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8 Best Electric Can Openers in 2020

Published 04:35pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 04:35pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can OpenerFeatures a powerful magnet and spurs to keep a stronghold on cans£
Cuisinart Deluxe Can OpenerContains Power cut blade along with a one-touch operation£
Hamilton Beach Classic Automatic Can OpenerStrong and durable electric can opener with automatic stopping lever£
Oster Electric Can OpenerA powerful electric can opener that can handle bigger cans and maintain a strong grip on cans£
Hamilton Beach Smooth touch electric can openerElegant design and produces safe edge cutting£
Electric Can Opener, Bicolourable Restaurant Can OpenerExcellent product for people suffering from arthritis or hand pain, open cans of any size£
Electric Can Opener, 2AA BatteriesPortable design and cuts perfectly around the edges£
Kitchen Mama Electric Can OpenerExtremely easy to operate with one year guarantee£

Best Electric Can Opener UK

If you are someone who has to use canned food frequently in your cooking recipes, then you need an electric can opener in your kitchen to make your life easier. Electric can openers are slim, elegant, and durable as compared to their manual equivalents; they are a relief from the tedious tasks of opening cans, which may also be pretty hard from people who may be facing some issues with their hands or retirees who have arthritis. It is also particularly significant because not everyone can have a pop-top. So this is where an electric can opener steps in and helps you with your problems.

You may find countless options available in the market when you go shopping for an electric can opener; however, the better models feature a stress-free attachment and removal of lever, a strong magnet to hold the can and one of the most important bit is that it must feature an auto turn off feature, so you don’t have to stand over it while it’s doing its job. We have compiled a list of top 8 products keeping in mind the performance and durability that may be ideal for you. You can have a look at them and select the one that suits you best.

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The Cuisinart Deluxe Electric CCO-50BKN Can Opener is one of the best products available in the market, and that is because of countless reasons. It features a simple and sharp lever along with an accurate blade that is ideal for cutting cans. Meanwhile, at the same time, its spurs and magnet keep a firm grip around it. The lever did not require to be held because Cuisinart does the work on its own and stops exactly after the work is done. After a complete rotation, the lid cuts down pretty nicely without much spilling.

The CCO-50BKN has a unique design in comparison to other models on the list. The opener is thinner and larger compared to other models the bulging lip on its center keeps it erected even if you are opening a bigger can this shows that despite being big and sturdy the model is extremely balanced, and you won’t have much to worry about while you are taking the lid off your cans.

It is also pretty easy to clean, which is an important feature because, most of the time, it can get spilled and to maintain the hygienic condition, you need a can opener that is easy to clean.  The activation lever can also be removed for cleaning. The motor is extremely durable and powerful that can cut right through any can. Cut your bread, roasts, and vegetables into perfect slices with an electric carving knife.

Key features:
  • Contains a power cut blade
  • Easy cleaning
  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Sole touch operation
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The Cuisinart CCO-55 Deluxe Can Opener is an excellent option available in the market that is ideal for a can of any size. It has a power cut blade, which means it can go around any can cutting off the lid pretty reliably moreover it does not produce that sharp ends that are likely to injure you. The cutting is extremely smooth.

It has a single touch operation, which means that you can easily turn it on by the just press of a button; moreover, the can opener automatically turns off when the lid is completely cut down, which means you won’t have to bother supervising while it does its operation.

The CCO-55 has a durable base that prevents slipping or tilting of the cans. It is beneficial because quite often can openers spill a lot when the can is opened. It is also suitable for big and small cans which make it an ideal product for you if you use a lot of canned food. The Can opener has a beautiful design and excellent color hence adding an elegant look to every kitchen that it is added too.

The cleaning of the CC0-55 is pretty convenient; the activation lever can be easily removed for washing. If you love smoked food see our guide on the best electric smokers with both cold and hot smoke.

Key features:
  • A durable base that averts slipping or tilting of cans
  • Ideal for cans of any size
  • Sole Touch operation
  • Blade with power cutting feature
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The Hamilton Beach 76380Z is a traditional can opener that contains a cutting unit that is made entirely of metal, which can also be easily removed and washed. It is also designed by focusing on safety as well so that you don’t injure yourself while removing the lid. It has a beautiful design with classic chrome and black finish that would look trendy in every kitchen.

The electric can opener has the original SureCut technology, which provides efficient can opening, and you can open a can in just one rotation. It has an extra-tall design with 10.24’’ Height, 5.12″ Width and 6.9″ Depth, which gives it an edge when it comes to opening bigger cans however it is also equally effective with smaller cans as well. The magnet is strong enough to handle cans of small and medium sizes but might not be just as effective with bigger cans.

It has a very wide base which means that larger cans can easily fix into it moreover hence the can opener can be one of the best choices when it comes to providing stability moreover one of the best features that it encompasses is the automatic stopping lever that means supervision over it won’t be a problem you can fix a can into it and come back when it is open. For more great kitchen products see our guide on the best soup makers and slow cookers.

Key features:
  • Sturdy and mostly steady
  • Automatic stopping lever
  • Original SureCut technology
  • Removable cutting unit for easy cleaning
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One thing that the Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener is guaranteed to provide is an eye-catching appearance in your kitchen with a stainless-steel appearance and attractive design it looks more sophisticated and exclusive than most of the products available in the market currently. It can steadily and proficiently open up cans of any size without spilling and making your place a mess.

The OSTER FPSTCN1300 can fit cans easily hence providing you with hands-free operation. Moreover, it has a power-pierce cutting contrivance, which means that it can cut right through a lid easily and open up the can without leaving sharp edges. The magnetic lid lifter ensures that the can remains intact with the cutter while it is being opened making it a reliable and durable option.

It also has an automatic turn off technology, which means that the can opener will turn off on its own once the lid of the can is successfully removed. The cutting blades can also be removed for cleaning. It also has a pretty fast operation, which means that you can get your job done in no time.

Key features:
  • Can handle cans of any size
  • Maintains a strong grip on cans
  • Fast processing
  • Attractive outlook
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The Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) is one of the best electric can openers available in the market currently. It is one of the most popular choices as well, and this is due to its performance and durability. The opener can result in addition to cutting through the lid of the can also eradicate sharp edges of the lid hence making it safe for you. It is designed to open up pop tops and regular cans without worrying about sharp and messy lids.

The Hamilton Beach allows you to open cans single-handedly easily it is premeditated with an easy touch foundational lever, so this automatic can opener has the capability of opening cans with the slightest of touch

It also has a very beautiful Smooth chrome and black design, which will go with any kitchen.

Key features:
  • Easy operation
  • Creates safe edges
  • Excellent grip on cans
  • Elegant Design
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The Electric can opener is an ideal choice for people who are suffering from a medical condition like arthritis or hand pain, and this is because this electric can opener needs no manual labor for effective operation. It smoothly opens up cans regardless of their size by simply pressing the button that is present at its top, and it can be stopped by pressing the same button once again; the lid is grasped concurrently with a magnet to circumvent untidiness.

One of the most significant features that this Electric can opener encompasses is that after the opening of the can, the lid of the tin can be utilized right afterward for sealing and generates an extremely smooth edge of the lid.

It is also pretty easy to clean as you can use a damp cloth for the purpose; however, make sure you don’t rinse it because it will damage the batteries.

Key features:
  • Portable size
  • Easy cleaning
  • An ideal choice for people with arthritis or hand pain
  • suited to cans of any size
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The Electric Can opener might be one of the most simple electric can openers available on the list; however, it excels in performance and durability. It has a button on the top of it, which you can press to turn it on and off. The Electric can opener contains 2AA batteries that give a good consumption time as well.

It Cuts nearby the sides of the tin to eradicate sharp and unsafe edges, producing an effortlessly a lid that can be resealed with extremely smooth edges this is specifically a great thing to keep your food covered while cooking. This trendy kitchen tool will stick to any tin and inevitably open it in no time at all. Moreover, it does not have any sharp edges, which make it perfect for people who are maybe suffering from arthritis or hand pain.

Key features:
  • Portable design
  • Suited for any can size
  • Does not have sharp edges
  • Can be operated from the button at the top
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The kitchen Mama electric can opener might be all you need to take care of all those tins in your kitchen. It contains 4 AA batteries that make it work as anything else on the list; moreover, it excels in durability as well, unlike many options available out there in the market.

The Can opener is also pretty easy to operate. All you have to do is place it at the top of a can and press the button that is present on the can opener. It can cut tins 360° alongside the lid of the tin you will have to press the button once again to stop it. The blade can cut alongside the lid without even touching the food that is present inside it; hence does not produce any sharp end which means that it is extremely safe.

The Design is also pretty user-friendly as you won’t have to put in much effort to operate it; moreover, it is a great choice for older people that may be facing a medical condition like arthritis. It also comes with a one year warranty making it a wonderful product for anyone looking to buy an electric can opener.

Key features:
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • One year warranty.

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