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10 Best Toys for 2 Years Olds in 2021

Published 08:06pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 08:06pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Yvolution My Buddy Balance BikeMade out of metal and plastic, soft and cushiony exterior, handlebar and seat are adjustable, washable, and require no batteries.£££
LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream CartDimensions 21.7 X 51.6 X 63.2 cm, the toy weighs 4.1 kg, it requires batteries which are also included, no assembly is required.£££
LEGO DUPLO My First Number TrainDimensions 35.4 x 9.1 x 19.1 cm, weighs 499 g, 23 different pieces, and assembly is required, made out of 100% plastic, no batteries needed.£
Stickles Bricks Fun TubDimensions 21.5 x 16.5 x 24 cm, no assembly required, no batteries required, the toy is made out of plastic, weighs 875 g, and has a storage container.£
LEGO DUPLO Town Submarine AdventureDimensions 28.2 x 9.6 x 26.2 cm, weighs 481 g, 24 pieces are included, requires assembly, and doesn’t require batteries, made out of plastic.£
Mega Bloks FGV05 TableDimensions 13.3 x 61 x 40.6 cm, weighs 998 g, 30 number of pieces included, does not need assembly or batteries, made out of plastic.££
Create-A-Track Race TrackDimensions 26.1 x 18.6 x 9.6 cm, weighs 780 grams, assembly required, made out of plastic and metal, includes 2 cars.£
Melissa & Doug Pounding BenchDimensions 26 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm, weighs 998 g, made out of solid wood and some plastic, doesn’t require batteries, and doesn’t require assembly.£
VTech 503903 Fire StationDimensions 33.3 x 77.4 x 36.4 cm, weighs 1.7 kg, requires 2 AAA batteries, assembly is required, batteries are included, made out of plastic.££
Alex Little Hands Learn To DressDimensions 12.7 x 20.3 x 50.8 cm, weighs 431 g, doesn’t require assembly, and doesn’t require batteries, made out of plush material.£££

Best Toy for 2 Years Old in the UK

Getting toys for a child is never easy, they have a short attention span and their interests change rapidly. The best toys for 2-year-olds in the UK offer a wide variety of different toys that will surely make your kids fall in love with them. Of course, you as the adult know better what a kid likes, so getting a gift according to their interests will be easier.

Whether you are shopping for your niece or your son, there are several great toys for a 2-year-old on this list. Many of the toys not only bring entertainment but also have some educational purposes. Cognitive and creative development is also an important factor while making engaging toys. But sometimes, it just needs a toy to make noises, and we have those too on this list as well.

The best toys for 2-year-olds in the UK are not in any particular order. This is because they are so different from each other that ranking them would be moot. We recommend that you check out the whole list before settling down on something the kid would love.

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The Yvolution My Buddy Balance Bike is a well-designed balancing bike that only allows the toddler to have fun but also learn fundamental skills. This toy helps them develop balance, stability, leg strength, and judgment of speed. The toy is a bit on the expensive side but it is made out of sturdy materials and is child friendly. There are no sharp edges here that the child can hurt the child.

Speaking of the design, the bike is disguised as a fantasy animal, apart from the horse which is just a regular animal. A Dragon or a unicorn can capture the imagination of a kid well, even the horse is great for early learning. Animals are also made out of fluffy and soft materials so the kid can sit easily on them. The best part is, you can easily remove them and wash them in a washing machine. You don’t even have to worry about stains or dirt.

We loved how the Yvolution My Buddy Balance Bike allows the seat and handlebar Heights to be adjusted. This can ensure that the toy grows with your kid until they are ready to graduate to a real bicycle. There is an even higher ground clearance that ensures the kid’s safety on uneven surfaces. If you want toys for younger years, look at our guide best toys for 1 year old’s.

Key features:
  • A robust and sturdy design
  • Comes in 3 different animal types
  • Seat and handlebar can be adjusted
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Everyone loves ice cream, especially kids because they have fond memories of eating the cold treat. The LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart brings joy without the worry of brain freeze or mess in your living room. The kids will love scooping ice cream as they learn new colors, numbers, and play games on this toy.

This toy is a gateway to role-play and encourages creative play. The kids can pretend to be the ice cream server and scoop out ice cream for you. There are also half a dozen hungry characters that want ice cream. There are a total of 20 pieces included in this ice cream game. The pieces include 18 different flavors of ice cream, 3 separate toppings, and 6 characters.

Overall, the LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is a brilliant toy for a 2-year-old to play and enjoy. Although it is made out of mostly plastic, it is of high quality and will last a long time. A point to be noted here is that the toy is quite bigger than shown in the pictures. For more toys look at our guide best toys for 3 year old’s.

Key features:
  • 18 different flavors of ice cream
  • Educational games are included
  • Well-Designed and easy to play with
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LEGO has been in the toy business for a very long time and their products show their vast experience. The LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train is no exception. This toy features a buildable train and 3 wagons. Some bricks are numbered from 0 to 9 which can be loaded onto the wagons.

While the LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train is a simple toy, it can be very enjoyable for the kids. There are also 2 Lego characters included in the package as well as a tiny cat. The toy is made mainly out of plastic but is very sturdy and we all know how strong Lego products are.

This toy can be used to teach the kid about numbers and counting. The tiny wheels of the train and the wagons make it easier to run the train around the room. The kid will have a lot of fun stacking numbered blocks on the wagon and mowing the train around. The only downside is that you’ll have to make the choo-choo sounds yourself.

Key features:
  • A buildable train that is easy to assemble
  • Numbered blocks are a great addition
  • 2 characters and a cat are awesome
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The Stickles Bricks Fun Tub has easy to assemble bricks inside it. Bricks come with tiny little strands that can be jammed together, it’s a neat little concept that allows a lot of creative freedom. The kids are free to stack the bricks anyway they want and make potentially everything. They’re only restricted by their imagination. The Stickles Bricks Fun Tub allows the kids to stick, construct, and stack bricks.

The Stickles Bricks Fun Tub is also the best construction toy for toddlers simply because it has larger bricks. There are fewer chances of the kid soloing the whole break because they are so big. We like how the bricks arrive in a tub which can be used as a storage container. Overall, the Stickles Bricks Fun Tub is one of the best toys for 2-year-olds.

Key features:
  • Comes in a handy tub container
  • Different sized bricks of different colors
  • Stacking the bricks is quite easy
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There are toys to be played with outside, there are toys to be played in the bedroom, and there are toys to be played within the living room. What about toys to be played within the bath? The LEGO DUPLO Town Submarine Adventure is the answer. This package contains brightly colored toys including a submarine, 2 divers, a whale, a clownfish, and a seagull.

The submarine and the fish can produce bubbles when they are submerged underwater. They can be easily used in a bathtub or outside. In typical Lego fashion, there is also a buildable component of this toy. You can build an arch with seaweed. The toy also includes a snorkel mask and an underwater camera that the divers can use. Overall it’s a fun toy to be used during the bath time and will certainly make baths more enjoyable.

Key features:
  • Made out of quality and sturdy materials
  • The arch can be placed underwater as well
  • Additional accessories like the swimming fins are included
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Need a portable foldable table but you can easily move around the house? Then you should check out the Mega Bloks FGV05 Table as it provides exactly that. There are 30 pieces included with the toy that can be used to build a lot of stuff without parental supervision. There are special blocks with stickers on them that can be used for various purposes. For example, there are dedicated traffic light blocks that can be placed around the town.

The blocks are easy to assemble and will provide a lot of creative freedom to your child. There are different colors as well as numbers on the block so these can be used for educational purposes as well. Overall, the Mega Bloks FGV05 Table is a wonderful toy for a 2-year-old and will keep them busy and building for a long time.

Key features:
  • A portable and foldable table
  • The blocks are big and easy to handle
  • 30 different blocks are included
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As the name suggests, Create-A-Track Race Track is a race track your kid can make. Yes, this toy allows the kid to make their tracks with blocks that interlock. Building a track is fairly easy and as flexible and interlockable pieces are provided. All the kid needs to do is simply make a track the way they want and that’s it.

There are 220 pieces included in the toy but the best part is that they glow-in-the-dark and are flexible. While the track is pretty easy to put together and pull apart, the track itself is pretty strong and won’t break on its own. 2 LED racing cars can move around the track as well.

Key features:
  • 220 pieces of track included
  • The switch on the cars is easily accessible
  • Simple and easy to assemble
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Kids love to hammer stuff and you don’t want them hammering your brand-new 4K television. So come to a compromise and buy them the Melissa & Doug Pounding Bench so all their hammering energy is spent on a product that is designed for it. This toy is a classic pounding toy that comes with a mallet.

There is a twist in the toy though, there are colorful pegs that are non-removable on the bench. They go up and down as the kid hammers them. It is a great way to keep them engaged for a long time all the while letting them learn colors. You would have to worry about the sturdiness, everything is made out of Hollywood.

Key features:
  • Superbly crafted wooden design
  • Colorful pegs are non-removable
  • The mallet is made with sturdy wood
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The VTech 503903 Fire Station is an interactive and musical fire station for kids. The toy includes drivers, a fire engine, a movable ladder, as well as a spinning fire pole. It is also a musical toy so naturally, it includes sing-along songs as well as 6 different maladies.

6 interchangeable track pieces can be combined in different combinations. Overall it’s a very colorful and cheerful toy for 2-year-olds and will keep the kids entertained for a long while.

Key features:
  • Music makes this highly interactive
  • Interchangeable tracks are a great addition
  • Built with good quality plastics
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Alex Little Hands Learn To Dress has a cute little monkey that needs to get dressed. There are 11 different dressing activities available on this toy. From buttons to hooks and from loops to a zipper, a lot of different clothing activities are included.

The monkey itself is 21 inches tall and looks adorable. We also get socks, overalls, a T-shirt, sneakers which are completely removable. It is a great way to teach kids how to wear dresses and make them interested in them.

Key features:
  • A soft 21-inch tall monkey
  • Various clothing articles are included
  • Teaches important life lessons to kids

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