of resistance offered by the device help to perform exercises at various intensities. The device is compatible with a smartphone, and the console can stream a training video to guide the user. Moreover, 4 user profiles can also be created so that all developments are stored and available to the particular user.

The Sportstech exercise bike ESX500 allows a maximum user weight of 120kgs. Both the seat and handles are customizable, and brackets at the feet are also anti-skid; hence, there is no fear of injury during cycling.  The 3 piece crank system keeps the device sturdy. Wheels for easy mobility do come in handy during transportation from one room to another.


Key features:
  • 12kgs inertia
  • 16 level resistance
  • 4 user profiles

8   Sportstech Professional Indoor Exercise Bike SX200

The Sportstech professional indoor exercise bike SX200 has a 22kg flywheel that maintains an infinite resistance level. Sweat protection technology, adjustable seat, and handlebars help the user exercise in comfort. The anti-skid paddles and baskets ensure safety while cycling. The console can be paired with an app, and live training classes can be viewed during the session. Padded and adjustable seat and armrest create comfort along with a customizable handlebar.

A high-quality water bottle is also included in the set so that one never gets dehydrated during the regime. The Sportstech professional indoor exercise bike SX200 has a wheel for easy mobility. Users up to 125kgs can use this device. The preprogrammed training can help the user achieve the desired results quickly.


Key features:
  • 22kgs heavy-duty flywheel
  • App compatible console
  • Low noise belt-driven technology

9   JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise Bike

The JTX Cyclo 6 exercise bike can be used for intense cardio exercises due to the heavy-duty 22kg flywheel. Belt driven technology is used so that the entire workout schedule is noise-free and low maintenance. A Quadri set adjustment system ensures that the user can work out in the most comfortable position, and the alignment is perfect for each regime. Adjustable seats and handlebar help exercise with ease.

The LCD display screen of the JTX Cyclo 6 exercise bike tracks time, distance, speed, calories burnt, and the pulse rate of the user. Infinite resistance offered by this machine makes it a gym level device. Manufacturers provide a 2-year warranty on parts and a lifetime guarantee on the entire frame. You may also like to check our guide to the best massage chairs.


Key features:
  • 2-year warranty on parts
  • Quadri set adjustment system
  • 22kgs flywheel

10   Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX500

The Sportstech professional indoor cycle SX500 is an ultra-modern exercise bike that can be paired with a phone for real-time training received through a tablet and console. The 25kgs flywheel makes sure that one can maintain a rigorous gym routine even at home with low noise and well-maintained belt-driven technology. Maximum user weight allowed on the machine is 150kgs, and with adjustable seating and handle, each member of the family enjoys the exercise session.

The Sportstech professional indoor cycle SX500 has padding, and the SPD click system creates a locking basket around the feet. This click system is anti-skid and will protect you from injury during your exercise regime. Inbuilt wheels are useful during transit.


Key features:
  • Can be paired with a smartphone
  • 25kgs heavy-duty flywheel
  • Maximum safety with foot bar.