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Best DAB Radios in 2021

Published 11:25pm

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

Published 11:25pm

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Pure Evoke H6 DAB RadioDimensions 12.79 x 30.49 x 17.99 cm, weighs 2.12 Kg, output 10 W, color display, Bluetooth, headphones.£££
Roberts Revival RD70 RadioDimensions 252 x 160 x 104 mm, 2.4-inch color display, Bluetooth, needs 4 AA batteries, headphone jack.£££
Roberts Radio Play10Dimensions 5.49 x 17.99 x 10.49 cm, weight 499 g, LCD screen, AC adapter, needs batteries for portable mode.£
VQ Monty Dab RadioDimensions 10 x 13 x 18.6 cm, weighs 1.5 Kg, output 10W, monochromatic LCD screen, Bluetooth, Headphone, needs batteries for portable mode.££
VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB RadioDimensions 314 x 166 x 94 mm, output 10 W, monochrome LCD screen, headphone jack, USB port, aux-in, Bluetooth.££
Pure Chronos Series 2 RadioDimensions 12.5 x 19.5 x 18.5 cm, weighs 1.32 Kg, stereo speakers, CD player, FM, Aux input, headphone output, remote control.££
Ruark Audio R1 MkIII RadioDimensions 13.5 x 13 x 17 cm, weighs 1.8 Kg, Bluetooth, OLED screen, alarm clock.£££
Pure Evoke F3 Dab RadioDimensions 11.79 x 19.49 x 10.99 cm, weighs 789 g, Bluetooth, color screen, Spotify.££
Sharp DR-I470 DAB RadioDimensions 18.5 x 35.4 x 14.5, weighs 3.16 Kg, needs 2 AAA batteries, 30 W output, color screen, Spotify.££
Pure Siesta S6 DAB RadioDimensions 14 x 14.6 x 7 cm, weighs 1.2 Kg, Bluetooth, USB port, monochrome screen.££

Best DAB Radio UK

The old school radio might be less popular these days, the best DAB radios for the UK are gaining traction. Digital Audio Broadcasting, or lovingly called DAB is a great way to catch some radio shows and tunes while you are out and about. The best thing about a DAB radio is the lack of interference the usual FM radios face. If you have a signal, you will get clear audio out of the box. Sure, some stations might become unavailable, but as long as you hit the minimum threshold, the sound will sound sweet.

Purchasing one of the best DAB radios for the UK can be tricky. There are so many models available at varying prices. Some lower-end models are inexpensive but offer basic functionality, while the pricey ones deliver more options. You can get a mono DAB radio for around £30, which is highly affordable and helps you check out the hype without spending a lot.

If you are worried about DAB not working in the UK, rest assured almost 99% of the UK is under coverage. If you happen to live in an area where there are no signals or bad ones, you can still use your home internet connection to get them. However, that will be an internet radio and you can access it on any other device anyways. With that much coverage, we are sure you will have an excellent experience.

1   Pure Evoke H6 DAB Radio

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If you are in the market for stellar sound and a ton of customization options, then the Pure Evoke H6 DAB Radio is made just for you. With its 10 W speakers, this DAB radio is able to deliver deep and rich sounds. It also has a bit of “oomph” when it comes to beats as well. The auto reproduction and its stylish looks make it one of the best looking DAB radios as well.

There are two knobs and multiple buttons for you to navigate around. You can select 40 DAB stations easily as well. The Pure Evoke H6 DAB Radio also comes with Bluetooth so you can use it as a smart speaker setup. The screen makes everything a lot easier to manage as well, you can see what is being played and interact easily with the radio.

Key features:
  • Has amazing control options
  • The color screen is big and bright
  • 10 W stereo speakers sound lovely

2   Roberts Revival RD70 Radio

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The Roberts Revival RD70 Radio brings back the vintage style and makes it look even better. The Roberts Revival RD70 Radio follows the style of 1950s radios and even comes in an olive color. From the front you would think that it is indeed a restored old radio but the top tells another story altogether. On the top you will find a color screen amongst the old-fashioned knobs and buttons.

The knobs are push to click, one handles the volume while the other is in charge of changing channels and navigating the menu. The screen adds another layer of interactivity to the unit. It also has themes that change the look of the interface, a welcome addition. The Roberts Revival RD70 Radio also comes with Bluetooth so you can easily pair it up with your smartphone for some personalized music. The radio has FM too, for catching the tunes the old-fashioned way.

Key features:
  • Comes with FM and alarm
  • The buttons and knobs work beautifully
  • The screen is colored and customizable

3   Roberts Radio Play10

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The Roberts Radio Play10 is for those who just need a super portable DAB radio to take anywhere they please. The Roberts Radio Play10 is not only relatively small in size but also in price. Of course, it is not going to sound amazing at this price point so if you value quality sound more, this might not be for you. However, if you just need a cute DAB radio that gets the job done, it will suit you fine.

The Roberts Radio Play10 comes with a tiny LCD screen that displays everything you need to know. The portable DAB radio is powered by batteries too, so you can take it anywhere without worries. The unit also comes with a dedicated headphone jack so you can plug in headphones and listen privately. There is a whole cluster of buttons and a big knob to navigate easily.

Key features:
  • Small and runs on batteries
  • The monochrome LCD screen is bright
  • The buttons help in navigation well

4   VQ Monty Dab Radio

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The VQ Monty Dab Radio has a strikingly beautiful design and looks phenomenal on any table or counter. The wooden finish of the VQ Monty Dab Radio makes it one of the best looking DAB radios around, there are several options available too. The radio is amazing for voice, like talk shows, news, and podcasts. It does lose some detail in music and sounds boxed in, however, that is not a big audio degradation.

The VQ Monty Dab Radio comes with Bluetooth as well as wired connections. You can plug in your headphones with the jack or use the USB port to charge your smartphone from the radio. There is a big monochromatic screen on the front that allows you to navigate the menus with ease. The built-in equalizer works well too.

Key features:
  • Beautiful and eye-catchy design
  • The big screen is easy to read
  • Phenomenal sound for talk shows

5   VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio

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The VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio comes with a retro-looking and beautiful design. It is seriously a pretty piece of technology that merges retro design with modern features really well. The 1960s looks of the unit look amazing in any color, and there are many colors available too. The VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio also has the most buttons we’ve ever seen on a DAB radio, it has 12 of them. There are 2 knobs on it as well.

The VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio also has a headphone out, aux-input, a USB charging socket, and Bluetooth. The sound is also quite nice, it is well-rounded but really shines when there is a talk show on. The music sounds great as well but there is not a lot of bass, which is understandable. We won’t recommend using it as a dedicated Bluetooth speaker though.

Key features:
  • A clean, retro-inspired design
  • An abundance of buttons
  • A tiny screen to see what is happening

6  Pure Chronos Series 2 Radio

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What if you want a modern DAB radio but also want to play all the CDs you have? Then you can get the Pure Chronos Series 2 Radio because it can do both. There is a top-loading CD player on this DAB radio along with FM and pretty great stereo sound. There is a big knob right on the front of the unit which is surrounded by a cluster of labeled buttons.

There is a monochrome display on the Pure Chronos Series 2 Radio which comes in hand all the time. You can easily select and switch 30 DAB stations. There is an Aux-in port along with headphone output available. We loved the included remote control with all the necessary functions easily accessible. Overall, the Pure Chronos Series 2 Radio is a solid choice if you want multiple functions in one machine.

Key features:
  • Can play your music CDs
  • Has a nice, big screen
  • Comes with a remote control

7   Ruark Audio R1 MkIII Radio

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The Ruark Audio R1 MkIII Radio might be a bit expensive but it has a deeply rich sound and a beautiful design. If Apple ever makes a DAB radio, it would probably look like this one. The simple and straightforward design makes this great DAB radio standout from the crowd. On the front you will find a big speaker and a large OLED screen. The screen is bright and easily readable.

The Ruark Audio R1 MkIII Radio has a cluster of buttons surrounding a dial on the top. It is a sleek design that works well. The audio is where the unit really shines, the music sounds rich and full and speech is clear. There is even Bluetooth if you want to take advantage of the superb speaker. The Ruark Audio R1 MkIII Radio is a great fit for any countertop or bedroom.

Key features:
  • A simple yet beautiful design
  • The screen is big and bright
  • The sound quality is superb

8   Pure Evoke F3 Dab Radio

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The Pure Evoke F3 Dab Radio looks like a modern safe or a microwave but it has some serious sounds coming out it. The internet and FM radio has a clean design with everything being displayed right on the front. There is a big speaker, a colored screen, and the controls. There is a big knob that controls the volume along with 6 different buttons.

The Pure Evoke F3 Dab Radio can stream music from Spotify as well, this is something not all DAB radios are capable of. If you want to stream from other services, you can simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Key features:
  • Simple and easy to use design
  • The color screen is pretty
  • Stream from Spotify

9   Sharp DR-I470 DAB Radio

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In need of some serious firepower? The 30 W Sharp DR-I470 DAB Radio might be just what you need. The powerful speakers on this bad boy will have your party rocking and possibly neighbors complaining if you crank it too high.

The Sharp DR-I470 DAB Radio comes with a smart app as well that makes searching for stations super easier. There is Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm aux in and a great 2.4-inch color display. The device also has an alarm, antenna, wooden speaker housing, and a stainless steel front panel.

Key features:
  • 30 W speakers are powerful
  • The TFT screen is bright and colored
  • Has Spotify integration

10   Pure Siesta S6 DAB Radio

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Pure Siesta S6 DAB Radio is more of a bedside alarm clock than a DAB radio but it still packs quite a punch. The speakers may not be as powerful as other radios on the list, but they do their job well. Voice sounds better than music but it is still punchy. The big display with auto-dimming features is why you’d want to get this one.

The front is all screen and it is a bright one. On the top there are a number of buttons that can help you navigate the menus and select channels with ease. Overall, the Pure Siesta S6 DAB Radio is a sleek unit that can double as your alarm clock.

Key features:
  • Monochromatic but bright screen
  • Plenty of buttons to navigate
  • USB charging port for phones and tablets
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