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10 Best Cat Toothbrushes in 2021

Petdentist Large Pet Toothbrush

Petdentist Large Pet Toothbrush

Bamboo Charcoal included in this toothbrush helps clear away plaque effectively as it is a natural teeth whitener.

Toogoo Dental care toothbrush

Toogoo Dental Care Toothbrush

This is a long and sturdy toothbrush that consists of two brushes on either side. The different sizes of brushes make them easier to use.

Emours 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush

Emours 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush

This toothbrush is excellent to clean the teeth of all cats and dogs and has an ergonomic design handle that is easy to hold yet firm on the grip.

Published 10:46pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 10:46pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Toogoo Dental care toothbrushA dual bristled toothbrush with a sturdy handle to reach every corner of the cat's teeth.£
Gaddrt Super Soft Pet Finger ToothbrushIt is a budget-friendly and sturdy brush that cleans the teeth and tongue.£
Beaphar Two Ended Cat ToothbrushDual-headed toothbrush with soft bristles tapered to reach every corner of the mouth. £
Trixie ToothbrushA set of two toothbrushes where one cleans the teeth while the other massages gums. ££
Mind Up KENKO CARE ToothbrushIt is an excellent toothbrush with a bent shaft and tiny head to reach all corners of the mouth.££
Emours 360-Degree Pet ToothbrushA long handle and grooves for a steady grip along with 360-degree bristles for easy cleaning.££
Hertzko Triple Headed Tooth BrushIncludes a finger brush and a multi-headed brush for easy and quick cleaning that reaches every corner.££
Petdentist Premium Charcoal Cat ToothbrushLong-handled and tapered toothbrush with soft bristles that clean plaque due to the natural bamboo charcoal.£££
Petdentist Premium Charcoal Small ToothbrushA soft-bristled toothbrush that removes plaque and tartar without irritating the gums.£££
Petdentist Large Pet ToothbrushLong-handled toothbrush with 3 cm brush head to suit large breeds.£££

Dental hygiene is considered to be the first step toward better health. Taking a bath and brushing our teeth are the primary etiquettes that humans follow. In the same way, our beloved cats also need a regular cleaning routine. Brushing teeth is the most fundamental step, and we humans should be diligent in cleansing the teeth of our cats. This prevents tartar and plaque that will eventually lead to tooth decay.

Although it is difficult to brush the cat’s teeth, making this practice a ritual from a young age can be helpful. Cat toothbrushes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The conventional ones with handle and soft bristles along with finger toothbrushes are widely used to clean the cat’s teeth.

Here we compile the best ten cat toothbrushes to help you avoid any confusion.

While our team could not personally try any of these products, they did visit a pet care centre and speak to vets and nursing staff in length before finalising these products. The team conducted tests on the quality, durability, texture, and feel of the products before recommending them. The products here have been arranged in increasing order of price points.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Cat Toothbrush

  • Bristles- It is not going to be an easy task, and the cat might pose some resistance, and it can get hurt in case the bristles are hard. In addition to the softness, the bristles should also be sturdy. These should not break apart in case of a struggle as it is difficult to remove the broken pieces from the cat’s mouth.
  • Handle- The handle needs to ergonomic. A steady grip will make the entire process of brushing more comfortable, whereas a wobbly one might not clean the plaque and will lead to exercising more pressure that would be painful for the cat.
Toogoo Dental care toothbrush

The Toogoo Dental care toothbrush is made of sturdy plastic and consists of two brushes. The large and small angular brushes help in reaching every corner of the pet’s mouth. The bristles are firm so won’t break apart even during a struggle. The bristles are soft and will never hurt while brushing. Moreover, the tapered shape doesn’t hurt your cat while cleaning the inner edges of teeth.

The extra-long handle is helpful to reach the molars and clear all the plaque from there. The Toogoo Dental care toothbrush can help to effectively prevent tartar and gingivitis, hence promoting the right oral health of the cat. Regular cleaning with this toothbrush will help eliminate bad breath and allow you to snuggle more with your beloved pet. Check out our guide on automatic cat feeders for easy feeding of your pet.

Key features:
  • Long handle 22cm.
  • Two sized brushes.
  • Tapered brushes to reach corners.
Gaddrt Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush

The Gaddrt Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush is made of silica gel. It is 5 cm in length, with a 2.5 cm diameter. It is a finger toothbrush where the owner can insert his fingers and quickly brush the cat’s teeth. The super-soft bristles will not hurt the cat at all. These will effectively remove all food particles and prevent tartar and gingivitis.

The Gaddrt Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush has bristles that are sturdy and will not break apart in case the cat decides to chew them or throws a tantrum during the process. There are also tiny lumps in the back that will help clean the tongue and eradicate any bad smell from the cat’s mouth. These budget-friendly toothbrushes are easy to clean. If you want to find our what your cat is doing see our guide on cat trackers.

Key features:
  • Strong silica gel bristles
  • Adequate length of 5 cm
  • Tongue cleaner included
Beaphar Two Ended Dog or Cat Toothbrush

The Beaphar Two Ended Cat Toothbrush has dual brushes and a sturdy handle. The ergonomic shaft is long enough to reach all corners of the mouth. The bristles are of two different sizes, hence can be used as per convenience. The smaller ones help reach the inner corners of the mouth while the large ones remove all the food particles from the outer teeth.

The Beaphar Two Ended Cat Toothbrush has angled and tapered bristles to reach even the farthest molar. Soft bristles ensure that there is effective dental cleaning without hurting the gums. Moreover, the bristles are sturdy and will not fall apart in case the cat decides to bite onto it. This toothbrush is suitable not only for cats but also for dogs.

Key features:
  • Long and sturdy handle
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Dual sized soft brush
Trixie Toothbrush

The Trixie Toothbrush has two finger brushes in the pack. One of them consists of bristles while the other has round beads. The bristles are sturdy and help in clearing away any remaining food particles from the cat’s mouth. It can even reach in between the teeth. It is durable and will not break apart in your pet’s mouth. The other brush helps massage the gums and keep them healthy. The gum massager can also be used to wipe food remains from the tongue and eradicate all the bad odours so that you can snuggle without any irritation.

The Trixie Toothbrush can slide in the finger and reach the corners to clear away any food residue efficiently. This helps in preventing teeth diseases such as tartar and gingivitis, saving your pet from all the costly vet visits. For more cat stuff see our guide on the best cat litters.

Key features:
  • Two brushes included
  • Gum massager
  • Strong finger brush
Mind Up KENKO CARE Toothbrush

The Mind Up KENKO CARE Toothbrush consists of a long shaft that has a slight bend. It helps to hold the toothbrush steady and also allows the use of both thumb and index finger at the same time. The micro and cylindrical head reach all the corners of the mouth. Moreover, this brush has multi-angled bristles that remove any remaining food particles from the pet’s mouth. Since it is a small head with sturdy bristles, the pet will not be uncomfortable.

The Mind Up KENKO CARE Toothbrush can be used even for dogs and efficiently for smaller breeds that weigh below 6lbs. This toothbrush can be introduced as a starter to cats for ease of handling and softness of the bristles. See our guide on microchip cat flaps to regulate when your cat comes in and out.

Key features:
  • Micro head for effective cleaning
  • Cleans teeth of small pets
  • Bent handle for easy reach
Emours 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush

The Emours 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush is equipped with a long handle and a 360degree brush. The shaft has spiral grooves that help in maintaining a steady grip. You can easily clean the cat’s teeth in less time. The 360-degree bristles accelerate the process of brushing and clean the inner and outer portions of teeth effectively.

The cylindrical shape of bristles in Emours 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush reach the inner corners and clean the farthest molar without breaking apart. Moreover, the bristles are soft. Hence, they do not hurt the cat while removing food particles and preventing tooth decay and diseases. Gums can also be cleaned along with the teeth due to the 360-degree brustles. It is easy to clean and dry the brush for the next use.

Key features:
  • 360-degree bristles
  • Sturdy and robust shaft
  • Long handle for maximum reach
Hertzko Triple Headed Tooth Brush

The Hertzko Triple Headed Tooth Brush has a finger brush and a multi-headed brush on the other end. The finger brush has soft bristles and helps clean the teeth of small pets. It can easily be slid over the finger to reach the inner side of the teeth effectively. It is removable and can also be used with the shaft. The finger brush allows control and eradicates the possibility of hurting the animal.

The multi-headed Hertzko Triple Headed Tooth Brush helps increase the pace of the cleansing process. It decreases the time to almost one-third compared to other brushes. It cleans the front, rear and the upper portions at the same time. Effective cleaning removes food residue and eradicates the possibility of frequent vet visits. For toys see our guide on catnip toys for cats and cat scratching posts.

Key features:
  • Robust finger brush
  • Multi-headed brush for easy cleaning
  • Fast cleaning
Petdentist Premium Charcoal Cat Toothbrush

The Petdentist Premium Charcoal Cat Toothbrush has a long handle of 19cm. It helps reach all corners of the pet’s mouth without exerting any pressure. The bristles are made of bamboo charcoal. It is a well-known fact that bamboo charcoal is a natural whitener and removes stains from the teeth. Charcoal also removes bad smell and helps prevent bad breath.

The brush is 1 cm in breadth and is tapered, so it is easy to penetrate the farthest molars and clean every corner. The Petdentist Premium Charcoal Cat Toothbrush cleans all food particles and removes the possibility of a tooth infection. Regular cleaning can help save money spent on frequent vet visits.

Key features:
  • The long shaft of 19cm
  • Tapered brush for easy reach
  • Suitable for small pets
Petdentist Premium Charcoal Toothbrush Extra Small

The Petdentist Premium Charcoal Toothbrush is meant for tiny kittens and puppies. The ultra-soft bristles are designed to clean the teeth efficiently without hurting the tender gums. The bristles are made of charcoal that is believed to be a natural stain remover and whitener; hence, all the plaque and tartar will eventually be discarded. Moreover, charcoal is also anti-bacterial and is used to remove odour. Thorough brushing with this toothbrush will help eradicate lousy smell from the cat’s mouth and help you snuggle more.

The long shaft of the Petdentist Premium Charcoal Toothbrush will help reach the inner corners and clear all food particles from the mouth. The tongue cleaner on the back of the brush will help in cleaning the gums and tongue.

Key features:
  • Ultra-soft bristles
  • Long shaft for reach
  • Charcoal to remove stain and odour
Petdentist Large Pet Toothbrush

The Petdentist Large Pet Toothbrush is equipped with a long shaft. It reaches approximately 19 cm. The length makes it easier to clean the inner molars and also the rear effectively. The bristles are 3 cm in length and 1 cm in width. This makes it an ideal brush for large breeds of cats and dogs. It also comes with a tongue and gum cleaner on the back for the overall cleansing of the mouth.

The bristles of the Petdentist Large Pet Toothbrush are made of charcoal, which is a natural stain remover and whitener. Moreover, the zig-zag design in the bristles helps eliminate even the smallest food particles trapped inside the teeth. Charcoal is also anti-bacterial and a deodorizer that can remove any hidden bacteria and clear away the foul smell. See our guide on cat foods for great nutrition for your pet.

Key features:
  • Long shaft of 19cm
  • 3 cm brush for large breeds
  • Charcoal to whiten and deodorize