Updated: 23 Nov 2019

How to Use a Mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter is a similar vehicle to a wheelchair, which is also configured like a motor-scooter. It is an electrically power-operated vehicle which works on four or five wheels. It has a seat with a flat area for feet, and a delta style steering arrangement to turn one, two, or three steerable wheels. For most individuals, mobility scooters are comfortable and safe to operate. However, it is essential to review a few instructions before operating one.


Instructions to drive a mobility scooter:

  • Before you take the bike out for a drive, always be sure that your scooter is charged. Most of the scooters take some hours to get sufficiently charged. Hence it is best if you charge it after each use.
  • Before a ride, keep a check on tire pressure on each tire. If a scooter has under or over-inflated wheels, it causes a decrease in speed and put a strain on the battery.
  • If you have a check on the above, position yourself on the seat in a comfortable manner. It would be best if you were satisfied in a position before driving so that it will avoid repositioning while you are on the road.
  • Once you are pleased, place both of your hands on the handlebars and keep your feet on the mobility scooter platform. It is not good if you keep your feet off of the scooter. It is easy to control the device with both hands. When in use, the mobility scooter needs full driver attention.
  • When you are ready to drive, turn on the ignition key. If you are still not prepared for a drive, do not turn on the scooter.
  • Gently press the throttle control lever for forward scooter movement. Try to accelerate slowly so that you can avoid wear and tear on the bike. Most mobility scooters have a button for the reverse gear, so you do not have to move around too much.
  • It is best to ride the bike on a smooth and flat surface. It keeps your mobility scooter in a safe condition and helps preserve battery life. Most scooters are not to manoeuvre on rough terrain, steep slopes, or hills.
  • A mobility scooter needs regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it functional. It also helps to maintain battery life.
  • While transporting your mobility scooter, make sure you opt for suitable transportation. Most scooter models are tough to get inside a  regular car. Either select large cars or semi-trucks for transport or ask the retailer to help you transport it. You can also consider hiring a mobility transportation service.

Be careful while riding a scooter on public roads. Always try to move a safe distance from pedestrians.

General points to remember when you are out

On a footpath, the speed limit is four mph no matter the capacity of your vehicle. On the main road, the speed could be 8mph. However, if you are driving on a class 3 vehicle, then speed is restricted to four mph mode.

Watch your brakes:

Do not drive your scooter when it is in freewheel. Electric brakes can sometimes be problematic. Be careful while using them.


Keep a check on the lightbulbs regularly, and if needed, you should replace them. Use lights at dusk onwards or on a rainy or dull day.


Get your mobility scooter regularly serviced after a specific period according to the manufacturer’s guide.

Be prepared for emergencies:

In case there is a  scooter breakdown or malfunctioning, you should keep a cell phone or money to make a call. Also, there is an emergency phone number taped on the scooter in case the driver becomes incapacitated or need assistance.

Know your surroundings:

Get through the most accessible routes in the area if you are using a mobility scooter. However, always be careful of curbs that are not accessible.


Controlling a mobility scooter is quite different from other vehicles like cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. Controls for each bike are different. You should choose a  mobility scooter to drive smoothly, confidently, and safely without discomfort. In the UK, mobility scooters are available widely under government subsidies. People who are in a wheelchair can quickly and easily drive these.

Always follow secure and safe steps to travel with a mobility scooter. It is the best way to go out and meet the world new people. It also makes for a fantastic conversation starter.