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10 Best Garden Rotavators in 2020

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VonHaus Electric 1400W Tiller

This electric rotavator has a 1400W-rated engine, working width of 40cm and working depth of 22cm. Ideal if your garden is large.

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Handy ET1400 Electric Garden Tiller

With a very wide working width of 43cm, working depth of 20cm, this rotavator is good for medium to large gardens. Ergonomic handles and other safety features make help make it easy and safe to use.

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Handy 3.5hp Petrol Rotavator

Heavy-duty petrol-powered rotavator. It has working width of 38cm and working depth of 28cm. If you intend to cultivate plants with deep roots, this one is for you.

Published 2:16pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 2:16pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
VonHaus 1050W Electric Garden Soil Cultivator/RotavatorElectric rotavator. It has a 1050W-rated engine, working width of 32cm, working depth of 22cm.£
Garden Gear Electric Garden TillerUses a 1050W motor. Has 32cm working width and 22cm working depth, two-point safety switch.£
eSkyde Cordless Garden CultivatorElectric rotavator, motor spins at 280rpm, working width and depth of 20cm and 8cm respectively, 18V li-ion battery.£
BMC Electric Garden TillerElectric rotavator. Powered by a 1400W engine. Maximum tilling depth of 22cm, cutting width of 40cm.£
Handy ET1400 Electric Garden TillerHas working width of 43cm, working depth of 20cm. Uses a 1400W motor and has foldable handles.£
VonHaus Electric 1400W TillerElectric rotavator. It has a 1400W-rated engine, working width of 40cm, working depth of 22cm£
T-Mech 52cc Garden TillerUses 1600W, petrol-powered engine, tills up to 15cm and has a cutting width of 20cm.££
Handy 3.5hp Petrol RotavatorPetrol rotavator, 38cm working width and 28cm working depth. Has foldable handles and transport wheels.£££
Mantis Classic Electric TillerElectric rotavator, uses a 560W motor. Working depth of 25cm and working width of 22cm.£££
Mantis 7263-12-14 Stroke Classic Petrol TillerPetrol rotavator, engine spins at 200rpm, 22cm working width and 25cm working depth£££

Best Garden Rotavator UK

When it is time for the planting season, you know you must have a good and reliable electric rotavator that will help till, break and churn the soil. Rotavators are equipped with powerful blades and rotors that spin. This spinning action is what causes the soil to turn. Turning the soil before planting on it will help to improve aeration and drainage. In addition, it will also help to level an uneven surface. Therefore, the importance of a rotavator to a gardener cannot be underestimated.

Come the next planting season, you will need a rotavator. Why not get it now so that it will come in handy when you need it? We have examined several rotavators that are available on the market and we present our best picks in this post. Read on to check out their attributes.

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The VonHaus Electric Garden Soil Rotavator is a large device that is especially useful for large gardens. The machine has a plastic body and metal frame and is therefore lightweight. This lightweight design means that you can till your garden with the machine without causing damage to the ground.

The VonHaus electric garden soil rotavator makes use of a 1050W engine to perform its operations. Meanwhile, its cutting width of 32cm and maximum tilling depth of 22cm tell a story of an effective machine that will till a large area of land in no time while also going very deep. It is also equipped with four very strong blades. Hence, the VonHaus electric garden soil rotavator will come in handy for treating the soil prior to planting.

Also, you will find the machine very easy to operate, while its ergonomic handles will ensure your convenience when using it. Additional features that are worthy of mentioning in this review include an overload protection system and an electric brake button. They both enhance the safe operation of the device. The VonHaus electric garden soil rotavator has a 2-year warranty.

Key features:
  • It is lightweight at just 9kg
  • Has ergonomic handles
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
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The Garden Gear electric garden tiller is another great rotavator that is worthy of consideration. Very few rotavators beat this sleek and powerful device and it is particularly useful for relatively small gardens. It has a 1050W motor that powers it and it cuts through a width of 32cm. It is also capable of working at depths up to 22cm. This is made possible by four very strong tines that can dig virtually any type of soil.

The Garden Gear electric garden tiller has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to handle and protects your hands from blisters. There is an additional safety feature, the two-point safety switch, which prevents the machine from starting accidentally. Other protective measures include an overheat protection feature and double insulation of the metal parts.

It comes with a 10m power cord. A 24-month warranty is also included as part of the privileges of buying this excellent product.

Key features:
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic handles enhance ease of use
  • Does not overheat easily
  • Two-point safety switch prevents the engine from starting inadvertently
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The eSkyde cordless garden cultivator is a rotavator that stands out from others with its perfect combination of high efficiency, great functionality and ease of use. Its high efficiency is showcased in its powerful 280rpm motor. It makes use of very sharp blades to cut the grass and prevent weed from growing. The machine has a maximum working depth of 8cm. this implies that you can only work at shallow depths. Its petite design sees it have a working width of just 20cm. Therefore, this product is suitable for you if you own a small garden and only require light work. It is however strong enough to perform excellently on tough and hard soils, such as clay.

It is fitted with adjustable soft-grip handles whose ergonomic design makes it easy for you to work easily without developing any pain in your hands or wrists. 

Additional inclusions are an 18V lithium battery that is strong and can last up to 20 minutes. A charger to charge this battery is also included in the package.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Relatively durable battery
  • Easy to use
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The BMC electric garden rotavator deserves its place in this list due to its attributes. It makes use of a heavy-duty motor that has a power rating of 1400W. The rotavator uses this to power its 6 steel tines. Each of these tines has four strong blades. More so, the BMC electric garden rotavator has a cutting width of 40cm and can till the soil up to a depth of 22cm. it is very efficient and you will find it easy to use.

Key features:
  • Has 6 steel tines that have four blades each
  • Very effective motor
  • Easy to use
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The HandyET1400 electric garden tiller has a lot of positive attributes. Its 1400W rated motor helps it to carry out its task effectively. Also, it is an electric tiller and saves money for petrol. All you need to do is charge it and it is good to go. The working width is 43cm and this is the span of grass that this rotavator will cut at once as it moves across the lawn. Furthermore, this device can work up to a depth of 20cm and as a result is quite useful for preparing the soil ahead of planting.

The HandyET1400 electric garden tiller machine is user-friendly in more ways than one. It makes very little noise and as a result you can work quietly in your garden or on your field without alerting or disturbing anybody. Moreover, its lightweight and attendant easy manoeuvrability makes usage extremely smooth and plain-sailing for you. Other features such as its foldable handles make it portable and easy to store.

Key features:
  • It makes little noise
  • Uses a powerful and efficient 1400W motor
  • It is portable and can be easily stored
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The VonHaus 1400W tiller is an advanced edition the previously discussed VonHaus 1050W electric garden soil cultivator. The VonHaus 1400W tiller is superior as it uses an engine with a power rating of 1400W that spins at the speed of 280rpm. This engine propels six very powerful blades. In addition, the VonHaus 1400 tiller covers a width of 40cm and has a maximum tilling depth of 22cm.

It has all the safety features installed in the VonHaus 1050W electric garden soil rotavator. These include an overload protection system, an electric brake button as well as two ergonomically designed handles. All these go a long way to ensure your safety and convenience when using the machine.

The VonHaus electric 1400W tiller comes with a two-year warranty.

Key features:
  • Has six strong steel blades
  • Very efficient engine
  • Several safety features including ergonomic handles and overload protection.
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The T-Mech Garden tiller is a petrol-powered rotavator that is capable of working optimally in small to medium-sized gardens. It makes use of a powerful and pleasantly efficient 52cc engine. This engine has a power of 1600W and a whopping spin speed of 9000rpm. Its 1.2l capacity allows you to fill it with sufficient gas that will last you for a very long time. 

The T-Mech garden tiller has a cutting width of 20cm and a tilling depth of 15cm which makes it good for most kinds of soils and vegetables. You can also use it to maintain lawns and fields.

Additional tools that come with the package include leg guards, safety glasses, gloves and ear protectors.

Key features:
  • Highly efficient
  • Has two sturdy wheels for enhanced mobility
  • Package includes free tool kit, fuel mixing bottle and funnel.
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If you want a petrol rotavator that you can easily start without much effort, then the Handy 3.5hp Petrol tiller is highly recommended for you. It makes use of a 3.5HP rated Briggs & Stratton engine that is highly efficient and works wonders when it comes to tilling your garden.

This lightweight rotavator has a working width of 38cm and this allows it to cover a considerable area within a short period. In addition, it is capable of reaching a depth of 25cm. All these put away any question regarding the efficiency of this fabulous machine.

The Handy petrol rotavator is as easy to use as any other rotavator on the market. Apart from the easy manoeuvrability afforded by its lightweight design, the Handy petrol rotavator is also designed with foldable arms which helps minimize storage space and makes storage of the product quite easy.

Key features:
  • It is lightweight.
  • The engine starts quickly
  • Takes very little storage space
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This is an electric rotavator from Mantis. As expected, this product does not disappoint and ranks up there as arguably the best electric rotavator. The Mantis Classic electric tiller uses a 560W motor of 0.75hp. All these combine to give the tines a spin speed of 240rpm. It can till up to 25cm deep and has a width of 22cm. The tines are reversible, and as a result, the Mantis Classic electric tiller can be used to weed.

Moreover, this rotavator is very easy to start and control. It starts at the push of a button and has a 3-speed throttle that enhances control and manoeuvrability. Its foldable handles help to reduce storage space. Furthermore, the Mantis Classic electric tiller is comparatively quiet while the metal parts are duly insulated for additional protection against electric shock.

Key features:
  • Three-speed throttle enhance flexibility and control
  • Foldable handles make it easy to store
  • Very quiet
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If you are working on clay soil, the Mantis 7263-12-14 stroke classic petrol tiller is a perfect option for you. Its powerful Honda engine has four cycles and a maximum spin speed of 200rpm. It has a width of 22cm which is small enough to allow you to work in-between raised beds in your garden. Furthermore, its strong and reversible tines enable you to till hard clay soils with relative ease. It is capable of working up to depths reaching 25cm.

Other additional features are meant to enhance its ease of use. It has ergonomically-designed, foldable handles that not only protect your hands when using the machine but also makes storage easy when you are not using it. It is very easy to start, requiring you to just push one button. More so, it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Key features:
  • Lightweight but compact
  • Very efficient engine
  • Extremely easy to use

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