Updated: 13 Aug 2019

How to Charge a Mobility Scooter

The mobility scooter has helped many lives of the differently-abled as well as senior citizens. The wheelchair was well-utilized many years ago, but nowadays, mobility scooters have turned their lives independently. Now across the UK, people can easily reach town centres, shopping malls, restaurants, or hotels. This scooter has helped people achieve their freedom. They are entirely free to socialize with their communities, friends, families, and loved ones. This technology has improved many mobility problems in society.


How to charge a mobility scooter?

The mobility scooter helps visit places like the local market. It is helpful for short distances, and should not be taken across the country. The bike provides style and comfort to differently-abled people. The mobility scooter should be charged daily because if this scooter is not charged once a day, it could reduce the power capacity.

The steps given below are straightforward to follow-

  • The first step is to ensure that the scooter is turned off.
  • Then connect the charger plug to that of the charging port, which is available on the bike.
  • Plug the power cable of the charger in the power outlet.
  • Now check if the charger’s LED colour is red or orange that indicates the charging of the battery. Average timings of load are 6 to 8 hours, and it can also exceed 10 hours to achieve a full charge.
  • Now, the next step is that when the LED light colour changes to green. Once it turns green, you should stop the charging.
  • The charger should be disconnected from the mobility scooter, and also disconnected from the power outlet.
  • The last step is to ensure that the bike gets fully charged after riding the scooter daily.


Unique ways to charge mobility scooters-

First way-

  • Locate the battery bar. Use a screwdriver to remove the panel. In many of the scooters, the batteries have to be removed before charging. These batteries are located in the bike, and these can be removed with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Now detach any of the battery wires entangled on the scooter’s terminals. A screwdriver should be used to loosen the cables. Start with the red-coloured wires.
  • Then the plastic cable terminals should be plugged into the corresponding in-charger. If two cables are available, then plug the red coloured cable in the positive terminal of the charger.
  • The two-pronged charger should be connected to the battery cables, and it should include the exposed wires.
  • At last, the charger should be plugged into the electrical outlet.


The second method includes-

  • The light of the battery starts slowly changing colour. When it is getting drained it will change colour. The battery light will change again as it gets plugged into a charger. When the scooter is ultimately charged, the light will turn green.
  • The battery should charge until the LED turns green. Since the bike takes time to get charged fully, you should keep a watchful eye on the colour of the LED light.
  • The battery should get charged before it dies out. If the battery dies and the scooter is not charged, the bike may lose its efficiency.
  • The scooter is not required to be charged entirely every time. If you ride the scooter daily, then charge the scooter every day as per requirement.
  • It is imperative to maintain a charge in the battery even if the scooter is not in daily use. The scooter should be charged once a month so that the bike can maintain its efficiency.
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What is the impact of clean energy on mobility and the environment?

  • Personal movement is essential for this critical society.
  • Mobility is considered as a resource-management problem created in the community. Travel freedom gets restricted in a vibrant economy. Movement of the differently-abled gets restricted because of inadequate transportation systems.
  • Studies indicate that the roadways congestions are worsening each consecutive year.
  • The few significant concerns raised due to roadway congestion have made a high impact on energy consumption and also the air quality.
  • Automobiles have a considerable lead impact on the energy as they spew carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen.
  • However, if the average speed is decreased, then the congestion might improve, and the fuel consumption and energy emission will decrease. Mobility scooters help reduce carbon emissions by being propelled by sustainable clean electrical energy. Without any emission or discharge on the streets and into the air, mobility scooters and electric cars are the way forward.